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Topic: Immortals also have rivers and lakes

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Immortals also have rivers and lakes

He seemed to have some prestige in the Demon Way, and all the people in the Demon Way laid down their weapons in anger. It's no wonder that if you want to get out of the cave island, you have to cross the Dead Sea. The person who crosses the sea is equivalent to the Minister of Transport. Of course, his words carry some weight, but there are exceptions. Laodu, these three chickens can flutter, your sword light, and the golden mask on the insect's body that can't be maintained. The man crossing the sea had not yet answered, and the bug slapped the counter again. In such a tense situation, a drop of a needle on the ground would stimulate people, but she made such a big noise, which scared everyone for the third time in a row, and the shopkeeper was even more shocked when he was close. Don't talk about it here. She preemptively said: "The so-called thief also has the way, your words do not count, even do the devil to do so low, do you want to let the people crossing the sea say, similar to release that kind of gas?"? Do you want the Demon Way to be laughed at? I said, I have plenty of money, Lao Tzu and other three people also entered your broken shop, you have the obligation to send us across the sea. If you want to compete, there are plenty of opportunities. Anyway, you are good at rushing headlong into mass action. She saw that the man crossing the sea looked like a bandit, and felt that such a person must have a good face,75 inch smart board, so she kept running against him with words. As expected, the man crossing the sea sneered and said, "If there is a real fight, you three will be a beast, and we three will be a beast. When the time comes, you will know how powerful Grandpa Demon is.". Sell them street signs and add seats for three times the price. He nodded to the shopkeeper. Bug gnashed his teeth in his heart. Unexpectedly, the man crossing the sea was not stupid. Although he promised not to let these shrimp soldiers and crabs go on the stage to besiege together, after all, he did not promise to defeat 3.5 with one (the elder brother and sister and the dog count as three,touch screen interactive whiteboard, she had no ability to attack, so she could only yield to 0.5). Not only that, he asked for three times the price! Forget it, write down the account first, and then calculate it later. At least these accomplices were avoided, and when they arrived at Fenglin Island, the three of them had a better chance of escaping. The people in the Demon Way don't know that they have such a mythical beast as a dog. When the time comes, it will spit two mouthfuls of fire, which will make the enemy in a hurry. What are you looking at? Sell me the road sign quickly. It's two-way. I'll come back to you one day when I'm free. Worm love money, a cavity of anger nowhere to vent, the shopkeeper shouted: "Nothing on the top of a circle of light, pretending to be an angel ah you!" " The shopkeeper was stupefied. He didn't know what the "angel" was. He expected that it was not a good word. He couldn't help feeling angry. He took back the abacus floating on his head and hit it. At the same time, he picked out the money for the road sign from the silver ticket that Bug had thrown on the counter. At the same time, he bit his back teeth and said, "Young girl, you're crazy. It's too late for you to cry for a while.". Two-way, interactive digital whiteboard ,4k smart board, right? I'll give you a return period within three months. I'm afraid you'll go to the gate of death and won't need the other half. "What does it matter to you where I like to go?" Bug hurriedly put the rest of the silver ticket, a tear off the turban on the head, "I am a red-haired girl, you are a devil color blind." Then Shi Shiran went to Yan Xiaoyi's side, calm on the surface, nervous like a drum in his heart, but he passed another pass. The shopkeeper listened to her as a girl, opening his mouth and shutting his mouth. Lu is also bad, the appearance is also very ordinary, can not help but exchange with the people crossing the sea. As soon as the three disciples of the Tianmen Sect arrived at the Yedian, they saw the identities of the three men. Although I don't know the purpose of the disciples of Tianmen coming to Ju Cave Island, at this very moment, I used their curiosity to send them to Xiaoyao Mountain, intending to let them not die but lose their skin. I didn't think they would not only be fine, but also steal the treasure of Ju Cave Island. This incident was known by the Demon King, so there was an order to rob and kill three disciples of the Tianmen Sect and take back the treasures and mythical beasts in their hands, but Wang Ling also said that the female disciple with the lowest martial arts could not be hurt. He and the man crossing the sea thought to themselves that this was the Indian Ah San. At first, they thought that this woman was the demon king's favorite, because the ruthless demon king never cared about a certain person, but now it seems that they are wrong, high above the demon king, immortals from all walks of life are not in the eye, how can care about such a hateful girl, there must be other reasons. But no matter what the reason, the king's order can not be disobeyed, if so many people start together, the sword without eyes, may indeed hurt the girl, and Laodu that is to insist on their own rules, they also had to boat to Fenglinzhou in the start. The two magic swords were extraordinary, but he and Laodu joined hands and added a boost to kill the pair of men and women, and then captured the girl alive. She has red hair. Don't mix the evil way with the immortal way, right? I have also heard that there are demons who cultivate immortals. Perhaps the demon king ordered not to hurt her for this reason. The shopkeeper thought and glanced at the collapsed stairs. In the corner of the broken wood squatted a black and white kitten, whose eyebrows and eyes seemed to be like a handsome man, and whose eyes were sad. He sat there quietly and silently, and no one noticed his existence, and now he noticed not only the cat, but also the destruction of the shop. It was a mistake to collect the money. It wasn't included in the money that smashed the shop just now. He stretched out his hand to the bug. Bug hands tightly pressed his chest, protecting the silver ticket, "come on, this shop is not smashed by me, you can find whoever you like.". I haven't asked you for the mental damage fee since so many of you suddenly made a move. The shopkeeper did not know how to retort when he heard that the red-haired girl often said some words that she did not understand. At that moment, a voice interrupted timidly: "Excuse me, can we sail now?" It's a business trip. Most of the people who come and go between Jukuzhou and Fenglinzhou are doing spot business. If they delay the season, they will lose a lot. As soon as the sea-crossing man heard this, he waved his hand and went out first. It seemed that the people waiting for the boat had come and gone more than once. They filed through in an orderly way. They went to the shopkeeper's office to get the road sign and followed the sea-crossing man out of the shop. Finally, it was the turn of the three people, such as the insect. Only then did the insect see that the style of the road sign was quite strange. It was actually two frogs. Although they were motionless, they seemed to be alive. But these are two colored frogs, stacked together in a mating pattern, and the male frog's four paws hold the female frog tightly from behind. The evil way is really evil. What kind of road sign is this? It's obviously sexual harassment to passengers. Rong Chenghualuo's face was flushed,interactive whiteboard for schools, and the insect disliked that the frog felt wet and disgusting, and refused to take the road sign, so Yan Xiaoyi had to reluctantly put it in his pocket.

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