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Topic: Gobi water world

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Gobi water world

Then Li Dashan picked up the prophecy and looked at it. The booklet is actually very thin, only about ten pages. Li Dashan read a few pages and found that this spell is not too difficult to learn (compared to Li Dashan's super memory, after a series of pithy formulas, he can predict the future by concentrating the Reiki output in his body on the magic array depicted. In fact, to put it bluntly, it is to use the Reiki in the body to break through time and space in an instant, so as to understand some information about the future. But as the book says, this spell not only does some damage to the body, but also consumes Reiki. You know how hard it is to accumulate and transform a little Reiki on Earth. Li Dashan has always been thinking about a safe life, and has no intention of probing into the future, and the cost of this magic is not small, so he also looked at this thing, did not pay special attention. Instead, it was the notes left by the three prophets. Li Dashan was very careful and looked through them carefully. Unfortunately, these notes are only a record of some of the major events in the clan, as well as the experience. As soon as Li Dashan looked, he knew that they were more pitiful than himself, and that all three of them were still in the quasi-entry stage of feeling Reiki, and basically could not accumulate Reiki in their bodies. When you need to use Reiki, you have to collect Reiki from nature and then cast a spell, but then you don't have any stock in your body. Li Dashan,x60 line pipe, by mistake, has produced and retained so much Reiki in his body. By contrast, he is really too lucky. After the handover, Bing Ling and others felt that everything had to rely on, and began to chat with Li Dashan about some relaxed topics. After chatting for a while, Li Dashan saw that things were almost handled, so he offered to leave. Although the reason is that there are many things on the farm, he now mainly wants to go to the water source found by the Green Bamboo Group. Bing Ling and others are absolutely obedient to Li Dashan's actions,uns s31803 sheet, so they did not retain him. Before he left, Li Dashan told them his general plan: It is winter now, and after a period of time, he will plan a separate place for Ding Ling people to live in, and the specific location will be chosen by the elders of the clan at the farm. But after moving there, Ding Ling people must have more contact with the society, master some modern production and life skills, and even participate in the management of the farm. Bingling and others are very grateful for Li Dashan's care, especially Li Dashan's hope that they will participate in the management of the farm, which is their full trust, so everyone is very happy to agree. After moving away, Li Dashan also intends to "manage" the territory of Ding Lingren. After all, there are many unique cultural forms and relics here, especially the hidden caves where the artifacts of Ding Ling's ancestors are stored. Although Bingling and others told him that these caves were extremely hidden, and the organs were so heavy that outsiders could not find them, 316l stainless steel pipe ,x56 line pipe, even if they went in, they would fall into them and die of poverty. But the so-called "careful sailing for ten thousand years", Li Dashan still feels that there should be multiple layers of protection. To this, everybody also agreed. Accompanied by Bingling and others, Li Dashan left the village. Along the way, every family seemed to know that Li Dashan was leaving. They spontaneously walked out of the courtyard and knelt down to salute their new prophet. Li Dashan quickly greeted everyone and returned the salute with a smile. Also do not know how to return a responsibility, although Li Dashan carefully examined, but still did not find the village carefully designed array, and he felt that he could drive through the whole village at a glance, find the way out of the village. For Li Dashan's special ability, Bingling and others do not know how to answer, can only think that Li Dashan is a magical person, and it is understandable to create more miracles. Out of the village, Li Dashan will be ice. And the elders, they return. He headed for the water source alone. Although walking, Li Dashan, relying on two legs and one mouth, quickly found the deep well excavated by the Green Bamboo Group. Shuijing is close to the northern foot of Dingyuan Mountain, only six or seven kilometers away from Dinglingren Village. Compared with the surrounding area, the terrain is slightly low-lying. Because the surrounding area is desolate and uninhabited, the vegetation nearby is well preserved. Li Dashan went to the wellhead and found that there were no other facilities and equipment except a big hole about one meter in diameter in the middle of the depression. But judging from the large number of construction traces left on the surrounding ground, it used to be a hot labor scene. Li Dashan leaned out of the mouth of the well and found. The water in it also has a trace of spirit. 。 Although it was very light, Li Dashan still felt it. He couldn't help wondering, "Is this another spiritual eye?"? But when he thought about it carefully, he thought it was impossible. Because although Ding Ling people are no different from ordinary people now, but many years ago, there are still many gifted people in their clan, if there is a spiritual eye here, they can not have not found it. In order to find out, Li Dashan decided. Go down into the well 。 Anyway, there was no one around, and Li Dashan took off all his clothes, leaving only his underpants. It was already the middle of winter, but Li Dashan didn't feel cold at all. And he folded his clothes, and bound them together with thatch, and hid them in the bushes beside him. The well hole is about 200 meters deep, which is made by machine, so there is no place to climb. Fortunately, Li Dashan's constitution is different from that of ordinary people. With his super arm strength and hand strength, Li Dashan dug a small hole in the rock wall as hard as iron. Grasping these small pits, Li Dashan slowly went down to the bottom of the well and jumped into the water below. As soon as he came into contact with the well water, Li Dashan found that the water quality here was very good. In addition to the faint aura, he also noticed that the water here was flowing slowly at a speed invisible to the naked eye. Li Dashan was surprised: "This is an underground river!"! Although there is no searchlight equipment, Li Dashan's eyesight is very good. In the dark, you can roughly see the situation underground. (It's also night vision). Through inspection, Li Dashan felt that this was not so much the mouth of the well as the mouth of the lake. Because there was a huge lake under the well hole, Li Dashan swam around to explore it carefully and found that the lake was several times larger than Bali Lake. It was preliminarily estimated that the total area was 15,347 stainless steel,000 mu, and the water depth ranged from 2 to 30 meters, with an average depth of about 15 meters.

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