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Topic: The Revolution of Metal Flattening: Roller Levelers

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The Revolution of Metal Flattening: Roller Levelers

The Revolution of Metal Flattening: Roller Levelers
In the world of metal processing, achieving absolute flatness is a critical requirement. This is where the role of Roller Levelers comes into play. These machines are designed to deliver superior flat products by equalizing internal material stresses.Get more news about Roller Leveler,you can vist our website!

The Science Behind Roller Leveling
The roller leveling process involves passing a sheet metal part through a series of alternating bends. This shapes the material in such a way that the finished result is flat and stress-relieved. The lower the residual stress in a sheet metal part, the better the results during subsequent production steps such as welding, bending, or folding.

The Evolution of Roller Levelers
Since the introduction of hydraulic leveling in the mid-980s, Hydraulic Roller Levelers have become the most versatile and efficient metal flattening machines available. These levelers minimize adjustments by moving only the lower portion of the leveler. With brute hydraulic force, they can neutralize stress while delivering a premium quality product day after day.

The Technology Behind Roller Levelers
Companies like Bradbury and GEORG have developed world-class controls and unique sets of options that have made their levelers easy to operate and highly productive. Bradbury’s patented e-Drive® leveling systems equalize internal material stresses while delivering superior flat products for customers around the world. Similarly, GEORG’s high-performance Roller leveler includes integrated, fully and semi-automatic changing systems.

The Versatility of Roller Levelers
Roller Levelers offer flexibility to run a wide range of material thicknesses. For instance, GEORG’s roller leveler can handle material thicknesses ranging from 0. to 5 mm and widths up to ,00 mm. This versatility makes them suitable for various applications in industries such as automotive, construction, and aerospace.

The Future of Roller Levelers
The future of roller levelers lies in their continuous innovation. Companies are investing in research and development to improve efficiency in processes and production. For example, Bradbury’s Auto-Selective™ levelers ensure repeatability and increase productivity. On the other hand, GEORG has broadened its range to provide producers support in regard to surface finishes in steel and aluminium strip processing.


In conclusion, Roller Levelers have revolutionized the metal processing industry by providing an efficient solution for achieving absolute flatness in metal parts. Their versatility, coupled with continuous technological advancements, makes them an indispensable tool in today’s industrial landscape.

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