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Topic: Emperor tyrant

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Emperor tyrant

"The giant of the enclave pool-" heard the words of the big black bull, the ancestors were horrified, they could not help but take a breath of cold air. Enclave Pool, one of the six redemptive places, is mysterious and extremely dangerous. Even powerful beings like the sage of the distant wilderness have failed in Enclave Pool, and may even suffer a great loss. If Enclave Pool really wants to seize this rock, who else in the world can defeat it? ? "Hey, Daishen, the task of protecting this sacred stone is yours." The big black ox smiled, and as soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and ran away with Liu Yanbai on his back. In the blink of an eye, the big black bull crossed the space, through billions of miles, and his voice still echoed in the space: "Run away, what are you waiting for?" Emperor Zunzhen, they were all stunned for a moment, and when they came to their senses, they all turned around and fled. Brother Dao, be careful and take care. When Hui Qingxuan left, she also told Li Qiye a word and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Flee without a fight, for the friar, is a great shame, is also a very humiliating thing, but now the big black bull such a senior, such a strongman have turned to run away, they these juniors have what good scruples, what is embarrassed? Therefore, when you Lao Zu ran away with the big black bull, your expression was much more natural. As for the big black bull,plastic bottle making machine, they left themselves and turned to run away. Li Qiye just smiled and grabbed the stone and looked at it in his hand. The body of the big black ox is like lightning, crossing the ancient times, galloping through countless spaces, and then withdrawing from Tianxu between stone, fire and lightning. And Emperor Zunzhen, they also followed the back of the big black bull to gallop at the fastest speed, and then they all escaped from Tianxu one after another. When they escaped from Tianxu, they heard a loud bang, and the invincible power burst out in an instant, just like the surging river gushing out. The big black bull turned around and saw that the fog gushing out of the enclave pool had enveloped the whole Tianxu in an instant,PET blow moulding machine, and the whole Tianxu was filled with endless fog. In this hazy fog, but faintly can see the light emitted by the enclave pool, the light of the enclave pool is flashing, like a navigation light in the sea, like a light in the dark, guiding people forward, giving people direction. In the hazy fog, flashing such a ray of light, not only did not make people feel at ease, but think that the heart inside the creepy, people can not help trembling, it is not a ray of light in the dark, that ray of light exists, more like the ancient invincible beast opened its eyes, such a ray, it is only the greedy light emitted from its eyes. So, at this moment, the whole foggy Tianxu is like a big mouth of a giant beast. As long as it opens its mouth slightly, it can swallow the whole heaven and earth. It only needs to open its mouth and suck, it can suck the whole three immortals into its mouth. Think of this, bottle blowing machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, many ancestors, strongmen are cold, they can not help but play a shiver, imagine, the three immortals billions of creatures, countless orthodoxy, billions of monks, may be eaten by the enclave pool, that is how terrible things. What a terrible thing this is. Seeing that the whole Tianxu was covered by the hazy fog, Lao Zu could not help murmuring. However, for this problem, no one knows, for thousands of years, everyone knows that the enclave pool is a great evil, extremely dangerous, but no one knows what terrible existence exists in the enclave pool. "Boom-" a loud noise, in this moment, I saw all the fog condensation in Tianxu, when everyone has not come to their senses, a huge hand has appeared in Tianxu, a huge hand is formed by the fog condensation just now. The giant hand is so big that people can't measure it. When such a giant hand opens, everyone can't help trembling, because when such a giant hand really claps, it seems that it can smash the whole immortal world. Fortunately, the giant hand did not clap to the three immortals, the giant hand just slowly gathered. The roar of "boom, boom, boom" was heard all the time, and when the five fingers of the giant hand closed the cage, it was not only Tianxu shaking, but also the whole immortal world shaking. Such a huge hand is so huge that it has shaken the space of the whole world just by gathering five fingers. Seeing such a terrible giant hand closing, everyone was horrified and shivered. It, it, what is it going to do? Seeing the five fingers of the giant hand slowly gathered and began to gather tightly, everyone could not help but feel nervous. If the giant hand gathered tightly, it could crush the whole immortal world in its hands. Emperor Zunzhen and they looked at each other. They knew what the giant hand was going to do. It was holding the giant stone that had never flown out of the sea. It was going to seize the stone in the ancient temple. My Lord, is he, is he all right? Seeing the giant hand saving the whole Tianxu in his hand, Lao Zu could not help but hit an exciting spirit. Chapter 3097 can you bear it? Big hands hold the whole world, gently pinch, everything will be pinched into pieces, even if the whole immortal world will be the same. Under this big hand, millions of sentient beings feel that they are worse than ants. Even the emperor who had seen the battle of the first ancestor, when they saw this big hand, their hearts were not creepy, in their view, even if the existence of the first ancestor, under this big hand, it is not likely to be able to retreat completely. The power of this big hand, can be said to be beyond their imagination, and even let people some despair, they as the true emperor, as the eternal, look at the whole immortal world, they are strong enough, they are already standing at the peak. However, under this big hand, they also feel like ants, under this big hand, no matter how they struggle, how to surpass, it is useless. Such a big hand,PET bottle Mold, with a gentle pinch, can crush them at once, and the powder drifts away with the wind. The big hand is so horrible that the ancestors can't help worrying about Li Qiye.

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