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Topic: The painting style of the comprehensive wear system is not right (BG without CP)

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The painting style of the comprehensive wear system is not right (BG without CP)

Cold and proud lips, the sun shines into this luxurious office, golden soft light dyed with dark broken hair, deep black eyes imprinted with deep and shallow sunshine makes people think it is golden, so that this satanic man becomes as handsome as Apollo, the sun God. Murong Yu looked at the golden president and turned his eyes to the huge floor glass window and the open curtain. "Ao Han, don't you think it's too hot?" He asked. He suddenly felt that his best friend was a little strange to bask in the sun in such a hot summer? "No sun." Leng Ao said coldly, "I have cold air." Murong Yu's smile was a little stiff: "It's good that you are happy." Keenly aware of Murong Yu's expression, Leng Ao Han cared. "Uncomfortable?" Murong Yu was silent for a moment and suddenly said, "Ao Han." You're a little strange. Uh A deep and magnetic question is meaningful. No, it's nothing. Finally, Murong Yu questioned the withdrawal of the heart, after all, friends from small to large are this kind of character, how can he suddenly feel strange? Could it be that I just returned to China and I am not used to it? Murong Yu thought doubtfully. The system is frightened [how to do! The second man began to doubt himself! Σ( ° °|||)︴】 Qing curled her lips and said, "Turn down the halo to 80%." Looking at the time, Leng Ao Han raised his jaw as lightly as a monarch. It's time for dinner. Together? Although it is a question, it is beyond doubt. Murong Yu nodded. A group of staff members filed in, and a long dining table, tableware and flowers were placed on one side of the very wide office,interactive panels for education, and two people were seated one after another. There was a crystal clear steamed stuffed bun on the white dinner plate, with silver knives and forks on both sides. Leng Aohan picked up the knife and fork and began to eat the steamed stuffed bun. Murong Yu silently looked at the cold friend, although he knew that Leng Aohan had never used tableware other than knives and forks in his life, but. Murong Yu suddenly asked, "Why are you suddenly eating steamed stuffed buns?" But also with a knife and fork to eat steamed stuffed buns, the inner cycle of this idea, Murong Yu looked at the plate of steamed stuffed buns,smart boards for conference rooms, suddenly lost appetite. Putting down the knife and fork, the maid wiped the corners of Leng Aohan's mouth. Recently, I suddenly wanted to touch the food of civilians. So said, Leng Aohan suddenly remembered that pure civilian girl, blue snow. Pick up a silver spoon and scoop up a spoonful of porridge into your mouth. Cool, "Leng Ao Han's eyes darkened and he put down the spoon." Give me cold porridge! Leng Ao Han Kuo Xuan Kuang Ba Tuo said to his subordinates, "Mi's Group can go bankrupt." Murong Yu:.. "Next time, I want fresh soybean milk from New York, USA, with French lavender tiramisu. If I can't do it well, I'll let the two countries go bankrupt, and you don't have to come as a supervisor." Murong Yu could not bear it any longer and said, "Ao Han!"! Anyway, you've gone too far! Leng Ao Han was stunned and looked at him coldly. Murong Yu frowned and stared at him. "What are you thinking about letting those countries go bankrupt at every turn?" "Well.." Leng Aohan read something from his friend's expression. He knew it clearly. He said to his subordinates with a reserved jaw: "France is the country where Yu studied. Let the United States go bankrupt." Murong Yu stared at him in disbelief, interactive flat panel display ,smartboard for business, as if he had seen some prehistoric monster. Is this still his good friend? Is he mentally ill? Did you take the wrong medicine? Why give up treatment?! [PHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA HAHA HAHA HAAH HAAH HAHA HAAHA! The ball of light laughed and rolled around on the desk. Suddenly, it fell to the floor with a clang. Silence It was a long time before she noticed something was wrong with the system. She looked down and saw the ball of light lying on the floor. [Move.. I can't move the bird. QAQ】 Silence, Qing shallow calm eyes continue to put on the screen, such a stupid system is no one. After watching for a while, Qingqian turned off the screen, opened the system's points mall, and the number of new viewers increased by 30 points, which is better than nothing. Then the miserable ball of light regained its power and played dead on the desk. [Opens the System Store.] Qingqian, open the shopping mall, which is full of all kinds of painting styles and halos, such as Qiongyao, Jinyong, the heroine of romance, and such small categories as Lu Xiaofeng and Chu Liuxiang. Looked around, Qing Qian finally did not buy anything to close the mall, it is not easy to earn points, it is not the time for her to spend. In the group building, Murong Yu angrily left, Leng Aohan did not care, he knew his best friend very well, knowing that he would not consume the friendship between the two because of these small things, just temporarily not used to their own behavior. It was almost noon when the elevator door of the president's office opened again. Blue Cher came in with the documents she wanted. Suddenly, she heard something strange. She looked up and saw a scene that made the pure Blue Cher almost stunned. A beautiful woman was lying in the arms of the president, enchanting, flushed and panting. Blue Cher blinked, for a long time before he came to his senses, knowing that this was not what he could see, hurriedly lowered his head, crystal clear earlobes dyed with bright red. Qing Qian, who has been watching the president perform a Category III film without changing his face:. Suddenly I felt like a prehistoric demon, hiding my face. System Prompt [Because of being seduced by the supporting actress, Blue Cher's Long Ao Tian Halo automatically opens ~] (& gt _ & lt) Qing Qian: … … … … excuse me? System [Yes, the female partner successfully attracted the attention of Ao Tian.] Blue snow son came in cold and cold to notice her, he watched such a woman, her purity, her ignorance, her flawless, unexpectedly let his cold and merciless heart flashed a trace of inexplicable fluctuations. Leng Ao Han habitually raised an evil smile, stroked the charming body in his arms with his big hand, and teased the red-faced white rabbit with deep eyes. But suddenly found that her momentum changed. Blue snow son indifferent eyes swept the evil charm president, fell on the woman in his arms, eyes flashed a trace of interest. Yin Ruiyuan was such a look directly, suddenly some shame, she actually in front of her face lying in the arms of others,smart board whiteboard, that pair of eyes fell into the heart of Yin Ruiyuan, she can not control their emotions want to rush to the blue snow, can only silently buried his head in the arms of the president.

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