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Topic: Cloud maniac

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Cloud maniac

Everyone looked at Jun Beihe, who was already dull, and secretly deserved to gloat. Who wants you to be so arrogant and provoke people who shouldn't be provoked! If Princess Qianhuan did not have a solid backstage, where would she face you alone without giving in? You think highly of yourself, but you didn't expect that Princess Qianhuan would be tougher than you! Jun Beihe didn't dare to breathe. He lowered his head and said with a forced smile, "Queen Xiande, this is actually a misunderstanding. Please forgive Jun Beihe for being unreasonable. I don't know that Princess Qianhuan is your guest and offended her. Jun Beihe apologizes here.". Holding back his breath and holding back his voice, he said respectfully that Jun Beihe was almost angry in the dark, but he could not offend his future "mother-in-law" who wanted to get the position of Crown Princess Tianyun, and he could not let Xiang Waner leave any bad impression. Oh Xiang Waner nodded and said lightly, "Pay attention to your identity. Qianhuan has a close relationship with Prince Tianyun. If you make Qianhuan unhappy, my crazy son can't marry you." As soon as the words came out of his mouth, all the people were surprised. Even Liu Jian could not help staring at the princess. Come on, is she the little lover of Liu Yun in the dark? As soon as Prince Tianyun broke his sleeve, could it be a cover? In fact, it was hidden in a golden house, and it was not until today that he stepped onto the stage? Listen to the tone of the virtuous queen, quite like this thousand magic princess ah, unexpectedly entered here but actually killed a dark horse,interactive boards for classrooms, this thousand magic princess is the biggest rival for the position of Tianyun Crown Princess! "Jun Bei understood, the empress, please rest assured, Princess Gan Huan is such a clear person, how can I make her unhappy?"? It won't happen again! I also hope that Princess Qianhuan will ignore the mistakes of the little people and not haggle with Junbei. Her words were respectful and reasonable, but her eyes were full of hatred. Bright is no good, come dark,65 inch smart board, is she Jun Beihe still can't cure just a little bitch? If you really can't, you can find that man, and she can't pay her when she doesn't believe that man. "Well, since it's a misunderstanding, it's good to solve it. Qianhuan, you'd better go to play by yourself. It's a waste of good time to follow me at such a grand event." Xiang Waner finished his power, waved his hand, and walked inward holding Liu Jian's arm. Yes, Aunt Wan. Yun Kuang nodded and smiled. Liu Jian blinked his eyes in a confused way and stared at Waner and said, "Waner, where did Princess Qianhuan come from?". How come I never heard you mention it? Is it because of this marriage that you never let the madman get married? Why didn't you say so! If I had known, I wouldn't have made such a meeting! "Well, will you listen when I say it?" Give Waner a white look at him. Hey, 86 smart board ,electronic board for classroom, I am also worried about the life event of the madman! That's good. You don't have to worry about this kid anymore. Liu Jian exhaled a breath of air, with some doubts: "But why does that princess look so familiar?"? Liu Jian and Xiang Waner went through the motions and both left, making a scene, and everyone looked at them differently. Cloud crazy eyes do not squint, as if did not see those eyes, just turned around, but suddenly sniffed nose, a stare, eyes hurriedly toward the door of the imperial garden. Faint please elegant fragrance, is so familiar, cloud crazy heart can not hide incomparable joy, happy eyebrows, it must be him, he came! But seeing the elegant white figure at the door, the person in charge of the notification called out casually. Princess Siyun is here. Chapter 153 thinking of clouds and reading clouds. When he heard the name, Yunkuang almost didn't choke to death by his own saliva. Think. Princess Siyun? Eyes locked in the doorway, cloud crazy staring at the figure in the eight imperial garden, the heart almost laughed in the past. The white feather gauze is like snow, the handsome face is like a picture, the king's face and lips are red, and the world is independent, just like a fairy. The glory of the world seems to be concentrated on her body at this moment. Her clean temperament, gentle and moving smile, and the peerless elegance that can't be concealed shocked everyone who projected their eyes on the past, and saw that the people of Zhou were gradually dull. Another guest also curiously turned his eyes to touch the wisp of white, and immediately froze with the color of surprise. "There is such a beautiful woman in the world." "It is only now that I understand the meaning of this sentence that I look at the country and then at the city." Each of the three beauties has its own merits, and their temperament alone is superior to all the beauties. Oh, my God, Prince Tianyun is really lucky. The garden was full of surprises, and many young girls felt ashamed and secretly angry. What was wrong with them? These stunning women are springing up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain! It is rare to see one at this time, but three in a row, a thousand magic princess, a Yan Jingyu princess, and a Siyun princess! Appearance and temperament are all the best, and no one loses to anyone! When Princess Siyun entered the door, her clear eyes kept sweeping around eagerly. When she passed the cloud crazily, she had a slight meal, showing the color of surprise, and then her eyes were full of chagrin and laughter. Just then, another thing happened at the door. This Nian Yun, Princess? Hero, did you make a mistake? You? How can you be a princess? The gatekeeper looked like he wanted to cry without tears. He didn't know what to do. He looked at the man in front of him and let him go. He would be accused of not being loyal to his duties. He wouldn't let him go. The man's expression and attitude were not like the people he could afford to provoke. It was really a dilemma. Why can't I be a princess? Princess Siyun and I came from the Kingdom of Love Cloud to participate in the selection of Prince Tianyun's concubine. If you are asked to inform me, you will inform me. What are you talking about? Said the deep and beautiful voice impatiently,interactive panel board, and in the distance I saw a super handsome man who was so handsome that it was suffocating, staring at his long and narrow eyes and waving a kind of black gown. The crowd was almost scared to death by him! Their chins were dislocated and their eyes seemed to be staring out of their sockets. Strange things happen every year, especially this year!.

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