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Topic: A wife from a famous family

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A wife from a famous family

Liu secretly advised Master Shen, "How can a family like us be so hasty in getting married for our eldest son? Isn't it a joke in vain?" Stomach is the accumulation of a stomach of sour water, said some sour words, "Zi Nuo and Ziyan's marriage is naturally to be careful, but Qinglin is the eldest son after all, as the saying goes, look up to marry a daughter, bow to marry a daughter-in-law." Shen Zinuo's marriage has a full eight or nine months to prepare, Shen Ziyan is in the middle of something, otherwise the preparation time will be longer, before and after a contrast, it naturally appears that Shen Qinglin's marriage is in a hurry. Master Shen looked at her coldly and turned a deaf ear to her words. "Is this marriage up to me or you?" Liu Shi was so angry that he had nothing to say. In this family, a young master, two young ladies'marriage is not handled by her, even touch also did not touch a little bit, where there is the majesty of the mother, Shen Qingyu's marriage in the future is needless to say, I am afraid that she did not even have a place to say a word, Liu's mother has been afraid to speak in front of him since the last reprimand of Master Shen. Only after he left did he dare to comfort Liu: "Distance tests a horse's strength and time reveals a person's heart. It's not long before you enter the door. It's been a long time. The master knows how you are." Liu interrupted impatiently: "I don't count on it now. How did my mother teach me when I came? I didn't fall behind, but in the end I couldn't get better." "The youngest daughter of the Hanlin Academy?" Princess Fu leaned on the couch and squinted lazily. "It's a good marriage, too." Mother Lin said with a smile, "Even if the wedding date is set to be near, it's just a matter of early October." Princess Fu was stunned, and then she came over again. "Miss Shen and Miss San are getting married one after the other. Naturally, they have to make a good plan." Compared with the lineal line, the lineal line naturally has more natural advantages, and there is nothing wrong with doing so. Princess Fu naturally did not take it seriously, and sent someone to send the dragon fluorene carved with white jade and ivory for the first time. Master Shen was very happy and asked Shen Qinglin to personally write a thank-you letter and send it to Fu Wang Fu. Shen Qinglin, full of reluctance, had to write a letter reluctantly because of the majesty of Master Shen. Master Shen personally read it and saw that his words were vulgar and his handwriting was illegible. In great anger, he tore up the letter and ordered him to write another one. Shen Qinglin had no choice but to rewrite a letter full of voice and emotion. Master Shen felt that it was barely satisfactory, so he asked someone to send it. The Zhu family was satisfied with the marriage and did not say anything else. They were single-minded in preparing the dowry for the Zhu family. A few days later, they specially sent someone to measure the size of Shen Qingyu's yard, saying that they wanted to make furniture. On the day when the furniture was sent, Shen Ziyan specially asked Mo Shu to look at it. It was all solid wooden furniture, with a soft light. When she went to pay her respects to Liu at the age of thirty, Liu took a teacup and said with a smile, "I heard that Zhu's dowry has three Zhuangzi, five hundred mu of dry land, and five hundred mu of paddy fields." It was clearly the meaning of showing off in front of Shen Ziyan. Shen Ziyan listened to her tone of voice, Inflatable dry slide , smiled secretly, and stood up quietly to leave. Ink book is to help Shen Ziyan read the account book of Shen Fu, Liu's words fall in her ears seems to be a bit ridiculous, but three Chuang Tzu and one thousand acres of land, can be regarded as what Shen Erye light is the purchase of dowry silver before and after gave nearly seventy thousand two, this is not to mention those land shops and other industries, not to mention the large dowry left by Mrs. Shen. But this is only in the mind to think, the face is naturally not exposed at all. Liu Shi did not know what Shen Ziyan was thinking, and when she saw that she was silent, she chuckled and smiled. The ninth day of the first lunar month arrived in a flash. Listening to the noise of gongs and drums outside, Shen Ziyan was also disturbed. He sat up and looked at Qiushui skillfully with his chin propped up. As soon as he lowered his head, he saw her lying on the couch, looking at Qiushui with bright eyes and a slight smile. "Why don't you take a lunch break, Miss?" Shen Ziyan pouted, "the sound of gongs and drums outside is a burst, but how can people sleep?" Mo Shu helped her up, "would you like to see the excitement?" Shen Ziyan thought about it and went out with the help of the ink book. He happened to meet a butterfly holding Mrs. Shen around the veranda. Since he bumped into her, it was natural not to say a word. Shen Ziyan had to bite the bullet and go up to salute. As soon as he looked up, he saw that Mrs. Shen's eyelids were all blue shadows. It was obvious that she had not slept well, and her cheeks had lost their former richness. Cheekbones are exposed abruptly, and the whole person is like a patient recovering from a serious illness. Shen Ziyan was surprised to see her. When Mrs. Shen saw her, she forced a smile. "Where is the third young lady going?" There is no longer the arrogance of the past. Shen Ziyan listened to her almost flattering tone and felt even more stunned. "I want to see Qingyu," she said with a smile. Unexpectedly, Mrs. Shen did not say anything. Instead, she followed her words and said, "Your brother and sister are kind. I don't know how good they are." Shen Ziyan smiled, but kept murmuring in her heart. When he reached the steps, he ordered Suifeng, "Go and find out what happened." When she came back with the wind, her face was a little strange. "I can't find out anything else. I only know that the eldest master has bought several beautiful young women. They are only eighteen or nineteen years old. The first wife is a little unhappy when she sees them. I heard that the second young lady is terminally ill in Suzhou, and the fourth young lady has been shouting at home all day, pointing fingers at heaven and earth." Shen Ziyan was silent, but when he saw Begonia surrounded by Shen Qingyu, Shen Ziyan asked, "Where are you going?" Shen Qingyu hung his hands by his side and said with a smile, "Father asked me to accompany my eldest brother to meet the bride." Alas, last night prepared to add more time, the results of the dormitory that a few, watching movies to watch movies, dancing to dance, even if watching movies, or horror movies, from time to time screaming or something. I was so confused by the noise that I managed to squeeze out this word. Sure enough,Inflatable indoor park, it was doomed to be miserable in the dormitory of six people. Go down to code words, today is the third watch, and make up for yesterday's extra watch. Chapter One Hundred Happy Events (2) Chapter one hundred happy events (2).

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