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Topic: Just want you (campus to wedding dress)

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Just want you (campus to wedding dress)

Yu Zhen took out the card and returned it to him. "I don't accept it.". I made a lot of copies of the indenture, and it's useless for you to tear it up. Xu Ge looked at her as if he knew her for the first time, and the smoke made him squint. "I don't have time to play games with you." Lift your feet to go. Yu Zhenzhen hurriedly stretched out his hand and pressed him against the wall. "I haven't finished yet." The smoke in Xu Ge's mouth almost dropped. "Who did you learn from?" "Who else but you?" Yu Zhen's palm was pressed on his chest, and he could feel his heartbeat, which was the same as his own heartbeat rate. "What is'stepping on two boats'? Make it clear." Xu Ge took the cigarette on his mouth and asked me to teach you how to look up the Chinese dictionary? Let go! "I won't let you go if you don't make it clear." Xu Ge choked Yu Zhen's wrist a little harder, and she frowned in pain, and her whole arm lost its strength. Xu Ge got away easily, and Yu Zhen could not stop him. Xu Ge is holding a bank card with two fingers. "I've returned the money. It's your business whether you accept it or not." With two fingers moving, the silver card flew to Yu Zhen's feet. Yu is really a little frustrated, why every time he has a way to crush her, she has no way to him. Sun Yueting was waiting for her at the subway station in the evening self-study. Her sweet dimples disappeared and her face was angry. "Where is my love letter?" Yu Zhen pulled his backhand out of his schoolbag and returned it to her. Sun Yueting pulled over, "you really did not send, if Xu Ge read the love letter will remember me,ultrasonic spray nozzle, you did not send!" Yu Zhen looked at her lightly, "Kindergarten children all know that they have to do their own things, I have no obligation to help you send love letters." "You think I'm kidding you, don't you? You're not afraid I'll expose you!" You like to expose people's privacy and even drive me out of No.3 Middle School. I can't stop you. But if Xu Ge knew that I left the third middle school because of you, do you think you can stay in the third middle school? Yu Zhen's warning was not a joke at all. Didn't you fall out? Sun Yueting blurted out. How do you know we fell out? Yu Zhen wondered yesterday why Sun Yueting seemed to know them well,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, including Wu Jun, on the first day of her transfer. Sun Yueting tore up the love letter angrily, "Hu Yali lied to me unexpectedly." "Hu Yali?" Yu was really surprised. "How do you know Hu Yali?" "Sure enough, people I know on the Internet are unreliable." Sun Yueting opened her mobile phone micro-blog and angrily unfollowed Hu Yali, deleting all interactions with Hu Yali. Yu Zhen took a look, "Why is there a picture of Xu Ge on your Weibo?" The background is very similar. Metro station. Sun Yueting clicked on the micro-blog with the title "I met a super handsome man in the subway station, and I really want to know him!" The picture shows Xu Ge leaning against the most striking billboard of the subway. Yu Zhen suddenly grabbed Sun Yueting's mobile phone and ran to look for the billboard. It was exactly the same. The date was the third day of February 10th. Junior 3!! He really came to wait for her! "Hey, you're crazy, give me back my phone!" Sun Yueting snatched the mobile phone. Yu Zhen asked her anxiously, "Is this Weibo, Ultrasonic nano dispersion ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, the Weibo with Xu Ge's photos, really taken in this subway on the third day of junior high school?" "Isn't it written very clearly that the time of Weibo can be faked?" Sun Yueting is angry. It was because of this photo that she interacted with Hu Yali to find Xu Ge. She and Hu Yali developed from micro-blog to QQ friends. Hu Yali told Sun Yueting a lot about Xu Ge and Yu Zhen. At first, Sun Yueting thought it was just the same name, but it was not until Sun Yueting saw Yu Zhen that she was sure it was the one she knew. Yu Zhen's confused thoughts soon calmed down, Xu Ge really went to the subway station to wait for him, she did not come so he was angry? She knew that Xu Ge could not wait to go directly to her and would not get angry and walk away. So they missed it? When he saw her with Feng Chen on the third day of junior high school, he was so angry that she stepped on two boats. Although I don't know how Xu Ge knew she was with Feng Chen, all the misunderstandings were solved. Thank you Yu Zhen hugged Sun Yueting excitedly and frightened her. When Yu Zhen got on the bus, she reacted and scolded, "neuropathy!" Yu Zhen couldn't wait to call Wu Jun in the car. Hello Wu Jun's voice was a little noisy, with the sound of bottles colliding. I'm Yu Zhen. "Why are you calling so late?" I can hear that it seems inconvenient for Wu Jun to answer the phone. Xu Ge is with you? Yu Zhen asked him. Wu Jun: Yes. ” "You don't have to talk. If I'm right, you can do it. If I'm not right, you can do it." "Mmm." Wu Jun reacts quickly. Did Xu Ge go to the subway station to wait for me on the third day of junior high school? "Mmm." "Is he angry because I didn't keep the appointment?" "Ah." "Is it because of Feng Chen?" “…… Uh "I know." Entangled in the heart of the mystery finally solved, Yu really feel that the stars in the night sky are bright. She took her cell phone and sent a text message to Feng Chen: I will wait for you in the subway at six o'clock tomorrow morning. Make up your mind to do something, no matter how difficult it is, whether it is right or not, and go forward. This is Yu Zhen. Yu Zhen made an appointment with Feng Chen, who was excited all night. It was still dark at six o'clock, the subway station was deserted, and Yu Zhen was standing in the dim lights. Yu Zhen. He gave a cry of unconcealed joy. Yu Zhen looked back, with black hair, pink clothes, bright eyes and twinkling eyes. Feng Chen ran towards her. "Good morning." Yu Zhen smiled. "Good morning." Feng Chen was a little embarrassed to scratch the back of his head. "What's the matter with you?" "I remember the first time you asked me if Xu Ge was my boyfriend." Yu Zhen spoke directly, "I'll answer you again now.". Yes, I like Xu Ge. Feng Chen was caught off guard and shocked, but she didn't expect her to be so direct. Yu Zhen looked at him seriously. "I know that our family likes you very much. I don't know what kind of plans the adults have. I only treat you as a classmate, and I will be in the future." No matter how dull she was, she could feel the thoughts of the two adults. Feng Chen was stunned in place for a long time and could not speak, and the voices of the subway gradually became bustling. Not even a friend? Feng Chen's voice was so soft that it was almost drowned in the hustle and bustle. Yu Zhen shook his head, "Xu Ge will not be happy." The author has something to say: I'm going out today, so update early. Read the content of this chapter,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, I do not need to prompt it, not the next chapter on the next chapter, Yu Baobao dig palm confession.

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