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Topic: Rewrite your life

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Rewrite your life

Not long after He Ming sat down in the classroom in the afternoon, Xiao Fei appeared at the door of He Ming's class. He Ming Xiao Fei glanced at him, and Xiao Fei smiled at him. Wang Xinrong also saw Xiao Fei, immediately remembered Xiao Fei to repair her lens, startled! Xiao Fei did not call He Ming, and He Ming did not go out. But he Ming knew that Xiao Fei must have something to find himself, and it was estimated that he would not say it until school was over in the afternoon. What makes He Ming wonder is why Xiao Fei likes to wear camouflage so much. It's always the same color and style. There should be many of the same! This is also a girl with super personality! Come to think of it, this kind of wild girl is quite suitable to make friends! Tall, long hair, long legs, big breasts, cheerful and wild girl. After school in the afternoon, when He Ming just arrived at the shed, he saw Xiao Fei, who was standing and talking with a girl in the shed! At this time, Xiao Fei's long flowing hair was still on her shoulders, her hands were in her pockets, and the camouflage pants were stuffed into high-waisted leather shoes, which looked like military and police shoes,x56 line pipe, not knowing whether it was 3515 or cruiser, quite wild! "He Ming, I'm waiting for you!" Xiao Fei said with a smile. Yikes. Yah! Xiao Meiren, why are you interested in your little brother? The girl looked at Xiao Fei with a smile. Don't talk nonsense and tear your mouth off again! Xiao Fei gave the girl a white look. The girl nodded with a smile and pushed the cart away first. He Ming and Xiao Fei rode forward together. Xiao Fei said cheerfully, "He Ming, I'm really sorry. I'm going to your house for dinner again." He Ming smiled and said, "It's nothing. You can invite me to your house to eat later." Xiao Fei said briskly: "No problem!"! By the way,uns s32760 plate, I'll get my gang together later, and you can go and get to know each other, okay? He Ming thought for a moment, but there was no need for that: "I know you enough!" Hearing what He Ming said, Xiao Fei was very proud: "All right!"! You can't play with them anyway! He Ming thinks so, in fact, knowing Xiao Fei, the elder sister-like character, is equivalent to knowing all the people under Xiao Fei. There is no need to contact alone, save the trouble! Volume III 216. The Dream of Roller Skating Rink At Ming's home, Zhang Guifen saw He Ming with the ICBC bank again and greeted him with a smiling face. Although Zhang Guifen saw Xiao Fei without the feeling of seeing the little girl and Bai Ling, she still welcomed the girl because she was a friend of her son. Is Xiao Fei coming? Zhang Guifen said with a smile. Yes, aunt. Xiao Fei's sweet voice. He Ming is also a little puzzled, a333 grade 6 pipe ,x52 line pipe, Xiao Fei this girl's expression is really too rich. Is her present appearance, in addition to a suit of camouflage and military police shoes some alternative, who will associate her with a domineering sister, is clearly a docile beauty! But she is clearly a savage girl. At the dinner table, Xiao Fei did not shy away from Zhang Guifen, while happily eating, while talking to He Ming about her ideas. In fact, this time Xiao Fei came to discuss with He Ming about opening a roller skating rink. Xiao Fei often went roller skating when she was at her aunt's home in the city. She thought it was a good leisure sport for teenagers and young people. But at this time in Lingyuan County, the roller skating rink was a blank. If it was opened, the business would be very hot. Xiao Fei said so, he Ming also felt very reasonable. In the past memory, He Ming learned roller skating when he was in college. At that time, there was a flying roller skating rink near the university, and the business was very hot. The single row and double row were the favorite types of boys and girls. The students in He Ming's class are frequent visitors there. But at that time, he Ming just learned to simply slide. He can't slide backwards, slide sideways and jump. Obviously, he is not a master. He can only hold a girl's hand and slide on the roller skating rink. If he is not touched, he will not fall down. It is almost irrelevant to the natural and unrestrained. Xiao Feidi suggested. He Ming's thoughts were brought far away, which made him think of many past events, as well as so many vivid people in the past. "What's the matter with you, he Ming?" Xiao Fei saw He Ming in a daze, a little do not understand, is his wonderful proposal to shock He Ming? In Xiao Fei's opinion, it is not easy to shock He Ming. I'm thinking about the roller skating rink. I haven't even seen the roller skating rink you said. It's really abstract. You are a girl who has seen the world. Don't laugh at me! He Ming said cheerfully. I don't dare to laugh at you. Anyway, I think you are right to listen to me. Let's open a roller skating rink together! It must be hot to drive. When the time comes, I'll share some glory with you and get some pocket money! Xiao Fei said with a smile. Xiao Fei's so-called cooperation with He Ming is actually to let He Ming invest fully. She is only responsible for finding places, designing decoration styles and contacting roller skates. If it is to invest together, in fact, Xiao Fei can not come up with any big money. Although her father is the president of ICBC. But can only guarantee that she has more pocket money, if it is to invest, all of a sudden to tens of thousands, Xiao Fei is unable to take out. Even if she asks for it with her aunt who loves her, even if she can get it out, she has to explain the reason. The aunt may not support the investment, but it is troublesome. He Ming has actually decided to cooperate with Xiao Fei. He Ming believes that this investment project can make a lot of money, and it is no problem to invest all the money by himself. The important thing at the moment is how to share dividends with Xiao Fei. Xiao Fei has not mentioned the dividend, probably because she did not invest, want to let He Ming say. After dinner, He Ming and Xiao Fei sat on the sand, Xiao Fei a face of excitement, two hands kept playing with their hair, waiting for He Ming to speak. At this time,x52 line pipe, Xiao Fei wanted to express the meaning has been expressed clearly, I do not know if this guy has this meaning, the key is that this guy has never seen what the roller skating rink looks like. I don't know what a fun game roller skating is. I've decided to cooperate with you. Tell me how you plan to pay dividends. He Ming lit a cigarette and said.

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