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Topic: Beg the devil

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Beg the devil

"This is.." Su Ming's heart is trembling, his footsteps in the earth fiercely a step, snow splashing his body suddenly rose into the air, in that midair, in that snowstorm, Su Ming saw a small city in the snow in the distance, in this dark night, like a fierce beast perched and crouched.. "Fengzhen.." Mudstone City. Behind the city, you can see a lot of invisible ripples reverberating, Su Ming can faintly see, in the interior of this ripple, there is a sealed mountain. Seeing this, Su Ming's body trembled more and more. He turned slowly and glanced in the other direction. That is the direction of the jungle, at this height, you can vaguely see that behind the vast jungle, there is a five-peak mountain like a finger. "Wu Shan." Time slowly passed, I do not know how long passed, until the silvery laughter appeared again, seems to be getting closer and closer, Su Ming just woke up, his face I do not know when, there are two lines of tears. Did I go home. Su Ming lowered his head bitterly and saw a woman coming from a distance on the snow of the earth, with happy laughter. Behind the woman, Su Ming saw a silly teenager, with happiness and anger on his face, chasing him. Laughter echoed, revealing a sense of carefree, until the teenager caught up and frolicked with the woman in the snow. Su Ming silently looked at all this, he looked at the innocence of the young man, looked at the carefree young man, looked at the young man's bright eyes, and the face without scars. He was also looking at the girl, a woman full of wild beauty, whose big flickering eyes contained intoxicating dreams. Dream. "" Su Ming's heart was tingling, his body slowly fell from the sky, standing beside the pair of young people, looking at the familiar people in front of him, sitting in the snow, holding hands with each other, saying some of his familiar words. He can see them. But they can't see him. Su Ming, what do you think we will be like in ten years. Will you still be so carefree. "Still angry?" "Don't be angry." "I'm not angry." "Ten years from now, we will still be so carefree." And at that time, my cultivation will be very high,small geared motors, it will be very high. "Grandpa told me yesterday that in the future I would be in the Fengzhen tribe, like Ye Wang, and be cultivated by the barbarians of Fengzhen.." Maybe in ten years, I can get close to the dust. Ear came the young man with fantasy words, Su Ming silently sat aside, sitting beside the girl, looking at the woman, gradually eyes have a soft, until a long time, the young man stood up, in the laughter of joy, the girl was carried by the teenager, with shyness, buried his head on the back of the teenager, two people far away. Silly. The girl murmured softly, then Su Ming did not hear clearly, now, he stood aside, heard. He seemed to be unable to control his body, with the young people, with them in the snow, came to the city of mud and stone in the wind. Standing in the street, Brushless Gear Motor ,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, he saw the snow on the boy's body being swept away by the boy, and saw the shy smile on the girl's face. Su Ming. Seven days later, it's a very important day for me.. In previous years, Grandma was with me on that day. This year, I hope that with you.. All right. "This is an agreement." When Su Ming was in such a state, the moment he heard this sentence again, the pain in his heart reached its acme, making him pale and staggering back. In the bitterness, he held his chest and clasped it deeply, as if to stop his stinging heart from beating, so that he would not be in pain. He stood there in silence, with a complicated look, which was clearly a sad mourning. This is an agreement, seven days later, no matter where I am, no matter what I am doing, I will come to you. Su Ming murmured, saying the same words as the young man on the other side, not a word, but the meaning of the two sentences is different from the vicissitudes of life and years. In the murmur, Su Ming looked at the girl with a red face, with shyness, ran back to the house of his Oolong department, he looked at the young man with a happy face, with a giggle, to the other direction. Su Ming's smile, finally silent, turned into a sigh, winding around the world, just like in this scene of that year, I don't know who was sighing that year. "It turned out that I was sighing." Su Ming raised his head, looked at the sky, and closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, he was no longer in the world in the mirror, but stood outside the ice mirror, in which a white flower appeared at the moment. This flower is like snow, if white, contains the spirit. The whispering call came from the flower in the mirror, like what Su Ming had just seen, but he was in a trance in front of the mirror for a moment. In the mirror behind the flower, there is still a blurred figure, at this moment, this figure gradually clear up, Su Ming can see that it is a white-haired man. This man is full of cold, white hair fluttering, no scars on his face, but looks very similar to Su Ming, his eyes are cold, looking at Su Ming in the mirror. Between his eyebrows, there was a mark of a snowflake, dressed in white, and the cold in his eyes, when he looked at Su Ming's eyes, Su Ming saw the ruthlessness. Because of heartlessness, it is unintentional, because of unintentional, it is cold. Because it can transform cold, it can be cold in heaven and earth. Because of heartless, unintentional, cold, there can be a way. Put your love in the mirror, and when you turn around, don't take it away. Whispering call looming, can not tell whether it is a hallucination or really heard, the white clothes still coldly looking at Su Ming, seems to be waiting for his choice. Tomorrow will resume normal updates, counting today, a total of seven chapters are owed, you can rest assured that the ears will not forget. Ask for a recommendation ticket ~ ~ See no ads,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, the whole text is error-free first novel, 138 reading network-www. 13800100. Com text first, your best choice! The first volume of life is just like the first sight. The second volume is the wind and cold weather. Chapter 203 Su Ming's lines.

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