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Topic: Wu Dong Gan Kun _ Tian Silkworm Potato _ txt Novel Paradise

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Wu Dong Gan Kun _ Tian Silkworm Potato _ txt Novel Paradise

Lin's line of sight, slowly swept down, immediately his eyes suddenly shrank, at the bottom of the stone tablet, he saw a trace of black lines climbing out, these black lines, like the tentacles of the devil, evil and cold, slightly wriggling, constantly eroding away from the stone tablet, like a virus. The waves emanating from these eerie black lines are the same as those small black spots. Are these things making trouble? Lin Dong stared at the stone tablet and said softly. Buzz. When Lin Dong's voice fell, the surface of the stone tablet fluctuated slightly, and immediately, a blurred figure emerged from the surface of the tablet, and then, "it" looked at Lin Dong, and then, an ancient voice that made people feel infected, sounded hoarsely. There are so many familiar things in your body. But listens to this words, Lin moves the corner of the eye, actually is cannot help hurriedly beating up. (To be continued) Chapter 701 unknown creatures. In the silent space, Lin moved the corner of his eyes because of the words of the stone tablet, and then fell silent, his mind turned sharply, he did not know what the familiar thing the stone tablet said was, the mysterious stone amulet? Devour Zu Fu? Or Qiankun Ancient Array? Or all of them? "Devouring Zu Fu is also looking for another master. It seems that that guy has also fallen." The shadow on the stone tablet did not pay attention to the idea of turning in Lin's heart,hydraulic fitting supplier, and the old and hoarse voice sounded slowly. Lin moved his eyes and blinked, thinking that what he was talking about should be the old man with black pupils he had seen at the beginning, and from some of the memory images he got there, it seemed that both had something to do with that strange dark thing. You still have some familiar martial arts, but some like the boy of the Great Wilderness King. "The shadow of the stone tablet," continued. Lin moved the corners of his mouth and couldn't help pulling, is this talking about the Great Wilderness Prisoner? This martial arts is also his acquisition from the ancient sect, although it is also a higher spiritual martial arts, but with the enhancement of the means of Lin Dong nowadays,tube fitting manufacturer, when fighting against people, it is very little to use. Senior, there seems to be something wrong. Lin Dong arched his hand at the stone tablet, then glanced at the black lines at the base of the tablet, which seemed to be wriggling quietly, as if he had a kind of intelligence. And this looks very much like a stone tablet suppressing that kind of thing, but that thing, there are signs of trying to erode the stone tablet. Buzz! While Lin was watching the strange black lines, the stone tablet suddenly trembled violently, and the black lines below seemed to revive at the moment, and countless black lines rose up, climbing crazily over the stone tablet. In addition, when those black stripes climb, there is a faint stream of black gas emanating from them, where the black gas passes, a kind of evil and emotionless fluctuation, is also diffuse and open, some of the black gas is more quickly swept away to the forest. Seeing this scene, stainless steel needle valve ,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, Lin Dong's face changed dramatically and his body retreated sharply. Although the black gas was extremely small, he dared not let it contaminate him at all. It was as miserable as this mysterious stone tablet. He could not imagine what it would look like if he was eroded by this thing. Hum The sudden change also caused a deep cold hum to come from the stone tablet, and then the body of the tablet shook, and the ancient yellow brilliance surged down, and an indescribable force spread out, suppressing the black lines that were trying to erode back again. Jie Jie.. 。 And when those black changes were suppressed, Lin Dong could hear, as if there was an extremely sharp laugh, which was filled with cold and unusual evil, and this laughter also made Lin Dong's pupils tighten severely. Those black lines, as expected, are some kind of unknown and strange cangue. The ancient yellow light on the stone tablet shot out, scattering the black gas that had been shot at Lin Dong, and then retracting the stone tablet. Senior, what is that? Seeing that the stone tablet was silent again, Lin Dong couldn't help asking. Hearing Lin Dong's inquiry, the stone tablet seemed to be silent for a moment, and immediately there was a surge of light on the surface of the tablet, which seemed to change into a stone mirror. Above the mirror, light waves surge, and then there is a scene emerging, it should be a vast and endless between heaven and earth, where Lin Dong saw a very large stone tablet, impressively is the Great Wilderness Monument. In the sky around the Great Wilderness Monument, we can also see many figures standing in the void, although Lin Dong can not see their appearance, but from that momentum, these people must be a strong man between heaven and earth. But at this time, in the stone tablet and the top of heaven and earth in front of the distant, space is like a fault in general, towering black gas gushed out, that moment, it seems that even heaven and earth are issued a whine. In the black fog, there are countless cold and evil light burst out, and then those who stand between heaven and earth are also suddenly shot, suddenly, heaven and earth tremble. Although the scene above the stone mirror is only a corner of the battlefield, but Lin's mind is still trembling for it, he really can't imagine, what kind of battle is it, any one of them, the strength, I'm afraid, is stronger than today's Daozong Zhangjiao Yingxuanzi, but even so, Lin also saw when the two sides were fighting. Those falling figures.. The unknown creatures that emerge from the fault of space have extremely terrible powers. Above the stone mirror, the light changes, and finally solidifies in a scene, which is the Great Wilderness Monument falling from the sky, the towering ancient yellow light sweeping down, a huge black gas mercilessly suppressed, black gas wriggling, as if into a rather strange and vague figure. The shrill voice, under the suppression of the stone tablet, became smaller and smaller, and finally the Great Wilderness Stele fell to the ground, the earth collapsed,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, and finally sank directly into the ground. When the Great Wilderness Monument suppressed the unknown creature, the earth closed again, as if it and the unknown creature were sealed underground.

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