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Topic: work was being done in the building where

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work was being done in the building where

forceful women’s rights movement.M’barek Discount Homecoming Dresses , reached by phone this week at the Tunisian assembly.I don’t think you can beat that.It’s an incredible statement It’s still a draft, but pretty much everyone agrees.The assembly created a new women’s caucus this fall.have agreed to work across party lines to champion women’s rights and make life easier for mothers in politics.Although the assembly has recently reined in its late-night sessions so parents can go home to their children, for example, men laughed when a female official suggested the assembly open a daycare centre.M’barek, a 32-year-old mother of two who was pregnant with her daughter when she ran for election last year.We’re building something for generations to come It’s a long fight.An ice-cream parlour owner dubbed the ice lady for the calculated way in which she killed her ex-husband and lover was sentenced to life in a secure mental institution on Thursday.Estibaliz Carranza, 34, had confessed to shooting the two men at close range in the back of the head, cutting up their bodies with a chainsaw, freezing them in a deep freeze and later interring them in concrete under the cellar of her store.Judge Susanne Lehr told a Vienna court her confession and her state of considerable psychological damage were mitigating factors, but her careful planning and her behaviour after the murders counted against her.Related‘Ice Lady’ confesses to dismembering her two lovers with a chain saw and freezing their bodiesCarranza, wearing the same grey dress she had worn throughout the four-day trial and donning a pair of glasses, did not react to the unanimous jury verdict and nodded to confirm she had understood the sentence.immediately said he would appeal to have the verdict overturned.The photogenic Mexican-Spanish immigrant, whose case has attracted extensive interest from Austrian media, shot dead her German ex-husband Holger Holz with a .calibre Beretta pistol in 2008 as he sat as his computer.Carranza said he had completely changed after their wedding, turning verbally abusive, lazy and joining a Hare Krishna sect.She complained that he had refused to move out when she had a new lover, even after their divorce.The new lover, ice-cream machine salesman Manfred Hinterberger, suffered the same fate two years later, receiving four shots in the back of the head as he lay in bed snoring after she had tried to start a discussion about his infidelity.Carranza had taken courses in shooting and concrete-mixing before the killings, the court heard this week Discount Party Dresses , and joked with a friend about her murder fantasies.On Thursday, Carranza wept as she told the judge: All I can say is that I m sorry I took the lives of Holger and Manfred.Earlier, prosecutor Petra Freh told the court Carranza was a manipulative liar prepared to do anything for her own advantage, according to the Austria Press Agency.Psychiatrist Heidi Kastner, who spent more than 30 hours with Carranza before the trial, said the murderer had a grave, comprehensive, multi-faceted personality disorder and was at considerable risk of killing again if she did not have therapy.Kastner was also the expert psychiatric prosecution witness in the 2009 Fritzl case, spending four months with him before the trial that ended in his conviction for rape, incest, kidnapping and enslavement of his daughter over 24 years.The remains of Carranza s victims were found by chance last year when maintenance work was being done in the building where she had buried them.A former ice cream parlour owner confessed in court on Monday to shooting, sawing up and freezing both her ex-husband and her lover, and burying them under the cellar of her store in Vienna.her; her ex-husband by yelling at her and making fun of her poor German, her lover by being unfaithful.In both cases, she said she had shot her victim with a .calibre Beretta pistol, chopped up the body with a chain saw, put it in a freezer at the parlour, and eventually buried it downstairs in the cellar, the Austria Press Agency reported.Freh said, warning that Carranza could kill again.Carranza told the court the nature of her husband, Holger Holz Discount ****tail Dresses , had completely changed after their wedding, and that matters had got worse when they were evicted from their apartment and moved into the ice cream shop, and Holz joined the Hare Krishna movement.He slept until 10 o’clock and came at 11 o’clock.We had no ice cream.Even after she started a relationship with ice cream machine salesman Manfred Hinterberger and divorced Holz, he refused to move out, she told the court on Monday.The defence is determined that the jury do not accept the picture that been has given of her as ice-cold, unfeeling, unscrupulous, capable of anything, but rather that they recognise what is behind this facadeOne Sunday, after an argument about the issue, she said she had shot Holz twice in the back of the head and once in the temple as he sat at his computer.with proper treatment.He warned the jury not to be influenced by negative portrayals in the Austrian media, which have had a field day with the story of the Hispanic immigrant and her many lovers.he told journalists.Fritzl was sentenced to life imprisonment for incarcerating his daughter in the basement of his family home for 24 years, during which he physically assaulted and raped her, fathering seven children.Hinterberger left Carranza shortly after her divorce but turned up on the doorstep of the salon with a suitcase a year and a half later after being thrown out by his girlfriend.She said she had taken him back, but then found sex messages on his phone and his profile on a dating site.On the way home from an evening out with friends, where he had flirted with another woman, she had wanted to talk about it but he had simply shouted at her and then gone to bed, she said.He turned to the wall and began snoring.He just turned around and that was the end of the matter for him.She then described how she had reached under the mattress for the same pist.

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