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Topic: Benefits of combining transfer cars with the Pallet Shuttle in a warehouse

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Benefits of combining transfer cars with the Pallet Shuttle in a warehouse

Combining transfer cars with the Pallet Shuttle in a logistics center boosts throughput in storing and retrieving products from their locations. This automated storage system speeds up pallet movements and goods handling.Get more news about Automatic Shuttle Transfer System,you can vist our website!

The automated Pallet Shuttle is a prime example of the efficiency of high-density storage systems. It works like this: automatic handling equipment, i.e., transfer cars or stacker cranes, transports materials to their storage channels; once there, an autonomous electric shuttle inserts and removes pallets from their locations. This automated system notably reduces goods loading and unloading times.

Transfer cars with the Pallet Shuttle: how do they work?
The storage solution that combines transfer cars with the Pallet Shuttle is the automated Pallet Shuttle. This system, which replaces forklifts, consists of multiple motorized shuttles — served by transfer cars — that move automatically inside the storage channels.

In this completely automated storage solution, transfer cars transport a motor-driven shuttle in their cradles. The shuttle then enters the storage channel to deposit the pallet in the first free location. Then, the shuttle returns to the transfer car to go back to the entry point, repeating the operation as indicated by the system.

The configuration of the Pallet Shuttle operated with transfer cars maximizes the productivity of the automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS). At a minimum, each level of the automated Pallet Shuttle system is operated by a motorized shuttle and a transfer car. Lifts are used to connect the different levels of the AS/RS, performing movements from the floor level to the required height. All automatic movements — of both the shuttles and the transfer cars — are coordinated by the warehouse management system (WMS).

The automated Pallet Shuttle is a high-density storage system: it decreases the number of aisles in which the handling equipment operates and compacts the locations that house the goods. Employing transfer cars to move the motor-driven shuttles means that the aisles can be narrower, thus optimizing floor space.
Ultimately, the combination of transfer cars with the Pallet Shuttle fosters a more productive warehouse with safe, continuous, error-free processes. This AS/RS is versatile and can be adapted to the characteristics of your facility: the layout, number of SKUs per channel, and even operations involving pallets of different dimensions.

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