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Topic: Emperor tyrant

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Emperor tyrant

Returning to his senses, Liu Leilong unconsciously followed Li Qiye's footsteps again. After he was stunned, he looked at Li Qiye with some surprise and said, "Have you ever practiced?" ? "Practice?" Li Qiye smiled faintly and said leisurely, "I have practiced it, but it was a long time ago. I have forgotten all the things before. I don't remember them." A long time ago? When Liu Leilong heard this, he was doubtful. He could not help looking at Li Qiye a few more times. Li Qiye looked like he was only in his early twenties. He was a long time ago. How long could he be? He didn't know how much older he was than Li Qiye. Forgot? Liu Leilong can not help but pick a brow, for such words, are a little not very believe: "How can forget?" This is not to blame Liu Leilong is not very believe in Li Qiye's words, for a monk, their own practice of things, how can forget it? Besides, Li Qiye is so young and not old and confused, and it is even more impossible for him to forget the skills he has practiced. "Why should we remember when we forget each other?" Li Qiye said such a sentence casually. Liu Leilong stayed for a moment, the words like lightning across the sky, as if suddenly touched something in his heart, which made him pause, not by standing there, but to come to his senses. This is very profound, Liu Leilong can not understand for a while, this let him not look at Li Qiye a few more eyes, in his view,inflatable bounce house with slide, Li Qiye is just a young man, but also a mortal, mortal body, is not a superior, how can you say such profound words. If we say that Li Qiye extracted this sentence from some allusions, but it is not like Li Qiye to extract other people's words, which came out of his mouth, is so natural,Inflatable water obstacle course, is so casual, like flowing clouds and flowing water. After coming to his senses, Liu Leilong hurried to follow him. At this time, Li Qiye is still standing beside the stream, watching the stream flowing, watching the small fish in the stream playing. In the water, there are small fish chasing with the waves, three or five groups. This is a natural scene that can not be more natural, such a scene can be seen every day, ordinary can not be more ordinary. However, at this moment, Li Qiye is watching with relish, as if nothing in the world is more beautiful than this. Even if Liu Leilong stood beside him, he could not understand why Li Qiye looked at such an ordinary scene with such relish? I have a meeting in Guangzhou. Today is still the first watch. I will resume the second watch on the 7th. Sorry. Chapter 3247 the wonder of the Great Road. What Liu Leilong couldn't understand was that when Li Qiye looked at the stream in front of him with relish, he actually stood beside him and had no intention of leaving. Liu Leilong also did not understand why he would do this, after all, inflatable floating water park ,Inflatable outdoor park, Li Qiye is just a mortal, an ordinary to ordinary mortal, but he himself with Li Qiye side, it has become a natural thing. Finally, Liu Leilong couldn't figure it out, and he didn't think about it himself, so he just stood quietly beside him. At this time, Li Qiye naturally sat beside the stream and picked the flowers growing by the stream. When he turned his fingers gently, the flowers whirled and flew. This is a very natural and casual action, but also a very common small action. However, in this moment, Liu Leilong was attracted by the rotating and flying flowers, and his eyes fell on the flowers. In this moment, Liu Leilong saw the flower rotating, and the direction of its rotation was just the same as the direction of the wind blowing, and the speed of its rotation was the same as the speed of the breeze blowing. Even in this moment, in that moment, Liu Leilong saw that the speed of the flower's rotation was the same as that of the stream. At this moment, the rhythm of the flower's rotation seemed to be synchronized with all the rhythms between heaven and earth. When the flower rotated, all the rhythms between heaven and earth resonated. When the rotating flower slowly landed, it fell over the stream, at this moment heard a "crash" sound, a carp jumped out of the water, opened its mouth, and swallowed the flower into its mouth. All this is so natural, it seems that it is not the female carp that finds the flower and wants to jump out of the water and swallow it, but when the flower falls, it is just the carp that jumps into the water and opens its mouth to breathe, so that the flower falls into its mouth. All this is so natural, is so coincidental, it seems that this little flower in the moment of floating, has been in tune with such a rhythm, has such a cause and effect. Seeing such a scene, like a flash of lightning passing through Liu Leilong's heart, it seemed to illuminate something, and in this moment, he seemed to see a road. Liu Leilong was stunned for a moment. He couldn't believe his eyes. It was just a coincidence. It was just that he thought too much. So when he came to his senses, Liu Leilong could not help rubbing his eyes. He felt that he was dazzled, or that he had thought too much. At this time, Liu Leilong could not help looking at Li Qiye, who was still sitting there quietly, holding his chin in his hands, quietly looking at the stream, as if he had not noticed what had just happened. Seeing that nothing happened at Li Qiye, Liu Leilong breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that he had thought too much. Everything just now was just a coincidence. There was no rhythm of heaven and earth, no cause and effect, no road. "You have a good talent." When Liu Leilong breathed a long sigh of relief, Li Qiye came out with such a sentence that was neither salty nor light. Your talent is good. "This sentence hit Liu Leilong like a thunderbolt. In fact, it was not the first time he heard this sentence. In the past,inflatable water slide, many elders and peers had commented on him like this.". But today, when Li Qiye came out with such a sentence that was neither salty nor light, it really hit him like a thunderbolt.

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