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Topic: favorite spunky hero from Final Fantasy XIV

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favorite spunky hero from Final Fantasy XIV

While it adds an overworld map for story mode, a grip of new characters, and a couple new game systems, the rest is almost identical to its predecessor. Dissidia is a beautiful game with oodles of depth, but it feels like the game gets it backwards – the fighting feels too complex and the RPG aspects feel too shallow. All–in–all, Dissidia 012 is fun, FFXIV Gil there's no denying that. It's a little too off–the–wall for a general audience, but should fit right in with the hardcore Final Fantasy fan.Dissidia 012 starts with Lightning, everyone's favorite spunky hero from Final Fantasy XIII, as a member of the forces of Cosmos. These heroes are fighting the villains of the forces of Chaos, comprised of (you guessed it) more Final Fantasy characters. It's pretty obvious from the get–go that the story exists only as a framework to put all these characters into the game. There's a lot of story here – after each standard story chapter, you unlock a Report that features cutscenes and battles. Despite the fact that the story is long and varied, it's not any good. It makes little sense, especially considering the individual characters involved, and I never continued playing the game for the story. There's no worthwhile exposition, and the characters themselves aren't true to their own worlds. FF14 Gil Sometimes they refer to things that happened late in their respective games and other times they are oblivious to similar events. Regardless, I doubt that many will go into this game with a great expectation for the story, but temper even that and don't expect much. It would've been nice to have a Super Smash Bros–style parody of a story, but the game takes itself far too seriously and didn't strike any kind of emotional response in me.Fortunately, the story is really the only negative part of Dissidia 012. Graphically, the title is fantastic. While the world, for the most part, is grey, dreary, and spartan, the characters are vibrant and pretty much meet expectations. NES and SNES stalwarts have been upgraded to polygons, and the PS2 and PS3 combatants haven't seen that significant of a downgrade – characters like Lightning actually look better ffxivmall than I expected on the small screen. On top of that, Dissidia 012 is one of the few titles that actually looks good when using the PSP's component out cables. Animations are good, although the 'speaking' animation still looks as odd to me as it did in the first game, but that may be a personal taste.

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