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Topic: Mechanical and Electric Guided Industrial Videoscopes

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Mechanical and Electric Guided Industrial Videoscopes

Industrial endoscope is a kind of NDT(non-destructive testing) instrument. It is easy to operate, light and integrated handheld design. It realizes imaging, photographing, videoing and operation functions through imaging algorithms, which greatly reduces the work intensity and improves the user. Detection efficiency. According to the probe guiding control mode, it can be divided into two types: mechanical and electric control. We now take Coantec C40 series and C50 series borescopes as the representative for simple explanation.To get more news about Industrial Videoscope, you can visit official website.

The electric control system used in the electric steering industrial endoscope controls the steering of the probe. The steering gear is one of the most critical components of the probe steering control system. The user controls the 360° steering control of the probe by turning the rocker to control the internal wire of the multi-directional traction pipeline of the steering gear (similar to the XY axis positioning by coordinates). The electric control system can be automatically reset, the probe can be adjusted to the speed of the steering, and the stepping adjustment can be performed. There is no dead angle observation in all directions, and the operation is more flexible. The whole transmission mechanism ensures constant instantaneous transmission ratio, high stability, accurate and reliable transmission movement, large transmission power and speed range, high transmission ratio, high transmission efficiency, compact structure, reliable operation, longer service life and operational feel. More comfortable, of course, the weight is heavier than mechanical.
The mechanically guided industrial endoscope control system is a manual mechanical operation to directly pull the wire inside the pipeline to control the steering of the probe, so that the mechanical type is easier to operate than the electric one. The reset of the probe also requires manual operation, and the rocker is moved to the middle position. Mechanical Guided Control Industrial endoscopes are lighter and more portable because they do not have the electric control core component, the steering gear system. The C40 series, as shown below, has a magnetic base with a total weight of less than 500g. Mechanical industrial endoscopes are also easier to replace with various specifications. Therefore, in the case where it is required to be detected in various occasions, one host can be equipped with a plurality of pipelines of different specifications, which is more economical and achieves the purpose of cost saving.

In general, mechanical and electric industrial endoscopes have different control methods and have their own advantages and disadvantages. In terms of image clarity, both can achieve megapixel high-definition picture quality, while the electric endoscope has more precise steering, more comfortable and smooth operation, and effortless, functionally, electric industrial endoscope With stepping fine adjustment, fast slow speed adjustment, automatic reset and other functions, it has the irreplaceable advantage of mechanical industrial endoscope.

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