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Topic: Recommend [Xuanhuan] Tianjiao Zhan Ji (Male Frequency)

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Recommend [Xuanhuan] Tianjiao Zhan Ji (Male Frequency)

Otherwise, it would be impossible to send out so many senior figures of the clan in order to deal with him, a young man in the cave. But until now, they found that even though they still underestimated the horror of this teenager! That kind of fighting power against the sky, the towering momentum of self-respect, even in the ranks of peerless Tianjiao, can be called rare. Even, this makes people have to suspect that this teenager has already gone beyond the so-called peerless Tianjiao category! After all, even if it is like the world's top Tianjiao, may be able to cross the realm to kill the enemy, but in the face of the siege of so many great monks, I am afraid also have to suffer. But this is like a demon god-like teenager, but in the siege of a strong attack, but also one after another hit two of them, this is too terrible! In the field, the middle-aged beautiful woman screamed, her purple whip was grabbed by Lin Xun, pulled hard, and pulled her whole person to Lin Xun. She is not willing to let go, this purple whip is a treasure, in the past by her treasure, will not easily use. Pow! Just as she hesitated for a moment, Lin Xun clapped his hand, and the force of his hand was so fierce that it filled the air with blazing brilliance that her whole body flew out, bleeding from the seven orifices, changing beyond recognition, and suffering severe injuries. Poof! Almost at the same time, a golden spirit sword came to Lin Xun to kill, cunning and ruthless. Can also not wait to approach, see a touch of white if the broken blade of snow swept out, gently,collapsible pallet box, the golden sword was cut into two parts like tofu. Han Yan-que was so aggressive that he wanted to take this opportunity to break Lin Xun's neck, but now he was frightened and cried out, and his hair exploded all over his body. His spirit sword was destroyed so easily! Can be deadly danger so that Han Yan can not think much, speed change direction, to avoid the pursuit of Lin Xun. Swish! But still a step too late, the broken blade swept in the void, white as snow, accompanied by a peerless edge, poof, pierced a blood hole in his abdomen, blood like a waterfall, the body was almost cut off at the waist. Ah Han Yanque let out a shrill scream and stumbled backwards in the void. He was the top monk in the world,foldable bulk container, but he could not stop a blow and suffered severe trauma. Had it not been for the timely assistance of his companions, the blow would have been enough to kill him! Everything happens in a flash of lightning, so fast that people are dazzled, and if the reaction is not enough, there may be a risk of death. But this mountain forest, is completely destroyed, covered with scars, smoke and bloody atmosphere, shocking. Boom! Lin Xun looks calm, cold eyes bloom, continue to kill, he is very calm, but also very terrible, more powerful, want to make a quick decision. Chapter 0800 choose a way to die. Lin Xun has been practicing so far, and he can definitely be said to have experienced hundreds of battles, which is no different from wading out of the mountain of corpses and the sea of blood. Even if at the moment trapped in a tight encirclement, its reaction can also be called stunning and heroic, power and arrogance, strength to destroy the withered and rotten, seize all the opportunities to hit the opponent. Boom! Suddenly, stackable plastic pallets ,wholesale plastic pallet, a figure suddenly swept out, like a ghost, holding a sharp cone, in the void burst out of the harsh cold awn, straight behind Lin Xun's head. Lin Xun does not look back, the operation of "hegemony under the ban", the release of invisible power, suddenly imprisoned the opponent in the middle of the way, like an insect caught in a spider web. Not good! The opponent was shocked and struggled crazily. But Lin Xun had already taken advantage of this opportunity, the figure suddenly moved back, the back bow, emerged a negative shadow, mercilessly burst out. Boom! The great friar screamed, and the whole person was hit and flew to the sky a hundred feet away, like a kite with a broken line, spraying blood all over his body and cracking his bones. Then, with a splash, he fell to the ground in the void, like an upside down onion, his neck almost broke, his eyes rolled over, and he fainted directly. It's too bad! Being hit on the body, such as the power of terror, is no less than being pushed by a sacred mountain! At the same time, Lin Xun stared at the cold young man with burning red hair. This guy was very cunning in the fight just now. When he missed a hit, he pulled away and seemed very difficult to deal with. Lin Xun missed the opportunity to kill his opponent many times. Swish! Broken blade attack, into a brilliant touch of peerless edge, in the night sky flash away, this is a magic weapon, by the divine royal, extremely fast. Poof! The cold young man failed to escape and was swept by a broken blade, cutting off one ear, at the same time, his left arm and shoulder were also cut off, and blood was sprayed. But it has to be said that this person is extremely overbearing, while suffering heavy losses, the figure has rushed up, far away. But his complexion had become extremely bad, and when the pain was unbearable, he roared out: "Shame!"! There are so many of us, can't we subdue him? The faces of the other monks of the Lingji Sect were also very ugly. From the beginning of the battle to the present, five or six of their companions had suffered heavy losses and were almost killed several times. Opponents, on the other hand, are unscathed and increasingly powerful, which makes them feel suffocated and resentful and feel extremely humiliated. Little bastard, see how long you can be rampant! At this moment, Hua Qingchi could not sit back and watch, he also went out, sleeve robe hunting, offering an antique white jade tripod, the body of the tripod is only one foot high, three feet and two ears, the surface is carved with the ancient cloud pattern secret map. Hum! Jade tripod into the air, dripping light, the void as if unable to bear its weight, collapsed and cracked! There is no doubt that this is an extremely terrible treasure, and it is complete and intact, which makes its power even more extraordinary. Crash ~ ~ In the rotation, the whole body of the jade tripod floated out a white jade rainbow, a hundred feet long, across the void, toward Lin Xun enveloped, the light of the Sheng, will illuminate the sky and night. As soon as Lin Xun's eyes narrowed, the broken blade swept through the air, and he fought with the jade tripod, sending out a roaring and crashing sound, and the divine splendor surged. To Lin Xun's surprise,plastic pallet bin, the jade tripod was so strong that it could not be damaged by the sharpness of the broken blade. But Hua Qingchi was even more surprised. His jade tripod had an extraordinary origin. It was a rare treasure obtained from a secret place left over from ancient times. It was so powerful that it could be called a "kingcraft soldier". But now, but can not handle a broken blade, which makes him immediately realize that the broken blade must be no small matter! "Go together and kill this son!" 。

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