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Topic: Best E-Bikes & Motorcycles You Can Buy In 2022

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Best E-Bikes & Motorcycles You Can Buy In 2022

It’s 2022, and we want to help you make the third year of this global pandemic the best one yet with the help of a brand-new “best bikes” list that will help you find the right electric bicycle for you!To get more news about fat tire electric bike for sale, you can visit official website.

Once again, I’ll be introducing you to my personal picks for the best e-bikes and electric motorcycles you can buy in 2022, based on more than 25 years of riding, fixing, and building stuff that goes fast — as well as, you know, wild conjecture, since there’s a few bikes on this list that I haven’t yet had a chance to ride. I’ll make that clear enough in the article, though, and we’ll be looking forward to hearing your thoughts on my picks — and learn more about your picks! — in the comments section at the bottom of the page.
Without further ado, then, here they are, in something that feels tantalizingly like a logical order: the 22 best e-bikes and electric motorcycles you can buy in 2022!
Marketed as electric balance bikes instead of beginner motorcycles, the Stacyc electric balance bikes can be purchased with Harley-Davidson Iron-e, KTM, or Husqvarna branding, and remains the perfect choice for introducing little ones to the physics and fun of motorcycles. With a few power levels and two available sizes, the zippy little bikes have more than enough juice to keep the littles entertained, and their electric powertrains mean they’re welcome on public trails and indoor tracks where ICE-powered junior bikes like the Yamaha PW50 aren’t.

We picked the Stacyc for this “award” on our 2021 list, as well — and it looks like a lot of you listened. Out of a total electric-based revenue of $73.9 million since taking over the Stacyc brand, Harley-Davidson made $41.3 million from selling kids’ balance bikes, with only $29.9 million being attributed to selling Livewire electric motorcycles.
The Woom UP 5 is an ultralight 24″ electric mountain bike with a suspension fork, Fazua drive, and disc brakes designed for children aged 7 years and up that uses the electric motor to “boost” the kids’ leg strength. The thinking is that your child will be able to keep up (UP! I get it!) with faster adult riders on uphills and trails, but still teach them the physics and muscle memory they’ll need to grow as riders.

The Woom UP 5’s features and aluminum frame, adjustable “AIRFORK” suspension, disc brakes, and a trigger-shifter operated SRAM NX transmission. Pricing starts at €2,890.00 (approx. $3,295 US, with current exchange rates), for age 7 and older.
The Volcon Runt is the fat-tired, go-anywhere funbike that you should get your kids if you’ve been thinking of getting them a minibike. Slotting somewhere between the Honda CRF110 and CRF125, the Runt is perfect for kids who want to get out and hit the trails.

Starting at $2995, the Runt fits right in the middle of the 110-125cc bikes from the Big Four Japanese brands, without the hassles, maintenance, noise, and fire risk of internal combustion. If you’ve been looking at a small bike or ATV for your little rider, stop looking now.
If the Torrot TWO is Michael Jordan or Usain Bolt in their prime then the Stacyc is — well, me. The Torrot TWO may be small, designed for kids up to 9 years old or 88 lb, but it is a serious racing motorcycle designed for kids who show real talent, skill, and maturity. With instant torque, a top speed of 25 mph, and up to 45 minutes of runtime from its quick-change li-ion battery and 48v brushless motor, this is the bike your young Jeremy McGrath has to have.

To my eyes, there’s nothing quite as sexy as a road bike. In the past, I’ve own a few Specialized road bikes and Langsters, and I’ve loved them all, but the FLX Babymaker and Babymaker II have the almost as good-looking Specialized Turbo CREO e-bikes beat. They’re absolutely gorgeous, the electric motors and batteries are practically invisible, and … did I mention they’re gorgeous? Check out this one, in metallic silver.

I’ll admit, I haven’t had a chance to ride the new-for-2022 FLX Babymaker II, but I take solace in knowing that no one else has, either (the first examples are set to ship later this month). Regardless, I’m picking these e-bikes based solely on looks. The Babymaker is available now for $2499, with plenty of available discount codes out there to get it below that magic $2K mark, if you’re willing to dig for them.

It’s been almost a year to the day since the Pivot Cycles E-Vault first appeared on my radar, and I’ve just grown more enamored with it since. This is one of those rare machines that gets better the longer you stare at it. It’s nearly perfect, which, with a starting price of $9299, it should be!

The E-Vault packs a 252Wh battery and 250W Fazua Evation drivepack that offers up to 55 Nm of electric power and top speed of 28 MPH. Pedal power is sent through a Shimano Ultegra HG-800 cassette and GRX 815 Di2 11-speed derailleur and shifter, GRX 810 two-piston brakes, while a set of high-end all-carbon 700c wheels from Reynolds keep this e-bike’s weight down to unelectrified levels.

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