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Topic: My dad says he's a God.

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My dad says he's a God.

Porridge has a lot to say, now open the chatterbox, that is, we must finish. Grandpa, Dad writes to you every day. Why don't you write back to him? Dad misses you every day. God doesn't know where to write back at all. If the computer technology is not good, we can only raise children in the cloud! "Grandpa, you have to be nice to Dad. Dad said he was an ugly duckling who was bullied when he was a child. The ugly duckling wanted to have a father and mother every day." God: "What is an ugly duckling?" "Grandpa, haven't you heard the story of the ugly duckling?" God shook his head. The porridge began to speak seriously. "If a swan's egg falls into a flock of wild ducks.." "The ugly duckling saw a big wooden duck. He thought it was his father and rushed over. The wooden duck would not drive him away again. The ugly duckling was very happy.." "The white swan came back. It found the ugly duckling. The ugly duckling was very happy. It also had a father who loved it." After the story was told, porridge said: "Dad said he was an ugly duckling when he was a child, so he must have been looking for his father and mother like an ugly duckling every day. Not only could he not find his father and mother, but he was also bullied by other ducks.." God's heart suddenly pulled up. Porridge was still muttering: "When I was a child, I couldn't find my father and mother for some time. I could only look for my father and mother everywhere like an ugly duckling. Then my father found me. Grandpa, didn't you find my father at that time? Because my father said that he beat all the other ducks away. He didn't say that Grandpa White Swan came back.." With a knife in his heart, God faced his granddaughter's words and said, "I.." I didn't think he was still there. The porridge said, as if accepting this statement: "Grandpa can come to see Dad every day now. Grandpa hasn't come to see Dad for a long time. Dad will be very sad." Chapter 77 Poor Dad's cooking exhibition. God clearly knew,Edible oil filling machine, knew that between him and his son, he loved his son more, but also he forcibly maintained the father-son relationship, otherwise Jin Shen's thin concept of kinship, they simply could not have a father-son relationship. Even if you know this, when you hear your granddaughter seriously say: "Dad was an ugly duckling when he was a child, and he was looking for Mom and Dad every day,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock," he still felt very uncomfortable. Because every cub, God or human, has the same dependence on his parents when he is a cub. His child saw other children protected by their parents when he was a cub. At that time, when he was bullied, he must have imagined that he could have a powerful father and mother to protect him. It's just that I was disappointed so many times that I never expected it again. Porridge heard his father once told him about his childhood, porridge has been remembered until now, although she did not say it, but she has been using her own understanding of the way to love his father, love his childhood father. When Jin Shen woke up, he realized that he was in the hospital bed where his daughter was sleeping, because he was sleeping on her pillow with the smell of pure milk on it. Turning his head but not seeing his daughter, CSD filling line ,juice filling machine, Jin Shen suddenly sat up, and before he could think of anything else, he heard the sound of chattering outside. "Dad usually works very hard. He has to go to work every day to earn money, pick us up at school, and sometimes get up very early to cook for us." "Your father can cook?" "Yes, my father is very good. He can make noodles, cook rice and shrimp, cook soup and vegetables, wash clothes and mop the floor.." "I have never eaten his cooking." He said sourly. My son has never cooked for him. Congee: "Grandpa, grandpa, do you really want to eat the food cooked by your father?"? I want to eat it too. I can eat several bowls now! Obviously, God does not understand the logic of porridge, only when these bowls are because of the delicious food cooked by Jin Shen. Now it's even more sour. Jin Shen came out and saw his father holding his daughter. Seeing him, his father showed a contradictory state, but still said: "You haven't slept these two days. You can sleep a little longer. I will watch the two children." Jin Shen brought his daughter back and said, "I've had enough rest. Dad, is there any way to restore her taste?" God nodded: "There must be a way, just need a little time." Jin Shen breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this. He actually wanted to repay his old father. But the problem was that he was not a child and could not express his feelings as naturally as porridge. So he said awkwardly, "Why don't you go home for dinner today?" With God, there is no need to take a bus to go home. In the evening, Jin Shen told the nurse that the whole family had gone out for dinner. In fact, they returned to the ward, and then God took them home directly. Porridge porridge at that time just fell asleep and did not wake up, so do not know how she came home, from the space channel out, accidentally shook her awake. Porridge saw home, a little happy: "Dad, Dad, we go home?" Jin Shen placed his daughter on the sofa: "Yes, we are back for the time being." God looked at the narrow room, frowned, and felt even more distressed about his son's life in the past few years. "Have you been living in this place all this time?" He said. Jin Shen: "I feel fine." At this time, someone knocked at the door outside. Jin Shen walked over, opened the door and saw Yan team, Yan team was also very surprised, originally heard there was movement here, considering that Jin Shen and his family were in the hospital, afraid of entering the thief,water bottling line, so specially came to see, the result did not expect them to come back. Why did you come back today? Didn't you say you had to stay in the hospital for observation for a few days? I asked the school, and they said you don't want compensation? Why don't you pay compensation? Captain Yan thought it was incredible.

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