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Topic: Random Encounter

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Random Encounter

Having been on the road for three days, Yang picked up and watched it get late, then parked the car in a sheltered place, came down to make a fire to cook, cooked a small pot of porridge, he filled a small bowl, went to the car, opened the door, Qi Qi sat in the carriage, back against the wall of the car, holding the wooden box tightly in her arms, for three days, she did not eat, drink, sleep or talk, and sat like this all the time. Yang finally couldn't stand it any more. Put the bowl in front of her, "Eat!" As if Qi Qi had not heard of it, Yang picked up and said it loudly again, but she still did not respond. Lonely, he was angry and aggrieved: "Miao Xifeng is so good. It's worth you to keep him without eating or drinking. What's good about him? Why don't you look at the people around you, those who are still waiting for you and waiting for you? Have you ever thought about them?" Seeing that Qi ignored him, Yang picked up the box in her arms. Qi finally reacted and fought with him. But after three days of fatigue and no rice, she almost lost her strength. The box was quickly snatched away. Qi cried and fell in the car. Yang picked up the porridge bowl and gave it to her again. With a "bang", it was knocked down on the ground. Yang picked her up: "You heartless woman. Don't you think he's good? I'll tell you what he's done. Miao Xifeng is no longer a human being after practicing evil skills. What if he snatches you back? He can't have sex with people of the same kind who are different from him. So, do you know that I accompany you every night in Huofeng Hall, and Miao Xifeng, in order to achieve the goal of possessing you forever, What do you love about such a selfish and vicious man who wants to make you like him! In terms of appearance, I am not worse than him, in bed,Agate Slabs For Sale, I can also make you crazy, you say, should also give me an explanation! Qi Qi stared at him in disbelief: "You are talking nonsense!"! Nonsense! You mean, sneaky rat! You're not even fit to lift his shoes! Yang picked up a handful and pushed her into the car. "Really? Don't you believe it?"? Do you remember how I wanted you the last night before you left? I tied you to the bed, and you cried and begged me that you were going to die. Have you forgotten? I haven't forgotten how you moaned under me and cried so beautifully.. "Shut up!"! Shut up! You big ***ing *******, you're the one who peeked! Peeking! "Peep!"! So you have a small mole in your thigh seam, and I peeked at it? I also know every place on your body that can make you sing. How about it? You can try it if you don't believe me! Qi Qi rushed over and beat Yang Pao. Yang Pao simply pulled her out of the car and pulled her to the grass. He poured a bowl of porridge again: "Eat it. It's not too late to hit me when you have the strength." Qi Qi turned his head away. Yang Pao saw that she didn't cooperate. He took a sip, pressed her, pinched her mouth, and lowered his head to feed her in. Yang picked up Qi Qi's uvula and forced her to drink it. But reluctant to leave the sandalwood mouth, deeply kissing the person in his arms,Agate Stone Price, all his thoughts, grievances, attachment are injected into this kiss. Qi Qi slept in the car at night, tears soaked his pillow, and the days of Huofeng Hall were still vivid in his mind, "Miao Miao!"! You fool, why did you hide it from me. Yang picked up against the tree, looked at the car, he knew Qiqi was still crying, some regret in his heart, perhaps he should not say this, let her know so what, when the capital, she returned to the palace, he can not follow in, what kind of person is Ning Wang, how can he tolerate him. From then on, two people are not the same to be far apart, think of this Yang pick up a wry smile, he is really self-sentimental, people know this also do not take him seriously, Calacatta Nano Glass ,White Marble Slabs, he will always be a sinister mouse in her eyes. Although the road back to Beijing was long and short, sometimes he even hoped that two people would go on like this, but more than a hundred brothers were still waiting for him with their heads. Perhaps she is destined to be just a passer-by in her life, a shadow, a fragment that she does not want to recall! Think of this, Yang pick up immediately with ashes, heart like a knife. The next day on the road, Yang picked to see Qi Qi is still sleeping, they did not call her, these days she has not rested, this time finally slept, let her have a good rest, looking at her pale face and the blue shadow at the moment, Yang picked is distressed, but also reluctant to give up, thinking of playing some game to her tonight. In the evening, Yang picked up the car and settled it. Seeing that Qi Qi was still sleeping, she thought that she was really tired recently, so she helped her tuck in the quilt and went into the woods to hunt pheasants. When the chicken soup was ready and it was completely dark, Yang decided to wake her up for dinner. Go to the car, call her softly, no response? Pat her again, still no response!? Yang picked up feel something wrong, hurriedly get on the car, nest to her side, see Qi Qi eyes closed, shortness of breath, Yang picked up touch her forehead, so hot! ****, she's sick. What are we gonna do? Yang pick up anxious thinking, here in the wilderness, from the nearest town also have half a day's drive, even if their own speed up, but put her alone in this how can rest assured, Yang pick up thought of this, hurriedly get off, pick up the torch, into the woods to find some sweating herbs, quickly fried, cool, and get on the car, pick up Qi Qi, give her medicine, but this woman do not know how to With her mouth closed, Yang had no choice but to hold the medicine in her mouth first, then break open her mouth and pour it in. After a long time, the sweat still did not come out, Qi Qi's forehead was hot and his body was cold. Yang picked up the cruel heart, simply took off her clothes, and then stripped off her clothes, tightly hugged her, covered all the quilts, Yang picked up the whole body fever, kept rubbing Qi Qi's body with his hands, the tender and smooth body in his arms let him mind, the lower part of the body soon had a reaction, Yang picked up secretly cursed himself, beloved people are like this, he is still cranky, hurriedly tightened his mind. Rub her body in a hurry, busy for an hour, Qi Qi finally began to sweat, Yang picked up panting to hold his "results", not only Qi Qi began to sweat, but also tired of sweating. Yang picked up the wound is not healed,white marble mosaic, many days of travel fatigue, so he was exhausted, so hugged Qi Qi to sleep in the past.

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