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Topic: Blood contract marriage, my ghost husband

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Blood contract marriage, my ghost husband

"Xiao Ran, didn't you say you didn't love me anymore?"? Why do you still appear beside me again and again? Do you know how hard it is for me to give up you? I have used up too much of my power to cancel the contract. You still appear in my side, not afraid I pester you again? Have you ever thought that I don't love you, I just want to play with you? Why do you come to me again and again? Xing Xuan looked at me, his eyes full of fatigue. I don't know why Xing Xuan still comes to me at this time. Shouldn't he have a good rest and get through this difficulty? Could it be that Xing Xuan thought he would not be able to stand it, so he came to see me for the last time? I breathed deeply, and the pain in my heart began to break out again. Fortunately, with the strength of Cher before, I could barely control my own body. Xing Xuan? What are you talking about? Don't scare me. You'll be all right, won't you? I looked at Xing Xuan and held his cold wrist with my other hand. Although the body has become transparent, I can still touch his presence. If you really can't touch it, then either Xingxuan did it on purpose, or Xingxuan has lost her entity and become an ordinary soul. Such a soul, if not taken care of in time, will certainly become shattered in an instant because it can not withstand the tremendous power in Xingxuan's body. What I fear most is seeing that scene. Ran, I'm fine! It's just too much! It will be all right after two days' rest. It's you who have lost weight again! Xing Xuan looked at me gently, and a hand came over and stroked the hair in my ear. Can I not be thin? Every time I experience inhuman pain, these days,ultrasonic metal welding, I can feel the strength in my body is gradually increasing. But the greater the power, the greater the pain to bear each time, this time because of Cher's power to suppress. But how long can this force exist? It's only been a while, and I've already consumed half of it. In three days at most, these forces will disappear without a trace. If I stay with Xingxuan all the time and the heartache exists all the time, it is estimated that it will be only three or four hours, and this force will not be able to help me. Xing Xuan,ultrasonic cutting machine, let me ask you another question. Can you answer me truthfully? I looked at Xing Xuan and didn't want him to hide it from me. Chapter 0192 pave the way for me. I don't have to say anything to hide things from me for my good. But he was hurt, and he had to hide it from me. I really couldn't accept it. Although I am hiding from Xingxuan now, we are different! I still have hope of being cured, and I won't die because of this. Ask! What do you want to know? I'll tell you all this time. Xing Xuan looked at me as if he had made up his mind. I want to know, will you always live well, will you always wait for me to change my mind and come back to you? I looked at Xing Xuan, other things I can not know, everything else I can slowly investigate. But in this matter, I must know now that I can't lose the chance to be with Xingxuan because of anything. Xiao Ran, between us, if it is possible, I will wait for you! But To be honest, I'm going to face a huge crisis this time. No one can help me! It's for your own good that I disassociate myself from you! I know what you mean to me, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic handheld welder, but since you can live well alone, don't put all your thoughts on me anymore. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have provoked you in the first place! Your life and death, I have found someone to cross out. As long as you protect yourself, there will be no accident for you to be reincarnated. Xing Xuan looked at me and didn't hide it from me for the first time. After confessing, I can feel that Xing Xuan seems to have become much calmer all of a sudden, probably relaxed in my heart! I looked at Xing Xuan and held his hand tightly and said, "Xing Xuan, I don't allow you to have anything to do!"! Although we can't be together now because of some things, I know how important you are in my heart. I also know that I have always occupied a very high position in your heart. So I wait for you, no matter how long, I hope you can wait for me. I hope that after a thousand years, we can still remember today's promise. If you love me and are willing to protect me forever, then a thousand years later, we will still meet here. If you dare to lie to me, when the time comes, even if it is ashes, I will go to you. Don't think I'll forget you in a thousand years! Don't forget how long you loved me. I really don't know what happened in my last life, but I know clearly that you love me, according to the time you have experienced, it has been thousands of years or even longer! So, don't expect time to fade away the feelings between us. For us spiritual practitioners, a thousand years is really not a long time! I looked at Xing Xuan, and the most worrying thing was that Xing Xuan would give up himself. In that case, I couldn't save him anyway. Don't worry! I won't give up myself, and you have to take care of yourself! I've been waiting for thousands of years, and I don't care about this period of time. Xiaoran, I will try to pave the way for you as soon as possible. So, don't worry, I'll be fine. Xing Xuan looked at me and gave me a big promise. We didn't ask each other why we had to separate now and why we had to wait so long. But we all believe that our love will always exist and continue. I know, in fact, all along, Xingxuan has been paving the way for me, every step of my way, there are traces of Xingxuan helping me through. Therefore, compared with others, my road is basically smooth sailing. Every time I encounter a problem that I can't solve, Xingxuan helps me solve it again and again. Even if Xing Xuan can't solve it, he will be willing to deal with it for me. This kind of love, does not need the words, I already could understand. Since Xing Xuan said so, he will certainly not give up himself,ultrasonic dispersing machine, and will certainly live a good life all the time. Xing Xuan, this time, I still have something to do! I'll go first! You should take good care of yourself.

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