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Topic: The Complete Book of Grave Robbers

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The Complete Book of Grave Robbers

The fat man said, "It's not an idea. I just feel that the way you think about the problem is wrong. It seems that you are confused. Let's think about it directly. The other party sent you two tapes. One has content and the other has no content. That is to say, one of them doesn't need to be sent at all, but the other party still sent it, right?" I nodded, the fat man said: "That is not, this is very normal in this matter, because the person who sent the tape makes people feel strange, we subjectively think that he may have a profound meaning to do anything.". But damn it, if you don't think so, if the boy who sent the thing is an ordinary person, do you think ordinary people would do that in this case? I don't think so. If I send you a tape, why should I send it with a blank tape? Isn't there something wrong with that? I feel there must be an article here. Think about it again. Is it reasonable? I nodded. Fat people always surprise people. Indeed, I didn't expect this question to be so deep. I leaned back in my chair, thinking about the fat people's words and lost in thought. Under what circumstances would an ordinary person send something in this way? What is the purpose of the combination of a videotape with content and a videotape without content? Don't complicate the problem, I told myself, use intuition to think, think about when I borrowed videos before, under what circumstances would I do this kind of thing? As soon as I thought about it, I really thought of something before, and my heart jumped, and I felt as if I had done the same thing for a while. The fat man on one side was eating Dongpo pork. Looking at me, he asked, "What's wrong?"? What do you think of? I tilted my head and asked him not to speak. I was savoring what I had just thought of. As I thought about it, the memories of the past appeared. I hesitated and suddenly realized what was going on. I suddenly stood up and said to the fat man,PET blowing machine, "*** me, it's so simple!"! Stop eating! We'll be right back! Then he ran out. The fat man ate half of the meat and almost spurted it out, shouting, "Don't eat again?"? I didn't eat at noon! Is there such a ***ing treat for you? I was anxious to go back to verify my idea and turned to him and said, "Then you can come back after eating." The fat man turned in a circle and had no choice but to follow me. Before he left, he shouted to the waiter, "This table is not allowed to be collected!"! Fat Master, I have to continue to eat when I come back. Damn it, I'll take care of it. If I come back with less onions, I'll tear down your sign! Then he followed me out of the door. Chapter 5 The Real Secret of Video Tape The building outside the building was not far from my shop. I hurried back. Wang Meng got off work at 5:15. He would never stay for half a minute. He had already locked it. I opened the lock and went into the inner hall. The tape a Ning brought was brought back to her, and I dug out my own tapes. The fat man followed me in and helped me connect the power. But instead of looking at it again, I rummaged through several drawers and found a screwdriver. The fat man couldn't understand and asked me what I was doing. My heart was churning, and I didn't care to answer him, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,water filling machine, so I began to dismantle the tape. If what I think is right, this thing is really very, very simple, and even I have done it many times. Two tapes, one of the videotapes is actually blank, that is to say, the content inside is not important at all, the other party wants to send me the videotape itself, not let us see the content inside, so it is blank, or there is a video, it does not matter at all. Then he sent this tape for only one reason, a very simple reason. And my guess is very easy to verify. In the past, when I was in middle school, I did a lot of tinkering with this thing, and it was not difficult to take it apart. I separated the tape by dividing it by two. Then I picked it up carefully and shook it. The fat man who looked at it gave a cry of surprise. Inside the videotape, on one side of the plastic shell, there was a piece of something stuck to it. Your grandmother's bear. How did you come up with that? Said the fat man in surprise. I grinned and patted him. "That's what you thought." Tear off that thing, under a look, I "oops", only feel the heart all twisted up. It was a pad of paper with a dozen words scrawled on it. No.349-5, Deershen Lane, Kunlun Road, Golmud City, Qinghai Province. Literate people know at a glance that it is the address of Golmud City. ****. I couldn't help speaking with a Beijing accent. I wiped the sweat from my head. There was a kind of joy in my heart. Finally, I expected something. It turned out that I really thought too much. It's two birds with one stone. First, it can protect the object from being damaged by long-distance transportation. Second, if the object is intercepted, the other party will not think that there is something hidden in it for a while, especially if the content of the video tape is enough to attract the attention of the interceptor. I knew in my heart that the interceptor whom the other party wanted to guard against was my third uncle, because only the third uncle would be surprised after reading the contents, and the fact was that he was really attracted by the contents of the videotape. This matter is obvious as long as it is inferred, because if he sent it directly to this address, according to the situation at that time, it would inevitably fall into the hands of the third uncle, just like the original copy of the Warring States Silk Book. After thinking about this, I was so refreshed that I immediately removed another tape. In this tape, instead of a piece of paper, it was an old brass key, and it was the key of the most popular 480 lock in the 1980s. When you pick it up and unfold it, you can find that the key is a little old and the copper is black. Behind the handle of the key,Vegetable oil filling machine, there was a string of vague numbers written on the tape: 306. It seems that the other party wants to invite you over. The fat man said on the side, "even the room is ready for you." Chapter 6 Invitation from Hell I looked at the address and the key, and I was in a daze. The fat man is right. I was thinking about it just now. It seems that the person who sent the video tape really wants me to find it. This key should be the key to the door where the address on the paper is located. So it seems that the other person may not be at home when I go there. Does he want me to visit by myself.

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