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Topic: Destiny of Reboot

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Destiny of Reboot

At this moment, the clenched fists crackled, and the veins that burst out from the forehead shook and shook. At the same time, a terrible smile appeared on Aozaki's face, scaring Shiro Emiya next to him into a cold war. Pain, pain, pain.. Almost tore my old bones apart. 。” Thanks to the fact that Aoko Aozaki didn't have much magic after all, the explosion caused by the fifth method was not so much to clean up Zelrich as to simply create an effect, so the damage to Zelrich was very few. After the sand and dust caused by the fifth law dispersed, accompanied by a series of cries of pain, Zelrich stroked his waist and slowly walked back to the front of Emiya Shiro and others. Really.. Today's children really have no sense of humor. 。 Although the figure and face are the longer the better, but who married you, I am afraid it will be more than ten years shorter.. Nope ! Calm ! I didn't say anything. Aoko Aozaki raised his white fist again, knowing that if he joked again, his wife might turn into a meteor and fly out of the timepiece tower. Zelrich hurriedly stopped his thoughts and turned his head to Shiro Emiya. "Yo, the little devil of the Emiya family.". It can be said that the two children of the Aozaki family came to see me because of the debriefing,Inflatable outdoor park, but I have the impression that you haven't taken any special tasks recently, have you? You didn't just come all the way here to get that punch, did you? ?” "How is that possible?"? I'm not that free. 。 Besides, have you ever seen a man who brought a child here just to let them see him beat someone? "For Zelrich's question, Shiro Emiya was almost speechless, so he had to silently despise the old man who had just been beaten silly with his eyes." I have other things to do when I come to you this time. Do you remember what I told you before? ?” "Hm?"? Whoo ! You mean the matter of finding a child who is suitable for inheriting the second law? 。” Under the extremely disgusted eyes of Emiya Shiro, Zelrich clapped his hands,inflatable amusement park, "No..". But didn't you say you would introduce her to me after two years? ? It's been less than half a year now. ..” "Thanks to you, things have changed now." The reason why he didn't want to introduce Tosaka Rin to Zelrich so quickly before was that Shiro Emiya actually had the idea of waiting for everything to pass before he took his time, but now that he had been noticed by Tosaka Rin, it was not until Shiro Emiya pushed three or four more. He brought the man here neatly, pointed behind him at the moment, and then said slowly, "In a word, I brought him to you, and you can do it yourself." P. S. 1: Let me just say this in case anyone keeps asking. The point about "why not save Ilya by the way, now that we've changed the face of the Fifth Grail War?". In fact, the focus is mainly on the control of the plot and some mistakes of the author Jun. 。 Let's start with the mistake. In fact, Inflatable water park factory ,Inflatable bouncer, this is also the mistake of the whole book. When the author first started writing, he accidentally held the idea of "simply rescuing everyone and making their ending a little happier", and forgot to control the number and importance of the characters, which resulted in too many characters and repeated personalities. Because the original author probably did not mean to bring all the characters together, of course, I am not saying that the same person should make people completely different), so in the middle and later stages, a large number of original female protagonists began to appear (in fact, this is mainly because I took away most of the rest of the daily life), and even different characters. The overlap of characters is so strong that I don't want to write too much. To sum up the above reasons, (there are many Lolita characters whose characters are set to be too similar to Ilya), coupled with the fact that the author himself likes and attaches little importance to Ilya, it has become a situation in which Ilya Wannian hides herself on the grounds of "not wanting to destroy the original axis". Because it involves personal preferences and the problem of hitting the face, Ilya's appearance rate should not be too high, please forgive me. Forty-Future Inheritors "Che, boring guy." With a soft murmur, Zelrich rubbed his head and walked past Emiya Shiro. "Come, come, come.". Let me have a look. Who on earth can make our fourth magician give such a high evaluation? Is that you? ?” The mouth is still saying irrelevant words, but the eyes have gradually condensed, Zelrich squatted down and looked up and down at the two little girls behind Emiya Shiro, the eyes have become more serious than ever. When it comes to whether the second law can be succeeded, it is certainly not something that can be taken lightly. Especially, when the recommender is Shiro Emiya, who is not inferior to him in terms of strength or vision, then this recommendation is more important than any other person in the past. Based on Emiya Shiro's last request to ban Zelrich from contacting candidates, Zelrich did not even do a private search for each other's data. At this moment, it is rare to have this opportunity, and he is naturally playing a twelve-point spirit to understand this promising successor in the future. He did not chant any incantation, but as his eyes opened and closed, the operation opened in his pupils in an instant. With the help of the operation, Zelrich began to observe carefully from Jiantong Sakura, and at the same time, he murmured softly in his mouth, "Well..". This ... The qualifications are very good 。 The number and quality of magic loops is also quite good, however, the properties are.. I see This aptitude is good, but is it not suitable for me and the boy over there? It seems that it is more promising to follow the more reliable Aozaki family over there. 。” As he spoke,inflatable amusement park, Zelrich closed his open eyes and then stood up and looked sideways at Aozaki Orange. Two protective techniques can be felt on the baby's body. The first one, needless to say, was written by Wei Gong Xiao Gui. The other one has a faint flow of your magic.. It's rare that you care so much about others. Is this little doll your disciple.

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