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Topic: Seven-day escape game

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Seven-day escape game

The branches of ivy are strong, like the kind of trees in the primeval forest, full of green and vitality. At this time, there is a thin and soft branches and tendrils shaking in front of us, and the green leaves on top of them also move. Tang Zhi knew that he was not dizzy, so he reached out with some curiosity and touched the leaf with his fingertips. Cool. Very tender. The leaves were full of vitality in an instant, trembling around Tang Zhi's fingertips, rubbing ingratiatingly, and having a kind of joyful taste. Tang Zhi opened his eyes slightly in surprise, then turned up the corners of his mouth, feeling that the little creature was very interesting, so he involuntarily took a step closer and went to tease it. Only after a while, the thin and soft branches and tendrils suddenly straightened. Tang Zhiwei was stunned, just realizing that something was wrong to stay away, and the branches and tendrils wrapped around his wrists accurately, tightened, and pulled on the vines twisted into pillars. Candi!” Bo Ye is close, just see this scene, eye disease hand quick to pull Tang Zhi, directly tear off the branches and tendrils. The broken tendril flew up and down,ultrasonic dispersion machine, left and right, and straightened repeatedly, struggling to cling to something, and making an indescribable "rustle" sound. Like a scream, like a whine. Bo Ye hooked Tang Zhi's shoulder and retreated away without being touched. People nearby noticed the noise and jumped away in fright. What the **** Is this thing a monster? A short man exclaimed, "and catch people?" Glasses man pushed his glasses, thought and said,sonicator homogenizer, "No wonder it's called Ivy Prison. Is that the theme of this game?" Bo Ye encircled Tang Zhi from behind, pulled up his wrist, pulled down a circle of ivy wrapped around it, and threw it aside. Gu Meng took a flashlight to shine on it, and the vine on the ground quickly withered and died, as if it had gone through a hundred years. Tang Zhibai's tender wrist was strangled with a thin red mark. Bo Ye repeatedly rubbed and pressed with heartache, gently twisted his eyebrows, and said, "Don't touch these things in the future." "Sorry." Tang Zhi said, "I was careless this time." The vines moved at this time, slowly dragging the body up and back into the open ceiling. Like a writhing python in the dark. The crowd stood in the passage, watching the vines move. Until the dirty braid completely disappears at the upper hole. "How do you think he died?" She asked. "Were you killed by a sharp weapon like an axe?" The short man shuddered and said, "That face is beyond recognition, and there are at least twenty wounds." "Who would take an axe to him?" Royal elder sister asked again. No one answered this time. It can't be Ivy. That's what everyone thinks. As he left the passage, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic extraction cbd, the short man stepped on a pool of dirt on the ground. He stamped thoughtfully and then looked around quietly. When he saw the flowerpot upside down in the corner, his eyes showed a clear look. Peter Pan woke up just before lunch. I remember waking up once in the middle. The little boy sat in the canteen, wronged Baba, unable to understand, "How did he faint again later?" Bo Ye said lightly, "Did you dream that you woke up?" Peter Pan sighed, "Brother Ye, I'm serious." Enjin sat alone at the next table, silent. Gu Meng picked up two mouthfuls of rice and said to Bo Ye and Tang Zhi on the opposite side, "I have put the Rubik's Cube together." With a cry of "Yo", Bo Ye picked up the iced soda he hadn't had time to drink and put it on the next table, saying, "We've worked hard." Enjin glanced at him coldly, apparently unhappy with her new nickname. Bo Ye ignored the eyes of the next table and asked Gu Meng: "Is there any clue after the completion of the Rubik's Cube?" Gu Meng scooped up a spoonful of stewed beef with potatoes and mixed it into the rice, saying, "There is no clue." Tang Zhi tilted his head and said, "Could the clue be hidden in the Rubik's Cube?" Gu Meng thought for a moment, mixed the rice, nodded: "This can have, after dinner we try to see if we can open that thing." In the afternoon, all the prisoners are on the playground. Peter Pan's dog sneaked across the small half of the playground and headed for the four men gathered in the corner. As he got closer, he crouched down and pulled out a small mallet from his T-shirt. The little boy blushed and groaned and complained: "The prisoner in the management tool room.." Touch my ass. ” Bo Ye rejoiced: "Fortunately, I didn't let Candi go." "Brother!" Peter Pan wanted to cry. "Can you have a little sympathy?" Bo Ye rolled his head, smiled, and said, "Well done." Peter Pan was relieved. Gu Meng took the hammer, weighed it in his hand, and took out the Rubik's Cube. Did I really mess up? He asked, looking at the others gathered in the circle. Everyone nodded. Gu Meng pressed the Rubik's Cube on the ground, holding the mallet in one hand to find a good angle. When he was about to knock down, a string of golden words with light effects appeared on the Rubik's Cube. "Don't be so rough, please enter me gently, fill me, open me." People: "…" This is not a serious Rubik's cube. Gu Meng pulled his hand back and rubbed it on his pants in disgust, saying, "I can't do it. It feels like a Rubik's cube." Others: "…" Magic square Five people sit on the ladder chair. Enjin slightly hunched her back, disrupted the Rubik's Cube, and then disrupted it again. Play with yourself. Bo Ye leaned back lazily on the back of his chair, blocking the sun with one hand, and said to himself, "What does it mean to enter me, fill me, open me.." He thought for a moment and gave a gentle "tut". Sitting upright, she raked her hair back irritably and said, "I can't think any more. My mind is full of Candi lying in bed seducing me." Tang Zhi: ".." Enjin hands a meal: "..." Peter Pan covered his mouth and his eyes dodged. Is brother Ye so coquettish? Gu Meng:.. He hasn't met his match in the matter of coquettish. Chapter 68 Muyao Day. When Gu Meng was at his wits' end,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, the short man in the player, who was at most 165 in height, appeared.

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