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Topic: Runaway Wife of Lou Caining's Chief Executive Officer

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Runaway Wife of Lou Caining's Chief Executive Officer

Not long after entering the house, Hung Shu-hui asked with a smile, "Did you enjoy the graduation ceremony?"? Won a lot of awards, right? ?” "Well, I won three prizes altogether." Wei quickly poured them a glass of water. Three? God ! That's awesome "Hung Shu-hui asked excitedly," By the way, Dong-yu went to your graduation ceremony, but did you take a photo? I want to see it. 。” "Mom, I-" "Brother Dongyu was almost late that day, so he forgot to bring his camera." Xiaowei robbed his words, but did not reveal his bottom. This child.. It's such an important day that I don't know to get up early. Hong Shuhui shook her head. "It's time for dinner. I'm tired. Let's go out for dinner together." "Don't bother!"! I've already cooked it. 。” Wei laughed and said. What? You cooked dinner. "Mr. and Mrs. Fan Daxiong are surprised." Usually when I watch Mother Fan cook, I steal some lessons, but I'm still much worse than you. I'm afraid you're not used to it. "I'd like to try it." Fan Daxiong immediately went to the dining room and saw a table full of delicious food. He took a bite first. "My God!"! It smells like mom. 。” "Really!"! It tastes the same as the food I cook. 。” Hong Shuhui raised her eyebrows unexpectedly. Yes, it's exactly the same. Fan Dongyu, sitting on the sofa, spoke. Have you tasted it? "Well, I eat three meals cooked by Xiaowei every day these days." It's true that it's delicious, but he's not happy with it. I don't know why, I feel like I've been controlled by her all my life. "Really?" Hong Shuhui smiled. "Then you are really lucky!" "Yes!"! Dad Mom, now that you're back, can I ask Jia Qi out for a meal today? "He doesn't want everything to be manipulated by this girl." "There are ready-made you do not eat,ultrasonic welding transducer, why waste money to eat outside?" Fan Daxiong is not very happy to say. Uncle Fan, let Dongyu go out to eat! I cook the same dishes these days. It was already very hard for him to stay in order not to let me eat alone. She's lying. In fact, she prepares different dishes every day, which can be said to be exhausting. This is not easy for a girl who is only 13 years old, unless she has a deep-rooted perseverance that cannot be destroyed. Fine! Wei has spoken for you. If you want to go, go. Hong Shu-hui waved her hand to him. Then I won't go. He doesn't need her to speak for him. Xiaowei hung her head, pursed her mouth slightly, and said nothing. Hong Shu-hui asked at this moment, as if she had finally noticed the strange atmosphere between the two children. If you don't go, you don't go. Eat, eat. Hong Shuhui smiled and served them rice. But then both of them didn't talk much, ultrasonic molten metal ,ultrasonic generator driver, so she had to talk about the jokes she made in Southeast Asia. Mother Fan, after dinner, I want to buy some stationery for school in a few days. At the end of dinner, Wei said. Ok, Dongyu, you can take Xiaowei by bicycle later. It's dark. She's a beautiful little girl walking on the road. It's very dangerous. "What!"! Why me again? "He stood up impatiently in protest." Because you are the elder brother. "Yuck!" He murmured, and then said, "Let's go!" Wei walked out after him. Along the way, she sat behind Fan Dongyu, holding his waist tightly with both hands, feeling that he was different from the thin and weak when he was a teenager. At the moment, what she showed on his limbs was his strength and roughness. Brother Dongyu, don't be angry. I didn't know Mother Fan would ask you to drive me. She said in a small voice. You should know that there is no one in the family but me. His breath was muffled. Is it so unbearable to let you give me a ride? "She really doesn't know what she did wrong?"? "I just don't want you to push me around every time and every trip." Of course he knew what she was thinking. "Do you think I'll be happy if you take care of me like this?" "I just-" Stop it, girl. To tell you the truth, since you came to my house, we all love you very much, and I am an exception; but don't make our relationship so complicated, OK? "He felt her hands clasp his waist and tighten sharply." I just want to be good to you, because you gave me love when I needed it most. She said with a sob. Being nice is what we should do, and we don't need to be grateful. His expression froze. "I am not only grateful to you, but also." Xiaowei wanted to say the word "like", but she couldn't say it, because he didn't seem to like her very much, and she was afraid that it would push him farther and farther. We are all grown up, no longer like children before, we should know some sense of propriety. He pressed hard on the pedal and said that he had come outside the bookstore. Go ahead! I'll wait for you outside. 。” Fan Dongyu stopped the car. "Aren't you going in?" She jumped out of the car. "There should be a lot of examination questions in it. It will be helpful to you." "Save it!"! I can't even finish the test paper given by the school. How can the United States still have time to buy the examination questions over the years to write? "He sighed lightly." "Brother Dong Yu, studying is not like this. You have to keep looking for information and constantly let yourself absorb more information and different questions." She sincerely hoped that he could get good grades and make Uncle Fan and his mother happy. I'm six years older than you, and I don't need you, a model top student who just graduated from elementary school, to teach me how to study. He pointed to the bookstore grumpily. "What are you going to do?" "All right, wait for me." Xiaowei went to the bookstore. Wait a minute He took the money out of his pocket. "You forgot to take the money from my mother." "No." She shook her head and smiled. "I have pocket money." After entering the bookstore, she picked up some stationery, then picked up some books, paid the bill and decided to leave the bookstore. Haven't you had class yet? Why do you buy so many books? "Look at her constant study and absorption. Fan Dongyu really has a kind of terrible consciousness that is not as good as her." You can preview it first! In this way The class will not be too hard. She jumped in the car and gave him a ride home. I'm really not as good as you at this point. I am really not interested in studying, obviously very serious,ultrasonic spray nozzle, very hard, but the test is not good, probably born with intelligence problems! "He shook his head and laughed at himself.".

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Heya this is a good post. I’m going to e-mail this to my friends. I came on this while exploring on bing I’ll be sure to come back. thanks for sharing. North American Bancard Agent Program

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