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Topic: Why Did PC Player Treat Differently in FIFA 17?

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Why Did PC Player Treat Differently in FIFA 17?

This is a thread about addressing some problems that are PC-"exclusive". And in before someone writes "just get a console" or some bull****, you are not helping at all. Some Players just prefer gaming on PC or Fifa would be the only game they will play on a console. This is, somehow, where the problem lays. We PC players pay the same price for the same game but are treated differently. Gameplay, with all its flaws, is pretty much the same as the console as well as the game modes (unlike the PS3/X360 user), so we should expect the same experience. We should...


Unless you are playing offline exclusive (and let's be fair, who does that?) you are playing a game that is rigged by third party businesses and cheaters. It is not as bad as some people in here describe it but it's far from good. The worst thing about this: EA could easily prevent this.


The market

Prices on PC are a bit higher. That was and will always be the case. The main reason is probably the smaller player base (atm there are ~300k live auctions) so less packs will be opened with smaller demand etc etc. simple economics. It gets better by TOTY and TOTS, Ronaldo was 700k last year, but this is not the problem. Bidding bots are. You can barely get any contracts for cheap fifa coins because every non rare gold contract will be at 350 fifa coins opened bid by the 5 min mark. The only time when this is not the case is when the server was maintained and are just up so the people that use the bots have to restart them again. These bots dominate the market and it is disgusting. N4 on the list is currently at 43 793 433 coins. I don't have reference numbers but it seems like a ridiculous amount. Funny thing about this list that most of the clubs are founded within the past few months... If this isn’t enough evidence of cheating I don’t know. EA could just check these accounts individually


FUT Draft

Unplayable. Full of cheaters. Won my first draft this weekend but played 5 cheaters during the run. They start the game and you’ll notice a random and low chem team. Sometimes they have the fairness to score an own goal but most of the time they will disconnect and waste your time. A simple solution for EA would be running a bot by themselves and investigate anybody who disconnect within the first 15 minutes.

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Well FIFA is a big tournament but then still it has some flaws on its administrative level which can easily be addressed with the help of some administrative articles. I read this post thoroughly and enjoyed reading it.

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Great article this is really informative and innovative

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