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Topic: Fragrant Sword Rain-Gulong _ txt Novel Paradise

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Fragrant Sword Rain-Gulong _ txt Novel Paradise

He laughed twice again, patting the shoulder of Yi Feng and laughing loudly: "Go in and sit down!"! Get in there and sit down! We two brothers have to have a good talk. Yi Feng Weiwei should, in the heart eldest brother is not the taste. Although he had met Yao Qingyu, the God of Fire, several times, he was not a close friend. Of course, he was happy to be greeted so warmly at the moment. But when he hid it, there would be endless trouble, which made him quite uncomfortable. Gu Xiaojing also came over and laughed: Just now he was hiding his head and showing his tail for fear that others would know that he was not dead. Hello! I said, Brother Lv! You're a famous hero, but you can't do that! What is there to be afraid of? Your wife has lost your people, and you can't be ashamed of yourself any more! Yi Feng-he swore that he could not avenge his shame, so he would no longer appear in the world under the name of Lu Nan, so we had to call him this name at the moment-at the moment his heart was like knocking over a bottle of five flavors, and he had all kinds of tastes in a mess. Although he knew that Yao Ching-yu and his wife were temperamental characters, the revelation of his whereabouts still made him uneasy, and in this uneasiness, there was gratitude for their enthusiasm. After listening to Gu Xiaojing's words, he felt a little ashamed, and when he thought of his wife, he felt a little ashamed and angry. So he was stunned in the cold wind of the morning,carnosic acid price, and his mind was confused. Until Yao Qingyu pulled him into the living room of the front room and arranged for him to sit on a wide rosewood chair, the chaotic feeling in his mind still did not completely disappear. He answered casually what they asked him. He felt strangely uneasy when he suddenly came into contact with these people who had been closely related to him in the past. Because in the past two years, he has almost completely forgotten the past period of time. He told himself at any time that he was just Yi Feng, a nameless man in Jianghu, and not a native of Lvnan, who had been prominent in Jianghu for a time. And he did forget himself, until now, he was suddenly pulled back to the past days, because these people only know that he is Lvnan people, but also only regard him as Lvnan people. He smiled with self-pity and thought to himself: What do they see in me? As a wretch who can't even look after his own wife? When Yao Qingyu asked him, pumpkin seed extract ,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, he lost his mind, which made Yao Qingyu and other three people smile on the surface, but sigh for him in their hearts. Xiao Nanping, in particular, had a pair of bright eyes, which had always looked at his face from the beginning to the end. Although he was very indifferent to her, or even very contemptuous, she was inexplicably attracted to him, and she had never been attracted to him before. Yao Qingyu laughed boldly: "Brother Lu!"! You stay here for a few days first, and let me take you to relax. You can rest assured that your whereabouts will not be known by others, and we will never tell others. Yi Feng smiled gratefully and said: "Thank you, Brother Yao, for your kindness, but I'm really in a hurry to rush to Zhongnan Mountain." Yao Qingyu gave a cry and said with some surprise: "You're going to Zhongnan Mountain, too?" Hand a stroke forehead, and Shen Yin way: "But the meeting of Zhongnan Mountain is still half a month away from now.". I'm going to leave in a few days. Why are you in such a hurry? Do you have anything else to do if you go to Zhongnan Mountain first? Yi Feng was surprised and asked: "What session?" Hearing the word "session", he was so frightened that he thought it was a session of "transcending the dead": "Could it be that the disciples of Zhong Nan couldn't wait for me to die?" Yao Qingyu slightly Zheng way: "Don't you know?" He slightly paused and said: "I don't know what happened to Zhongnan Mountain. The master, Xuanmen Yihe, died suddenly. The disciples of Zhongnan invited all the martial arts talents to re-elect the master of Zongnan on the day of the Flower Festival on February 24.". I also received an invitation, which was delivered by a disciple of Zhongnan on a fast horse last night. He sighed and said: "The strangest thing was that I asked the Zhongnan disciple," How did the Master die? " But he hesitated and refused to say. I asked him, "How long has he been dead?" He said he had only been dead for two days. The Headmaster has only been dead for two days, and he is in a hurry to choose another Headmaster. Moreover, this disciple of Zhongnan is neither black nor sad. I think there is something very strange about it. Yi Feng listened and was stunned again. He couldn't get the children of Zhongnan who were poisoned by incurable poison. Why didn't they die! The one who died was the head of Zhongnan who was not poisoned. He knew that during the period when he left Zhongnan Mountain, great changes must have taken place in Zhongnan Mountain. But what happened? But he was at a loss. He thought of Sun Min's mother and daughter: "I wonder if they are still there?" His heart was very concerned, and he himself did not understand the origin of his concern. All of a sudden, his mind turned and turned, and it was Sun Min's kind eyes and kind smile. So he quickly forced himself not to think any more. As soon as he looked up, he met Xiao Nanping's eyes. He had been sophisticated for a long time, and of course he knew the meaning of Xiao Nanping's eyes, and a strange idea rose in his heart. He laughed to himself that many important changes in his life were due to women. Woman He smiled blankly. With a smile in his eyes, he looked straight at Xiao Nanping, who was still staring at him. I should have stayed! Or leave! He asked himself repeatedly. There are many reasons why he should stay. There are many reasons to think that he should leave. Of course, it was because he was convinced that the poisoned disciples of Zhongnan had been rescued and had not waited for his antidote. But why? He also has the curiosity to explore what changes have taken place in Zhongnan Mountain, and the desire to see some people,phycocyanin spirulina, which is the reason why he is eager to leave here. He groped over and over again, as if he knew that whether he decided to leave or stay, it was a very important key to his life! www。 xiaoshuotxt。 com Chapter 33 the land of gentleness. Novel-txt Paradise Yi Feng was deeply involved in the contradiction between his "going" and "staying". Hot hand Xi Shi glanced at Xiao Nanping and turned to him and laughed:.

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