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Song Feng

Wang Jinghui saw that there was some silence in the hall and said, "Please rest assured, colleagues.". I am also human, as long as there is no trouble in the event, I do not want to delve into it. In fact, a water conservancy project in the oil and water what to earn?! Now Chuzhou's money together is just a bowl of water, you and I work together, it is not difficult to turn this bowl of water into a jar of water, when the time comes to take out a gourd ladle will be more than the bowl, I believe that as Chuzhou becomes more prosperous, your pockets will bulge up, I hope colleagues do not do the foolish thing of losing watermelon and picking sesame! When Wang Jinghui saw that their faces looked better, he took a sip of tea and said, "It is impossible to start all the water conservancy projects at the same time now. There needs to be a sequence. The content of this memorial to the construction of water conservancy projects is to build farmland water conservancy projects in each county first, and then reinforce and renovate the river dikes along Hongze Lake and Huai River in late autumn.". I intend to divide all the projects into two steps: the first is the irrigation and water conservancy project we are going to do now. Now the money is ready. It is estimated to be 150,000 Guan, which will be allocated to the counties according to this memorial. The second is the river dike. This part is 250,000 Guan at most,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, and 50,000 Guan will be left to fill the loopholes. Colleagues should strictly follow what is written in this memorial when they go back this time. Water conservancy officials will be sent to each county to guide villagers to build water conservancy projects. In fact, Wang Jinghui also knows that his approach is very idealistic now, but he really has no way. After all, the water conservancy project is not up to standard, and he should be unlucky to encounter natural and man-made disasters. No matter how good your economy is,micro gear motor, the people under your rule have nothing to eat, and they have to suffer from floods. There is only one way to wait for his end. Of course, he could also embezzle the quota of salt and tea tax and the three-year stock of each county to build water conservancy projects, but in this way, it was easy for people to impeach themselves. In addition, they were all successful at one time, and the money was not enough. So Wang Jinghui did not hesitate to "foul" and used his own money to make interest-free loans to Chuzhou to complete all the water conservancy projects. While Wang Jinghui was building water conservancy projects in Chuzhou with great fanfare, Han Qi, Fu Bi and Wen Yanbo of the Privy Council, Ouyang Xiu and Zhao Jie of the Imperial Palace of Biandu, and Zhang Fangping discussed the issue of Xixia with Yingzong Zhao Shu and his son in the Funing Palace. Wang Jinghui from Chuzhou sent back the three pieces of policy theory have been in the hands of Yingzong Zhao Shu for two days, and only his son Zhao Xu and Zaifu Han Qi have read all three pieces of policy theory, because Wang Jinghui's policy theory reached Zhao Shu less than half an hour. An urgent military intelligence report came from Guo Kui, 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm ,Small Dc Gear Motor, the Xuanfu envoy of the Fourth Route Army in Shaanxi. It was reported that Xia Zhuangzuo had been seriously wounded by a landmine in the attack on Rouyuan Stronghold half a month ago. In addition, he had not recovered from his previous arrow wounds and was ashamed of his defeat. He had just arrived in the Western Xia and died. The news had been confirmed to be absolutely true. Now the Xixia royal family is in a mess. Preparing to support the new ruler to ascend the throne involved the rise and fall of the Liang clan in the Western Xia Dynasty. The Empress Dowager Liang of the Western Xia Dynasty was wantonly placing her people in the court, which caused great dissatisfaction among Liang Zuo's subordinates! The development of the situation in the middle was exactly the same as what was written on the policy of the emperor's son-in-law! When Yingzong Zhao Shu took Guo Kui's urgent report yesterday and looked at Wang Jinghui's policy on the table, both father and son saw a shocked look in each other's eyes. "I didn't think of that," said Zhao Shu. As soon as the emperor's son-in-law said that Liang Zuo was dead, news came in less than half an hour that Liang Zuo was really dead. The emperor's son-in-law can conclude that Liang Zuo was forced to die only by a short battle report. After the death of Liang Zuo, there will definitely be a struggle for power and profit between the Empress Dowager and the old ministers of Liang Zuo in the Western Xia Dynasty. It's really Zhuge in the world! Zhao Xu, the king of Ying, smiled and said, "My father is wrong. My son-in-law hates Prime Minister Zhuge the most."! How interesting Emperor Yingzong Zhao Shu remembered that two years ago, when he first saw Wang Jinghui's strategy in King Ying, he was talking about Zhuge Liang's gains and losses. This was not to say that Wang Jinghui didn't like Zhuge Liang, but that Zhao Xu was just a joke. In addition, the enemy of the enemy country finally failed on the battlefield, and he was very happy. He said with a smile, "The emperor's son-in-law is now in Chuzhou paying his own money to build water conservancy projects."! He can't be Zhuge Wuhou for the time being! Emperor Yingzong Zhao Shu sat on the imperial case in high spirits. The Western Xia failed to harass the border. Thirty thousand elite soldiers were killed in front of the battle array. The ruler of the Western Xia, Liang Zuo, also died of serious injuries. This result made him very confident. Originally, Zhao Shu was not inclined to the conservative approach headed by Wen Yanbo, and it was Wang Jinghui's three strategies that became the last straw to break the camel's back! However, the greatest effect of the policy theory sent by Wang Jinghui was to balance the differences between the war faction and the conservatives. Although Wang Jinghui urged the court to take this opportunity to terminate the annual gift, he also firmly opposed the idea of taking advantage of the situation to attack the Western Xia. Emphasis on defense, which makes Zhao Shu very satisfied. All the ministers in the Hall of Funing circulated Wang Jinghui's proposal. When it was returned to Emperor Yingzong Zhao Shu, he said, "Dear ministers, what do you think after reading the proposal of the emperor's son-in-law?" Zaifu Han Qi is on the conservative side. However, he did not advocate the continuation of Sui Ci. His view in his heart was very close to that of his adopted son, so he stood up and said, "The old minister thinks that what the emperor's son-in-law said is reasonable. Sui Ci cannot bring peace to the border between Song and Xia. Since Li yuanhao, the ruler of Xia, founded the country, he has never stopped harassing our Song Dynasty. Giving Sui Ci to the Western Xia Dynasty is no different from supporting the enemy's military pay for our Song Dynasty!"! The emperor's son-in-law put it well in his policy theory: The main reason why there has been no war between Liao and our Great Song since the alliance of Tan yuan for decades is that our Great Song gave a heavy blow when the Liao army invaded, and all the elite of Liao were surrounded by our Great Song, so they had no choice but to form an alliance. As for the annual gift to Liao, one is that Liao was powerful at that time, and the other is that Liao abided by the covenant and did not invade the border again. Now the ruler of the Western Xia, Liang Zuo, was seriously injured and died. Eighty thousand elite invaders of the Western Xia no longer exist. Now there are disputes within the Western Xia, so this year can be avoided! "If the Tangut were not convinced, it would be because the Song Dynasty had taken early precautions,gear reduction motor, and because the emperor's son-in-law had said in his policy:" Close the field and stop the sale of salt, tea and other things needed by the Tangut, and naturally they will not be able to stand it! " Feiku hand hit.

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