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Upgrade Expert _ 20200215155707.

Every time he appears, the man kills the main God of the destruction camp from time to time, that is, the main God of the three camps. Of course, there is no one. The Lord God can take him. And. Every time the man appeared, he would change into another body. No one knew the man's identity or his name, and every time he used the name of the body he belonged to. This man is called the main God who is not the main God by the main gods. There is no main godhead, but it has the strength to deal with the main God. And. There's another one. Strange doppelganger. The appearance of Youan made the main gods of the whole battlefield stop, and even the four main gods of ancient times stared at him. I don't know what he wants to do. Take the fruit of the world? If it was just to take the world, this guy would have taken it long ago, no need to wait. No one could understand Youan's thoughts at all. Hua Yun stood aside, silently examining the injury, and at the same time speeding up the recovery of the wound. The appearance of Udian made all the main gods stop, and Hua Yun felt more and more bad. As things became more blurred, the gods no longer fought, but waited. The atmosphere of the whole battlefield space is becoming more and more strange. For Hua Yun, this is better, at least he can take the opportunity to heal. So Udian stood in the center, ignoring the gaze of the main gods. Ladis's eyes turned to Hua Yun from time to time. Her face was full of haze. Although she did not know who Udian was in front of her,cold drawn tubes, she knew that the person who could make all the main gods afraid must be very strong, at least above all the main gods. Boom, boom, Whoopee! The ground shook violently, and a faint fragrance suddenly filled the whole battle space. The fragrance is very attractive. Even the main gods, who were extremely picky about food, all swallowed saliva at the same time. The fruit of the world is about to appear. This message flashed through the consciousness of all the main gods in the battle space. At the same time as the ground shook,beam impact tubes, the battle space disappeared. The abyss also disappeared, and the huge world tree was revealed to all the main gods. At the top of the world tree, a green branch grows out, followed by a piece of green leaves like crystal slowly stretching out, tender buds, constantly extending. World Fruit, All the main gods stared nervously at the top of the world tree, and sure enough, they were about to appear. I do not know how many years of waiting, the world fruit finally appeared again. The main God of the three camps and the main God of the destruction camp secretly accumulated strength, ready to get the world fruit first when the world fruit is ripe. Hua Yun looked at the world tree in amazement. It's a familiar feeling. This world tree gives Hua Yun a very familiar feeling, but unfortunately he can't see the whole picture of the world tree, otherwise, Hua Yun can recognize this world tree. While staring at the world tree, side impact beams ,Cold Drawn Tubes, Hua Yun felt a tremor in his body, as if something was going to get out, and made himself have an impulse to rush to the top of the world tree. At this critical moment, Hua Yun does not want to make any mistakes. I can only suppress the impulse in my heart. Once they rush up, they may become the target of all the main gods. Hua Yun doesn't want to see the fruit of the world. He was killed by all the main gods. Although the suppression of the inner impulse, but Hua Yun is now, the more depressed, the more intense the impulse. It seems that I have to rush forward. Endure! You have to hold back! Hua Yun clenched his teeth. At this time, the bud stopped extending. The main gods were more nervous, staring at the top of the bud. Hua Yun took a look at Udian, and now he was still standing in place, ignoring the crowd, as if whatever happened had nothing to do with him. From Udian's eyes. Hua Yun could not see any emotional fluctuations, as if he was not facing a person in general. This strange feeling, Hua Yun in the time to see you forced an already produced, but not so strong now. The sprout bulged a bag, and then. The tender leaves attached to the bag slowly unfolded, and the bag grew bigger and bigger. Slowly, a petal opened. Then the second piece also opened, one by one, slowly stretching out. The appearance of the flower is very ordinary, not too strange. If it were not for its unique fragrance, it would be hard for Huayun to think that this is the bud that turns into the fruit of the world. The more he looked at the bud, the more familiar Hua Yun felt. At that time, almost all the plants and flowers could be identified by Huayun, but only this flower could not be identified. As if. This flower gathers the characteristics of all flowers, and it seems that this flower is too much like other flowers. So that its characteristics can not be found. When the last petal unfolds, the first petal begins to wither and fade, as if in a circle. Samsara? Looking at the petals from growth to withering, Hua Yun seems to have some insights, but can not grasp. It seems that it is clearly in front of us, but we can't catch that feeling all the time, and at the same time, the impulse in our body disappears. Special thanks for the bud slowly condensed. First, a small fruit similar to a drop of water appeared in the center of the bud. Bodhi fruit! Looking at the small fruit that appeared, Hua Yun was stunned. That's right! That's Bodhi fruit. Hua Yun could be sure that the fruit in the bud was Bodhi fruit. Could this world tree be the "Bodhi Tree"? At the moment when the Bodhi tree appeared in his mind, Hua Yun's consciousness suddenly exploded, as if he had realized something. Memories in the brain are constantly playing in a loop, from childhood to growing up, from students to becoming a world-famous plant expert, almost all memories are pouring out in an instant. Chapter 585 The Final Chapter (Finale). At the moment when all the fruits of the twenty realms turned red. All the Nongshen came out one after another, but the main God who entered the camp of Xu pomelo destroyed the clip once again fought for the world fruit, because this time there was only one world fruit. This time,beam impact tubes, all the main gods did not stay. Because there is no need to keep hands. The camp that fails to get the world fruit will be completely destroyed by the hostile camp. Youan, who had been standing still, smiled coldly and rushed to the bottom of the world tree.

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