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Topic: Holy Devil Son of Heaven

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Holy Devil Son of Heaven

His heart is a little confused, if the words of indifference do not affect him, it is deceiving himself. He had planned to go to the hut to see what the relationship between Mosido and Anxin Demon Lord was, but unconsciously he came to his door. Perhaps what he needs now is to think about his own affairs. As soon as he pushed the door open, a smell that was out of harmony with the room came to his face. The shadow awoke from his own thoughts. He looked up and saw Mosido sitting in his room. "Where have you been?" He said in a cold voice. The shadow saw that the quilt that had been made on his bed had not been moved, and it seemed that Mosido had already discovered his little trick. "Why did the third prince appear in my room?" The shadow said calmly. Moxido said, "I heard that you were seriously injured by Mr. Lingkong, so I came to see you specially, but I didn't expect you to be here, so I waited here for you to come back." "When was my personal freedom restricted by you?" The shadow asked. Of course not. I have said that we are just a partnership, whether you are Chaoyang or your brother Guster, and that has never changed. Although sometimes you have to listen to me, I still respect your personal rights. Moxido said leisurely. The shadow gave a sneer and said, "This kind of respect is quite new. It reminds me of talking about freedom to people in prison. It has the same effect." With that, he found a seat next to Mosido. Moxido placed the teacup for the shadow,metal cosmetic tubes, poured the tea himself, and then said, "Brother, please have tea." The shadow took one look at Moxido, picked up the teacup, took a big sip,custom cosmetic packing, and said, "Thank you for the tea. To tell you the truth, I'm really thirsty. This cup of tea came at the right time." "I'll pour you another cup if you need it," said Moxido. In the past, both of our brothers were like this, but things have changed recently, so there has been no such opportunity. Tonight, I want to have a good talk with my brother. The shadow looked at Mosido and said, "Is that why you came to me tonight?" Moxedo nodded his head slightly. Don't you want to know why I left? Moxido shook his head again and said, "I wanted to know, but my brother didn't seem to believe me. This is my respect for you." The shadow was a little confused about what Mosido was trying to do, pump tube ,plastic cosmetic tubes, and it seemed unlikely that he had found himself following Anxin away. At this time, he did not know whether Anxin Demon Lord had returned to the mansion of the three princes. "Well, if you want to say something," said the shadow. But perhaps I can tell you in advance that we will not be able to find a common topic. Moxedo smiled, poured himself a cup of tea, took a sip, and said, "I know my brother has lost his memory and can't remember the time we spent together before, but that doesn't prevent us from talking tonight." "In that case," said the shadow, "that would be the best." Moxido then added, "It's boring to drink tea like this. I've ordered a small building in the lake to prepare a banquet, and there will be a familiar person to accompany my brother." "A small building in the lake?" The first impression in the shadow's mind was that Moxido went in and came out of the lake cabin of the Anxin Demon Lord. Moxido listened to the shadow's tone and said, "Does the emperor know where this is?" "No." The shadow quickly denied: "I just think the name is quite unique.". By the way, who did you say was accompanying? Moxido smiled slyly and said, "I'll know when I get there." The place where Mosido took the shadow was indeed the hut in the lake that the shadow had seen. When the shadow followed Moxido in, there was indeed a person whom the shadow knew well waiting, and to the shadow's surprise, it was Fashilin. The shadow did not know what Mosido wanted to do, but he would never think that the other party was just to invite him to drink. When Fashilin saw the shadow, there was still a kind of complex emotion in her eyes, just like every time she saw the shadow. She didn't even know why she was here tonight. She only knew that she was sleeping in her own bed before she came here. When she woke up, she was already here and saw Mosido. Moxedo told her that he would introduce her to a special person, but he didn't expect it to be a shadow. St. Mote V once said to the shadow that Fashi Lin in the imperial city, like Chaoyang, is a copy of the people, not the complete people understood by ordinary people. He tried to find some difference between her and the real Fashilin, just as he had found the difference between himself and Chaoyang, but it was all in vain. Moxiduo saw that the two men did not speak as soon as they met. "What's the matter?" He said with a smile? Were you surprised to see each other? I don't suppose it's the first time you two have met? The shadow smiled and said gracefully, "I feel very honored to see Miss Fashilin again!" Fashilin looked into the shadow's eyes and said, "Does Mr. Chaoyang need to be so polite every time he sees me?" The shadow felt a pain in his heart. Did he like to keep this kind of courtesy with Fa Shi Lin? It's just that he really can't draw a clear line with Fashilin. He could not know whether the Fashi Lin in front of him had exactly the same memory as the real Fashi Lin. "I really don't know what kind of distance I should keep from Miss Fashilin," said the shadow. Fa Shi Lin lowered his head and said, "I just want you to call Fa Shi Lin without adding'Miss' after it." The shadow felt a little silly and nodded. Moxido felt bad when he saw them like this, but he knew that now was not the time for him to show his true feelings. He laughed and said, "Tonight is for drinking and talking. Why are you both so humble?"? It doesn't fit with the atmosphere. Maybe all we need now is a drink. There was no maid in the small building in the lake,aluminium laminated tube, and Mosido himself filled the three glasses with wine. The three of them drank up at the same time. This book strange chivalrous world ( first issue, reprints please specify After drinking a glass of wine, the mood of Shadow and Fashilin seemed to be calmer.

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