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Topic: Peerless Thief: Miss Waste Wood Seven by Night North [Crossing]

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Peerless Thief: Miss Waste Wood Seven by Night North [Crossing]

With a shock, Shen Yue hurriedly said, "But Shen Qiao told me that he could improve the strength of Jiayi and Jiawei like Shen Yifeng. I was moved and agreed. Shen Qiao sent them to the Broken Star Palace." "You sent Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei to the Broken Star Palace?" Shen Yanxiao was slightly stupefied. No wonder she said how to search the whole rosefinch family also did not see the shadow of Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei, that day in Shengluo College to pick up Ye Qing and Yunqi also did not see them, originally, they were sent to the Broken Star Palace by Shen Yue early in the morning. Yes Yes Shen Yue nodded, then hastened to explain: "I can guarantee, as long as you do not kill me, I will tell the two children, in the future will never be against you, they …" They don't know about our rebellion, as long as I don't say, they will still be the same as before, when this is their home, they are good children, will not do anything bad! Shen Yue was afraid that Shen Yanxiao would send his child to the Broken Star Palace because he was afraid that Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei would come for revenge in the future,Beverage packing machine, so he quickly got rid of the relationship. How interesting As Shen Yue nervously explained, a low, hoarse laugh came from the side. The scarred Shen Yue woke up at this time. He sat up with difficulty and looked at the fawning Shen Yue with a creepy smile. Shen Yue, you are still so worthless, the grass on the wall! Do your children really not know about our rebellion? How do I remember that after we took Shen Ling, a pair of your children went to my son's room to curry favor with him? 772. No Chapter 772 the truth of the past (3). "You.." Don't talk nonsense! Shen Yue's face turned white with a brush,juice filling machine, and he pointed at Shen Yue's nose and scolded. Nonsense Shen leaned against the wall, knowing that there was no turning back. Shen Yue, I really look down on you. How did you beg me to send your children to the Broken Star Palace? Shen Shiyin laughed and said, "But it doesn't matter. I've known for a long time that a fool like you is unreliable." "You.." What do you mean? Shen Yue faintly felt the strangeness in Shen's tone. "What do you mean?" Asked Shen with a laugh? I mean, do you really think I'm going to send your two idiots to the house of broken stars? Do you really think anyone can go to the house of broken stars? You idiot! But you don't have to worry, your two children have a good place to go, but whether they will live to see you or not is unknown! "You bastard!" With a low roar, Shen Yue rushed toward Shen. Shen Yao was injured by Shen Yanxiao, and his strength was greatly reduced. He was no match for Shen Yue at all. He was pressed against the wall by Shen Yue and beaten up. Where did you take Jiayi and Jiawei! Where did you get them? Shen Yue hit Shen like crazy. The corners of Shen's mouth were covered with blood, but he was always smiling. All the planning, all the efforts have turned into nothingness, water bottle packaging machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, and he will never turn over. Shen Yue, that's enough. Shen Yanxiao really doesn't want to see these two animals eating dogs here. Blame Shen Yue is too stupid, actually really believe that Shen Yao this poisonous snake, the devil who killed three brothers in order to seize the position of the head of the family, how can he really help Shen Jiawei and Shen Jiayi find a good place? "Jiawei.." Jiayi. Shen Yue sat on the ground in a hurry, a face of despair. He even personally sent his own child to Shen's hands. Shen Yao, look at you like this, you should have been very clear that I will not spare you, you are not going to say anything? Shen Yanxiao was in a commanding position, looking at Shen Yao, who was lying on the ground covered with blood. Even so, Shen Yao still had a creepy smile at the corners of his mouth. If you know, why ask me? There was blood at the corners of Shen's mouth, and Shen Yue's beating made his injuries worse. Shen Yanxiao slightly raised her eyebrows, she directly opened the iron bars, strode in, and dragged Shen Yifeng out of the corner. Let go of me! Shen Yifeng is injured in the body, is not Shen Yan Xiao's opponent, Leng is dragged directly by Shen Yan Xiao in front of Shen Yao. Shen Yanxiao took out a sharp dagger from the ring, put Shen Yifeng on the ground with one foot, and stepped directly on Shen Yifeng's left hand with her little foot. She then crouched down and pressed the dagger on Shen Yinfeng's finger. The sharp blade cut a blood stain on Shen Yifeng's finger, and Shen Yifeng trembled with fear. I won't go around you, but if you want to see me cut off the flesh of your son with my own eyes, I can satisfy you. Shen Yanxiao looked at Shen with a smile. At this moment, she was like a devil from hell. What a vicious heart you have! Shen struggled to sit up, although he knew that he and Shen Yifeng could not escape death, but he could not watch his son being scraped off in front of him, even if he had a heart of stone. He has done so much for his son! 773. No Chapter 773 the truth of the past (4). "Vicious?"? Compared with the second uncle, I'm afraid I'm still too kind. With a sneer, Shen Yanxiao stared at Shen Yifeng's trembling hands and said with a smile, "It is said that these ten fingers are connected to the heart. If I cut them into meat sauce with a knife, I don't know how painful it will be." "Don't touch him, I said, I'll say anything!" Shen Yao completely gave up, killing people but nodding his head, but Shen Yanxiao forced him with the son he cared about most,water filling machine, anyway, he did not want to drag Shen Yifeng to suffer at this time. The second uncle really knows the current affairs. Shen Yanxiao smiled and said, "Then please tell my uncle about the death of my parents." Shen took a deep breath.

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