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Topic: A big country has no boundaries

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A big country has no boundaries

Before Zhao Dongchen left Xinjiang, he agreed with Zuo Ping, commander of the 8th Mechanized Infantry Division. Of course, it was also a bet. At the beginning, Zhao Dongchen insisted that the 7th Mechanized Infantry Division stationed in Iraq would never start a war. But Zuo Ping didn't believe it. Zuo Ping always insisted that the Republic would take the lead in the Middle East. After all, the Nazi German army there was the weakest. The Republic, on the other hand, had the full support of the eight Persian Gulf countries, but it did not expect that the situation would evolve into such a situation. I lost the bet. So Zhao Dongchen this time is specially come to eat wine, the eighth mechanized infantry division commander Zuo Ping is Shaoxing people, hide a lot of good wine in the side. So this visit, Zhao Dongchen is ready to get drunk. The food has been served. As the fourth largest inland lake in the world, the fishing industry in the Aral Sea is quite developed. In addition, Kazakhstan is rich in resources, backed by the Republic with a good level of economic development, and the ecological protection of the Aral Sea is quite in place, because over the years, local fishermen have been abiding by the laws of nature and national laws. The headquarters of the 8th Mechanized Infantry Division of the Republic Army is not far from the Aral Sea. The dining hall of the division headquarters heard early in the morning that the 7th Mechanized Infantry Division was going to be a distinguished guest,24v Gear Motor, so the cooking class bought the best fresh fish from local fishermen and made a large pot of spicy hot pot fish with spicy hot pot seasoning from Chongqing, Sichuan. Zhao Dongchen couldn't help but taste it. Uh That's what it smells like. It's ***ing overbearing! Zhao Dongchen is so hot that his eyes are red. All that's missing is tears. But really can't help this kind of domineering spicy taste, in this period of anger in a few days, the mood has been as heavy as menstruation, now by such a spicy, the heart is very refreshing, so hurriedly waved to Zuo Ping,Low Rpm Electric Motor, shouted: "Lao Zuo.". No, please don't stand on ceremony. I can't clean up such a big fish by myself! Zuo Ping shook his head. Smiling with a cigarette in his mouth, he opened the bottle cap of Luzhou Laojiao in Sichuan and filled the glass in front of Zhao Dongchen. Then he filled his own glass. He put down the bottle and picked up the glass. He said, "Chao Po-tao, I lost the original bet. This glass of wine is a penalty. I'll do it first for respect. You're free!" After that, Zuo Ping raised his neck and drank it all in one gulp. The burning feeling soon rushed to the top of his head. But Shaoxing people grew up in wine cans. Although the wine brewed by Sichuan people is strong, it is not enough to pour a glass of wine. Besides, you can eat these fish at will. I eat this every day on the edge of the Aral Sea. I'm tired of it long ago! When Zhao Dongchen heard this, he could only smile. In fact, his life was not easy. In Mosul, Iraq, there were too many Muslim customs and too strict religious rules. Not only did his soldiers complain incessantly, but even he himself felt that the birds were fading out of his mouth. Mutton and other foods were almost coquettish, Planetary Gear Motor ,Micro Gear Motor, but vegetables, fruits, pork and other traditional Chinese delicacies were rare. Fish food is naturally very few, Zhao Dongchen did not know this year this is the second time or the first time to eat Zhenzong Chinese Sichuan spicy food. 1(1) Zuo Ping didn't let Zhao Dongchen polite, the latter did not intend to be modest, rolled up his sleeves, Zhao Dongchen is shouting spicy dead, but at the same time eating fiercely, but let the side eat vegetarian dishes, drink a little wine Zuo Ping straight shake his head, do not know, thought this fellow was released from prison, how with three or five years did not eat meat like wolfing down, fortunately this is still a fish with thorns. If it is really any other meat food, it is estimated that it will be eaten directly in the basin. While they were drinking and chatting, there was a rush of footsteps outside the door. Zuo Ping, who was not drunk, naturally knew that this was the unique friction between the combat boots and the cement floor. He involuntarily put down his glass. Although he was a good drinker, after all, it was still noon at this time. He made a mistake if he drank too much. Presentation A sonorous and forceful report almost didn't let Zhao Dongchen be stuck in the throat by the fish bone. Zuo Ping answered with a'come in '. Zhao Dongchen hurriedly spat out the fish bone and wiped his mouth, so that the soldiers of the 7th Mechanized Infantry Division could see the commander of the 8th Division in such a mess. It was obvious that he couldn't hang on to his face. "Report to the division commander, an urgent telegram from the army headquarters!" After the communication soldier entered the door, he stood at attention and saluted Zhao Dongchen. Then he handed a palm tablet computer to Zuo Ping. An urgent telegram from the army? Zhao Dongchen originally intended to drink hot water to drive away the alcohol, unconsciously gathered in front of Zuo Ping and stared at the screen. Zuo Ping's action was quite quick. He quickly entered his login account and password, as well as his identity verification code. The order sent by the Second Group Army headquarters was quickly displayed. However, there was only one sentence. The 7th Mechanized Infantry Division is hereby ordered to move to Ural Level II at 18:00 on May 6 (GMT + 6) and stand by! With his eyes wide open, Zhao Dongchen read it out word by word. As soon as he finished reading it, Zuo Ping was already using his fingertips to operate the tablet touch screen computer and began to open the relevant subsidiary information sent by the military headquarters. There was a complete March plan, as well as some arrangements after arriving in the Urals, including contacts and negotiations with the Kazakh Army. So it's really going to be a fight? Zhao Dongchen turned his head and stared at the communication soldier who had brought the good news. He laughed and sat back in his seat. He poured the glass full. He picked up his glass and shouted, "Come on, Staff Sergeant. This glass of wine is the only bottle of Luzhou Laojiao, the darling of your division commander.". Take a sip! The communicator did not hesitate to come forward and saluted with a bang. Then, like Zuo Ping, he raised his neck and drank it down. Then the glass turned upside down and returned the glass with both hands. His face was red and he stood back. Zuo Ping, who was smiling in his eyes, did not say anything. He handed the palmtop touch computer to the communication soldier. And ordered: "Immediately ordered the whole division ready to go to the front, half an hour later, the division's reconnaissance battalion first on the road, a regiment at the beginning …" Artillery regiments and division headquarters are in the rear, and three regiments are in the rear. "I'm leaving?"? Then why are you still sitting here? Zhao Dongchen has been very conscious to get up ready to go back,Small Geared Motors, but did not expect to give the order after Zuo Ping instead very comfortable to sit down, not only to fill two glasses, but also picked up chopsticks began to taste delicious spicy fish.

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