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Topic: Urban perspective eye

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Urban perspective eye

Wang Zhuo explained the matter concisely and concisely, and added some of his own analysis. That is to say, the girl has a lot of indecent photos outside, and there is a widespread crisis at any time. Ruan Mingqing frowned and put down the glass in his hand. Wang Zhuo nodded and admitted. She will pay for the mistakes she has made. Ruan Mingqing calmly analyzed: "But your friend should not bear with her, for this kind of woman, it is not worth it." Wang Zhuo said with a wry smile, "But I think she was young and ignorant when she was in that line of work.". Not necessarily unforgivable, right? "Forgive?" Ruan Ming shook his head with a sneer and said, "That depends on how you forgive.". Her parents, relatives and friends can forgive her. But what about lovers? What about your future husband? Imagine how you would feel if one day suddenly everyone could see your wife's nude photos, or the shameless kind, all your relatives and friends called you about it, your colleagues pointed at you behind your back, and you suddenly stood on the cusp of public opinion? Say that finish, she is rather depressed a glass, will drink the beer inside, and then look at Wang Zhuo, waiting for his answer! ~! Chapter two hundred and eighty-three parking, maple forest, night Chapter two hundred and eighty-three parking, maple forest, night Wang Zhuo was knocked down by Ruan Mingqing's question and did not give any answer for a long time. You see, what did I say? Seeing that he was speechless, Ruan Mingqing said with a faint smile, "Some mistakes are unforgivable, even if they are made on impulse or because of ignorance.". If you do something wrong, you have to pay the price. This is the cruel reality. With a sigh, Wang Zhuo scratched his head and said with a wry smile, "Why do I seem to have heard of your argument somewhere?" Ruan Mingqing sighed lightly, "Yao Jiaxin killed someone on impulse and lost his life.". Is this example not sufficient? The same is true of gamblers and drug addicts. It is their impulse and ignorance that make them fall into a situation beyond redemption. Wang Zhuo suddenly remembered where he had heard her argument, which is similar to his theory of brainwashing women, both of which are based on reality and nature, and are very persuasive. "Sister Ruan, you are a rational woman." Wang Zhuo raised his glass and said, "I think when people hear about this, most of them will pity the model or scold her for being shameless, instead of analyzing it calmly like you." Ruan Mingqing seemed to be touched by something on his mind. He was silent for a while before he sighed: "Actually, I'm just complaining about the unfairness of the world in another way. Other women have made so many mistakes, but they can still live happily. I didn't do anything wrong, but I ended up in today's field." Wang Zhuomoran, a woman like Nan Bing and Lu Yao, once made the most vulgar posture, Marble Granite Price ,Marble Projects, separated her parts with her hands to shoot countless men, but she could talk about a lingering love and enjoy the feeling of being loved and cared for. But excellent as Ruan Mingqing, but in the most brilliant age of a woman's life has become a widow, fair is God horse thing? "Why do I mention this?" Ruan Mingqing laughed at himself and raised his glass again: "Come on, drink." After drinking the fourth draft beer cup, Wang Zhuo began to feel dizzy. By this time, Ruan Mingqing had already drunk six cups, as if nothing had happened. I'm going to the bathroom. She opened the handbag and took out the facial tissue from it, motioned to Wang Zhuo to help her take care of the handbag, and went to the bathroom. Six glasses of draft beer, although not drunk Ruan Mingqing, can make her have to go to the bathroom, because the amount of water is sufficient. Wang Zhuo's eyes were not focused accurately, and his thoughts were short-circuited from time to time. Holding his cheeks in his hands, he watched Ruan Mingqing enter the mobile bathroom prepared by the food stall for diners. When the door closed from the inside, he switched to the perspective state in a blink of an eye. Under the influence of alcohol, Wang Zhuo did not feel that there was anything wrong with his behavior at all. When he saw the pretty widow dry herself carefully after relieving herself, and then stood up to lift her underwear and leggings one by one, he giggled heartlessly. When Ruan Mingqing returned to his seat, Wang Zhuo was negotiating with a waiter. I'm sorry, sir. We really don't serve white wine here. The waiter said in embarrassment. "But I just want to drink white wine." Wang Zhuo is a little importunate. The waiter, who looked seventeen or eighteen years old, was the first time he had experienced such a scene, and for a moment he was so timid that he did not know what to do. Seeing that Wang Zhuo meant to make things difficult for people, Ruan Mingqing said, "Wang Zhuo, just drink some more beer. Don't ask for liquor." As soon as Wang Zhuo waved his hand to her, he suddenly reached out and pulled the waiter to his side. He took out a wad of pink money from his pocket and stuffed it into his hand: "a bottle of green big spring source. The rest of the money is yours." The waiter was startled, looking at the wad of money in his hand in a daze, or a waiter passing by here had a wink, hurriedly pulled him away, while not forgetting to smile to Wang Zhuo: "You wait a moment, he will be back soon." With that, she pushed the waiter and walked quickly, complaining that the silly boy was not clever enough. Wang Zhuo watched them walk out of the food stall. Then he turned around, shrugged his shoulders at Ruan Mingqing, and said with a smile, "More than two years ago, I met the same situation with him." "You were also pushed away by a beautiful sister?" Ruan Mingqing asked with a smile. Wang Zhuo nodded shyly: "She also took half of the money." Ruan Mingqing laughed heartily: "I really can't see that you still have this kind of past." Wang Zhuo pointed to her with a smile and said, "Who can see your past now?" This sentence suddenly touched Ruan Mingqing's thoughts, her smile fixed on her face, gradually put away, fell into thinking. Wang Zhuo continued to deal with the fifth cup of draft beer and ate the oysters that had just been delivered. Occasionally, he looked up at the silent Ruan Mingqing, recalled in his mind the scene he had just peeped at, and gave a titter. A few minutes later,Silver Travertine Slabs, Daquanyuan liquor came back in a mineral water bottle. When the waiter put down the bottle, he smiled at Wang Zhuo and whispered a thank you, which was much more generous than the dull waiter. The beer is not good enough. Let's change this. Wang Zhuo shook the mineral water bottle to Ruan Mingqing.

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