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Topic: REVIEW – INZO led the Ogden Theater through an astral journey into the stars

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REVIEW – INZO led the Ogden Theater through an astral journey into the stars

INZO, a recent Denver native, nature lover, avid philosopher and EDM producer, brought his “Earth Magic Tour” home to the Ogden last week for a sold-out show. Tour openers Blookah, COVEX and Dreamers Delight filled the Ogden with natural imagery, space imagery and sheer anticipation, while glowing houseplants glowing with pale green light lined either side of the stage. COVEX effortlessly navigated the musical tastes of the energetic crowd, dropping gems like his remix for Kid Cudi’s “Day’N’Night.” He even went so far as to say that Denver “has brought out the best energy out of any city we’ve been to.”To get more news about inzo review, you can visit official website.

dreamer joy.

Dreamers Delight was thrilled to bring CloZee out for a remix of their collaboration with Griz titled Color of Your Soul. Fans were both shocked and delighted to see Denver’s youngest migrant take the stage. Plunging back into his own lanes, a bear solemnly walked through the forest onscreen and The Journey had fans jumping for joy. In a surprising twist, a remix of Rihanna and Mikky Ekko’s “Stay” got fans into their emotions and kept them on their toes. At the end of his turbulent set, Dreamers Delight stood in front of the Denver skyline bathed in golden light.
Just after 11pm, the background flashed to reveal text explaining that INZO had been handing out disposable cameras to crowds from previous shows. A slideshow of fans sharing big smiles with every shot. Eager to see the headliner, the crowd chanted INZO’s name. The slideshow ended with the message, “Denver, it’s time to create memories of your own.”

INZO’s grand finale.

Wearing a classic gray beanie, INZO walked the stage beneath his signature floating obelisk visual. Soft instruments played as he settled and familiarized himself with the setup in the dark. Suddenly, a spiraling Milky Way whirled across the screen and the journey began. A StormTrooper helmet gleamed in the background, cloaking INZO’s shadow. As the imagery would suggest, INZO remixed “The Force Theme” from George Lucas’ Star Wars franchise into “Fear,” his second most popular song on Spotify.
Above the dense crowd, INZO kept the presence of a conductor in front of a symphony. Fans begged for every beatdrop and were overjoyed at the over-the-top light show. “I know you guys like the funky ****, let’s do this,” said INZO upon releasing “BLASTA,” a legendary collaboration with LSDREAM. Deep reds and blacks filled the light show, breaking away from the brighter colors of the previous songs. Each beat ebbed and flowed in waves of color that drew the crowd in all directions.

With a heavy heart, INZO took the energy down a few notches with a remix of Mac Miller’s “Self-Care”. The crowd sang along as INZO paid tribute to the now-deceased artist’s shared love. “I don’t think there’s a better form of self-care than what you’re doing right now,” INZO said. Next, he remixed Flume’s “You & Me,” which flooded audiences with both nostalgia and joy.

As it got late, INZO took a moment to soak up the love and take a picture with the crowd. “We don’t normally do this,” chuckled INZO as he took a picture with his team, adding, “But Denver is such a special place for all of us.” Blookah, COVEX and Dreamer’s Delight returned on stage with shy smiles back as the crowd roared.


Shortly after the photoshoot, INZO took a moment to acknowledge the Earth Magic Tour as his first headlining tour and celebrate his sold-out show at the Ogden Theatre. INZO wiped a tear from his face and thanked Denver. Fans were ecstatic and filled with emotion, revealing the truly symbiotic relationship that can exist between musicians and an audience. The intro of “Overthinker”, teased as a remix of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”, began. With a massive and long-awaited beat drop, pink and white confetti filled the Ogden from floor to ceiling. A sample of Alan Watts’ voice wafted over the crowd, addressing intimate fears and complexities in his soothing tone to close the show.
If you’re reading this and feeling slightly devastated that you missed out on the legendary show, there’s good news: INZO has announced that he’ll be back in Denver at the Mission Ballroom next year and will certainly be back in Denver many times in the future.

It’s clear that INZO’s ability to draw on the philosophy and nature around him will continue to flood his life with music and appreciation. We are fortunate to experience his music serving as a bridge between Denver and a galaxy far, far away.

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