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Topic: Guide To Play Total Bookings Betting in Football

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Guide To Play Total Bookings Betting in Football

Total Bookings betting is one of the exciting side bets in football betting. With simple betting rules and high odds, many enthusiasts choose to place these additional bets to test their luck. This article will provide detailed information about Total Bookings betting and offer some tips to help you make a confident bet.

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What is Total Bookings Betting in Football?
In football betting, Total Bookings is also known as the Over/Under booking points bet or the Yellow/Red Card betting. To participate in this type of bet, you need to predict the total number of yellow and red cards that will be issued during the official playing time of a specific match.
Among the various types of bets in football such as Asian Handicap, European Handicap, Over/Under betting, Corner Kick betting, and Correct Score betting, Total Bookings betting is one of the most popular choices. With this type of bet, you don't need to worry about the outcome of the match or the total number of goals scored. Instead, you just need to make an accurate prediction of the number of fouls and cards issued during the game.

Common Types of Total Bookings Bets
With Total Bookings betting, you can choose from the following betting options:
Asian Handicap Total Bookings: The bookmaker will set a handicap ratio between the team expected to receive more cards and the team expected to receive fewer cards. You can then decide whether to bet on the team with more bookings (over) or the team with fewer bookings (under).
First Card Betting: Predict which team will receive the first card in the match.
Last Card Betting: Place a bet on the team that will receive the last card from the referee.
Odd/Even Bookings: Predict whether the total number of bookings in the match will be an odd or even number.
Over/Under Bookings: The bookmaker will offer a specific line, and you can bet whether the total number of bookings will be over or under that line.
In addition to these common Total Bookings bets, you can also make other prop bets such as predicting the color of the first card (yellow or red), guessing the player who will receive the first card, or wagering on Total Bookings in the first half, and more.
Total Bookings betting adds an extra layer of excitement to football matches, allowing you to enjoy the action in a unique way without worrying about the final score or the winner of the game.

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Some experiences in accurately predicting the cards betting
To win bets on yellow and red cards at the bookmakers, you should pocket some experiences and betting tips below:
Learn about the two teams competing
To make an accurate bet, you need to thoroughly research both teams participating in the match, including information on:
Form, head-to-head history, ranking
Statistics of yellow and red cards for both teams in recent matches
Analyze the lineup and identify players most likely to receive cards
Look at which players have received cards before and are at risk of suspension, as they may be more cautious in the current match.
Review information of players who received cards in the most recent match. For example, if that player has been given a yellow card, he will know how to control it in this match.
look for the fight records of both teams: if both pro teams play well and contribute, the number of cards you get is very low.
It is very important to know about the match officials. When you meet a difficult referee, the number of cards in the match is larger than in other normal matches.
Learn about the match's main referee
For card betting, you should definitely find out who the main referee for the match is. From experience, European referees tend to be stricter than Asian referees. Well-known referees are more likely to give out cards compared to others. In important matches or major tournaments, referees tend to be more rigorous and professional.
Bet based on the nature of the match
Important matches with a decisive nature, such as finals, often have more yellow and red cards. Weaker teams will do everything to win, even if it means committing more fouls. Furthermore, in these matches, referees tend to officiate more rigorously.

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Avoid going big on TOTAL BOOKINGS
Although it's an attractive bet with a high payout, accurately predicting the cards bet is not easy. Therefore, the advice is not to go big or bet everything on this type of bet due to the high risk and low chance of winning. Beginners should start with a small amount to test their luck and gain experience, which is a safer approach.

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