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Topic: What are the Pros and Cons of "Xả Kèo" (Cutting Bets) in Football Betting?

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What are the Pros and Cons of "Xả Kèo" (Cutting Bets) in Football Betting?

For professional bettors, knowing the right timing in placing bets is crucial to secure victories. "Xả Kèo," or cutting bets, is one important timing in football betting. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this strategy, and how is it executed? Let's explore the information below provided by Wintips.
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An Introduction to "Xả Kèo" in Football Betting
"Xả Kèo" in football betting refers to a method that allows bettors to accept stopping a bet to retrieve a smaller amount of the wager when the odds are unfavorable, but the bet has already been placed. For some online bookmakers, "Xả Kèo" means bettors can sell their betting slips back to them at an agreed price.
This approach is currently employed by many online bookmakers, offering bettors better choices to mitigate their losses. The amount received after "Xả Kèo" depends on the sliding odds of each match. Note that it is only applicable at the bettors' initially chosen odds. Betting enthusiasts consider this method safer than the all-in strategy used in the past.
The Pros and Cons of "Xả Kèo" in Football Betting
Let's take a look at the notable advantages and disadvantages that "Xả Kèo" brings to bettors:
Bettors don't need to spend money on insurance for their bets, even when they are losing. "Xả Kèo" helps bettors quickly retrieve funds when they win without having to wait until the match ends.
Bettors can easily control their betting funds, reducing the risk of losing a significant amount of money in low winning probability situations.
In unfavorable situations during betting, "Xả Kèo" helps reduce certain risks, allowing bettors to retain their capital and participate in other games to recoup their losses.
The "Xả Kèo" feature is automated and accepted when bettors place football bets.
The most prominent disadvantage of "Xả Kèo" in football betting is that the amount to be cut and the odds change rapidly. Bettors need to react quickly to make specific decisions to avoid losses on their part.
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Some Cases of "Xả Kèo" in Football Betting:
The "Xả Kèo" strategy in football betting is typically categorized into the following cases:
"Xả Kèo" when leading:
Online bookmakers propose a certain amount of money for bettors to stop their bet at the most reasonable level. This amount is usually less than the initial stake. This ensures that bettors' chosen bets remain within a safe range. Once bettors agree to cut their bets, regardless of the match result, they will only receive the proposed reward equivalent to the initial stake from the bookmaker.
In cases where the bookmakers evaluate that the bettors have a high chance of winning, they often offer an amount equivalent to 70% to 90% of the initial stake to repurchase the bet.
"Xả Kèo" when trailing:
In this case, bettors may lose a smaller amount than their initial stake. This ensures that bettors do not lose all the money they bet in the unfortunate event of a loss. When bettors feel that their choices are unlikely to be correct, they should accept the proposed amount from the bookmaker to easily cut the bet.
Although the amount received after "Xả Kèo" may not be the same as the initial stake, it still provides a safe opportunity for bettors not to lose all their betting money. This opportunity can be crucial for bettors who find themselves in a losing situation.
Important Notes for "Xả Kèo" in Football Betting:
Applying the "Xả Kèo" strategy in football betting can offer bettors several practical advantages. However, to make the decision of cutting a bet wisely, bettors should take note of the following important points:
Try betting on one match to have time for analysis and prediction.
Maintain a calm attitude in all situations to accurately analyze the situation and choose favorable odds.
Gather information about the match and monitor the entire match progress.
Avoid betting all-in on any match. This will help minimize the risks in the betting process.
Pay attention to unexpected factors that may affect the match result, such as weather conditions like rain, snow, wind, etc.
Beware of other bettors' strategies. If the opposing team has not used their key tactics yet, consider reevaluating your decision for a safer approach.
Be vigilant about any changes in the odds running when cutting bets.
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The "Xả Kèo" strategy in football betting offers bettors certain advantages when facing losing bets. However, bettors need to carefully calculate and decide whether to cut a bet or not. Surprises in football matches are always present, so being sharp and experienced is essential to predict the situation accurately.

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