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I walked out of the kitchen, not knowing where to look for it. Suddenly, I thought there was another bathroom, so I pushed the door and went in. I looked around, but still got nothing. I decided to borrow a flashlight from a classmate's house to look for it. I stood in the hall and was about to leave when suddenly I smelled a smell of smoke, not the kind of smoke burning paper, but the smell of cigarettes. I was very sensitive to the smell of smoke since I was a child. I can tell the brand of my father's cigarette just by smelling it, but this time I have never smelled the smoke before. Is there anyone smoking here? I walked up and down, my eyes wide open in the dark, trying to see the light of the cigarette butt, but there was nothing. The smell of smoke was getting stronger and stronger. In the silence, I didn't know if I had heard it wrong, but there was a slight sound of flicking ash. The direction of the sound could also be determined. It was right in front of me. I kept walking and knew that it was the bathroom. I just came out of there. I knew there was nothing there, but I was not at ease, so I pushed open the door of the bathroom again. Suddenly, I was shocked by what I saw in front of me. I saw a woman in her thirties sitting on the toilet facing the door of the bathroom. She was wearing a red cheongsam, permed her hair, very white, with heavy lipstick, and her arms were exposed outside the cheongsam. She was smoking a long cigarette in her hand,Gear Reduction Motor, and the end of the cigarette went out, and the ash fell into the bathtub beside her. I was stunned for a while. I found that there was a light blue light shining from the ceiling in the bathroom where the woman was. The woman did not pay attention to me. She just sat on the toilet and smoked. I did not know her. I had never seen her before. Of course, I did not know when she came in. So I decided to leave. I slowly, step by step, exited the bathroom and turned to go. Suddenly, There was a very thin voice behind me, which drifted towards me in a thick smell of smoke,12v High Torque Motor, like a sigh. I stopped, hesitated for a moment, and slowly turned around. I saw that her cigarette had fallen at my feet, not extinguished, and was still burning. I saw her feet. She wore a pair of red high-heeled shoes on her feet. The heels were thin and long. She was still sitting. Without noticing me, I saw her scratching her feet on the ground as if in distress, and I heard, with every stroke of her feet, a familiar sound coming from me, and I recognized that it was my set of keys. I stood opposite her, hesitating whether to ask her for it or not. Then she took out a cigarette again and lit it with a match. In the light of the fire, I saw her eyes. Then she saw me. I was frightened and did not move. I could not speak, because her eyes were very strange. She did not seem to be looking at me, but at something behind me. I looked back, Parallel Shaft Gearbox ,Vending Machine Motor, but there was nothing behind me. I turned back again and saw her bending down and picking up a bunch of my keys from the ground. She waved them gently in front of my eyes. Her voice was very nice. I saw her raise her head, look at me, and then speak to me. I wanted to hear what she was saying, but I don't know why I couldn't hear it clearly. Her voice was very thin and weak, but it was very weak. Every time she said a word, Then there was a smell of smoke. She pointed to the key with a long cigarette and pointed to me, as if to ask me if the key was mine. I nodded. She made a gesture of "come here" to me. I hesitated for a moment and did not move. So she threw the key gently into the bathtub beside her, and then lowered her head, as if trying to remember something. I waited there, motionless. Not knowing what to do, just then she raised her head again, spoke to me, said a word, stopped for a moment, looked at my reaction, and then said it again. But I didn't hear a word. In order to hear clearly, I moved a small step towards her. Unexpectedly, it was this step that made the voice much louder than before. So I approached her step by step. She raised her head slowly and looked at me, bit by bit, bit by bit. Finally, I found that I finally heard what she said to me. She said to me.. With a "click", the other party hung up. The next day, Chen Xiaolu told me that she was so frightened that she couldn't sleep at all. She got up to light all the lights in the house and took a sleeping pill, but she didn't sleep all night. She didn't even dare to go to the bathroom in her own house. 128 Speaking of horror stories, let me think of a person by the way, although there are many writers who write horror stories in China (such as Pu Songling, who wrote Strange Tales of Liaozhai), but in my opinion, the general level is more bizarre than horrible. Strangely, the most impressive one is from my middle school textbook, which was written by Lu Xun. The title seems to be Medicine. The story is about the experience of a person's blood steamed bread, which makes me admit that Lu Xun really deserves to be a good hand in horror fiction. It's easy to prove this. You just need to look at me to understand the reason. To be honest, it's been more than ten years since I finished reading the text. I've developed the habit of eating rice, and I dare not look at the steamed bread again. It is enough to show the profound artistic appeal. 129 About Chen Xiaolu, I think I should say all, even the dribs and drabs have not been spared. After breaking up at Debao Hotel, we still have news of each other, and have met more than once. I remember one night I went to her place, she was drinking alone, I sat opposite her, wanted to chat with her, but had nothing to say. I smoked, she drank, occasionally looked at each other,brushless gear motor, for a while. She came and sat on my lap and hugged me so tightly that my face was pressed against her breasts through her clothes and I could hardly breathe. We stayed in that position for a long time, and then I left. The reason I don't like to mention this scene is that it's very similar to some movie scenes I've seen. I don't like similar scenes in movies. To be honest, the hug was very empty. I don't know what our hug means. 130。

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