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Topic: The Gladiator Who Crawled In Agony POE Build

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The Gladiator Who Crawled In Agony POE Build

Build Summary

So I will start off by saying, this build works extremely well in most all scenarios but can be a hassle in some, due to minion AI. I was able to bring this build all the way through Shapers Guardians, Shaper and Uber Elder with the Agony Minion absolutely shredding them. (I only had one silly death on Uber Elder due to a chill and vision loss of shapers moves) With all the Block, Evasion, Armour and Life Gain on Hit, I was able to just stand in all content, only moving out of Telegraphed moves. Where the build struggles is tight maps and in some delves depending on their layouts. The Minion will often get stuck attacking partially behind walls and lag behind you. I have tried a few gem swaps but really the only solution is to toss in a Convocation somewhere into your setup to pull the minion to your location if you aren’t able to leash it up to you by moving. So for map clearing speed, this certainly won’t be the fastest, but it will be very reliable and can do all the map modifiers! For my current setup I spent somewhere between 5-6 Exalts on items (Not including the 6 Linked chest or Elder ring, of which I linked and crafted by luck) I would have to say this is an incredibly low cost for how tanky we can make the build and still get Uber Elder shredding DPS! Considering for most Molten Strike builds, you will be spending double the investment for just the Xoph’s Blood Amulet!

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