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Topic: Genius Stick of Rebirth

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Genius Stick of Rebirth

But Xia Shao had never thought that this was just an ordinary day in her eyes, but because of a sudden incident, it had become significant. Volume 4 Xiao Zha Capital Chapter 4 Elder Martial Brother Arrives? Propose! (Tickets!) The opening ceremony of Beijing University has always been grand, not only the school leaders will attend and make speeches, but also the chairman and cadres of the student union will attend the speeches, and the representatives of the freshmen will make keynote speeches to inspire their classmates. Every year, representatives of freshmen are the topic of conversation in the school, which means that Beijing University believes that they are the best freshmen in the current year, and it will be much easier to join the student union after enrollment. Becoming a member of the Student Union of Beijing University means the beginning of becoming a social celebrity. Every year, freshman representatives spark a heated debate on campus, stepping onto the stage amid envy, jealousy, scrutiny, criticism or hostility. This year, no one has any objection. This year's freshman representative is well-deserved. Who can start from scratch at the age of 15 and enter the antique and auction industry with a deep vision of antique appraisal? Who can set up a group at the age of 16, have assets of tens of billions at the age of 17, lead the enterprise to become the leader in the province at 18, enter the real estate industry and network media industry in Hong Kong at 19, become a pioneer in the field of network commerce, have assets of tens of billions, and rank among the top ten in China? Who can be admitted to Beijing University with the results of the top students in the college entrance examination when they are in control of the huge group? No? Then shut up,uns s32750 sheet, swallow all the envy, envy, scrutiny and criticism, and watch the speech! The opening ceremony of Beijing University has always been held in the auditorium, and the auditorium of Beijing University has a history of nearly 100 years. The exterior is classical architectural form, but the interior is magnificent and resplendent. Entering the auditorium of Beijing University to give a speech has always been regarded as the highest courtesy, because here, presidents,uns c70600, politicians, entrepreneurs of many countries, as well as scientists and scholars who have made outstanding contributions to the process of human science have given speeches here, inspiring students of the oldest institutions of higher learning in China. Standing here is an honor, representing the success that people look up to. Many national conferences have been held in the auditorium of Beijing University. The five-storey semi-arc rotating multi-functional design in the auditorium can accommodate tens of thousands of seats. Today, there are no empty seats. The resplendent lights illuminated the faces of the students in the seats, the lights dyed their eyes golden, and everyone looked ahead to the podium. Today, there are not only new students, but also former students of Beijing University. It can be said that all teachers and students are gathered here. This is a very special year for the opening ceremony of Beijing University. Because today's speech is different from the speeches made by freshmen representatives in previous years, the speakers not only represent freshmen, but also represent successful entrepreneurs. Such an opportunity is rare. Compared with the speeches of politicians and entrepreneurs who stand at the top of the world, this young girl who is still creating brilliance represents the young people of her time. She is only nineteen years old. She is still growing up and her future is limitless. Therefore, her successful experience is more valued by her peers. But today, after the speeches of the president of Beijing University and the president of the Student Union, 321 stainless steel sheet ,x70 line pipe, it was not Xia Shao who first stepped onto the platform, but another freshman representative. Speaking of this freshman representative, there are also very interesting rumors. It is said that this freshman representative, who was completely covered up at the beginning of school, is also the top student in the college entrance examination from Qinghai Province. Qingsheng is proud and elated this year, but the identity of this freshman representative is even more surprising. He turned out to be the only son of yuan Mingting, Secretary of the Qing Provincial Party Committee! yuan Ze. That is, when I signed up that day, the yuan in Xia Shao's mouth was less. Secretary of the provincial Party committee, member of the People's Republic of China, provincial and ministerial level. This is a real high official! But yuan Ze is the second generation of an official family, and his achievements are so outstanding? This is not to say that the official childe's grades are not good, but in this society, with family background, often their own efforts are rare. There are good grades, but the top students in the college entrance examination can become exotic flowers. yuan Shao finished his speech in the eyes of a strange flower. Similarly, as a representative of freshmen, he was stolen a lot of limelight by Xia Shao, but he was very gentlemanly and humorous in his speech, which won full applause. The students had no objection to yuan Ze's first speech, most of them thought that the good play was the finale, but only a few people understood that yuan Ze was from an official family, his father was the secretary of the provincial Party committee, and his first appearance implied the same class principle as before. Where there are people, there are classes, even in a modern society that calls for equality. Official business power and money, official before business, power before money. But this little episode has not been noticed by too many people. Today, there are no empty seats in the auditorium of Beijing University. Most people come for Xia Shao. When Xia Shao came up, he was dressed in a white suit. Although today's speech is easy for her, she can not prepare the speech, but she still has to show respect for Beijing University in her dress. After all, this is not the Huaxia Group's press conference or ball, so Xia Shao can not dress completely according to his own preferences. But despite being dressed in formal clothes, as soon as Xia Shao came on stage, the whole auditorium was still quiet. The girl who came to the stage had a leisurely pace and a calm bearing. Shawl hair is soft and soft hanging on the shoulder, lining the eyebrows and eyes are soft and quiet. She walked to the back of the podium, raised her eyes, smiled, and the resplendent light above her head covered her with glory. Hello, everyone. I am Xia Shao, a freshman in the Department of Economics, Grade II, Beijing University. It is a great honor for me to stand on the platform of the auditorium of Beijing University today, which is an unforgettable day for me and a glory to be remembered all my life. The prologue is the greeting that everyone can expect, but what can't be expected is that Xia Shao's voice then turns. But I'm not here today for the glory. The glory of Huaxia Group and the title of the top student in the college entrance examination have made me glorious. Anyone who looks at me can see my glory, but I can only see the simplest self,x60 line pipe, which can last forever. Xia Shao came down seriously and glanced at the resplendent auditorium. "This is the theme of my speech today. Only by guarding against arrogance and rashness and achieving oneself can we achieve external things." No one expected that the atmosphere would become serious so soon. Compared with yuan Ze's witty speech, Xia Shao's speech was obviously sharp, with an alert and critical attitude.

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