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Topic: LED full-color flexible strips faces new challenges and opportunities

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LED full-color flexible strips faces new challenges and opportunities

According to the survey of related tricks, two-thirds of the American people have purchased household led lighting products up to now, and in the field of smart homes and high-end environments, more than half of the groups have used LED full-color light strips. Compared with two years ago, the number of LED lights with such products has almost doubled.To get more news about led bar decor, you can visit official website.

The continuous increase in the adoption rate of LED full-color flexible light strips is obvious. This is not only due to the decline in prices, but also due to changes in consumer perceptions. The most important thing is that LEDs have saved a lot of energy for the country, and at the same time. The society has brought a lot of convenience. For example, LED full-color light strips have brought a lot of passion to young people. Some foreign friends who pursue fashion like to decorate their rooms, cars, and bicycles with LED magic lights. The application areas of creative use of LED full-color light strips are enlarged one by one. According to the seventh annual survey conducted by OSRAM North America, more and more people are beginning to know the term "LED FULL COLOR STRIP".
   Consumers buy solid-state lighting (SSL) products mainly for household general lighting. The purchase of LED full-color light bars is to adjust the atmosphere of the environment to be more dazzling and passionate. It is mainly attracted by the diversity of colors, low energy consumption and Energy Star certification.

  The survey shows that the LED replacement trend is proceeding rapidly, but it should not be ignored that LED flexible strips still occupy most of the market share-in the past 12 months, the largest purchase of LED flexible strips is still. The LED full-color light bar used in the entire decoration industry is a product with strong market demand. In the next two years, with the demand for decorative lighting, LED full-color series products will re-emerge a new dynasty.

   Price is not the factor that consumers are most concerned about. Most consumers value brightness and longevity more, and in these respects, LED lights are far better than CFL. Those who have not purchased LED full-color light strips seem to have misunderstandings about the quality and characteristics of LED full-color flexible light strip technology.
   In addition, in the field of decorative lighting, consumers are most concerned about price. About two-thirds of consumers said that because of this, a large part of the group chose to use ordinary RGB light strips, and price is the most important factor in deciding whether to buy LED full-color light strips. With the increase of the market and the expansion of application areas, the price of LED full-color light bars and outdoor decorative engineering LED full-color point light sources has also begun to decline, and functions and luminous performance will become more important purchasing drivers.

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