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Topic: Journey to Heaven

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Journey to Heaven

"Bingyun Xianyou, you and I haven't seen each other for three thousand years." Xuanming said to Bingyun Sanren, like an old friend. Ice cloud scattered people nodded. In his memory, the last time he met Xuanming had been thousands of years, but he could not remember exactly how long it was. I thought Xuanming had been scared out of his wits, but I saw him here. Xuanming very carefully told Han Sanqiu to greet Qiyu and others and then left. All the practitioners present admired the elegant demeanor of this senior. Be careful of this Xuanming. Lan Ling suddenly sent a message to Qi Yu and said. What's the matter "I don't mean what I say.". It's not a good thing. Lan Ling said coldly. What she did not say was that the characteristic of the true water mind formula she practiced was that it could always reflect all the changes around her, even the spiritual fluctuations of others. Of course, this is also if the other side's skill is inferior to her. Qi Yu was about to laugh when suddenly he was shocked all over. This Xuan Ming has been showing a high degree of self-cultivation since he appeared, even if he met with a rebuff in Lan Ling, he still kept smiling. Such cultivation is naturally not impossible for those who cultivate truth. Many indifferent practitioners or immortals can keep their minds calm and not be moved by external things. But from the awe of the masters of the Haitian Pavilion to Xuanming and the natural arrangement of everything by the head of the Pavilion, he soon understood that the most powerful person in the whole Haitian Pavilion was not the head of the Pavilion, but Xuanming. Since you are so indifferent, why do you still hold on to power. The power of Haitian Pavilion is developing so fast that it is not possible for an indifferent person in power to do so. Chapter 63 Plan "Several seniors, please move to Juxian Pavilion.". All the scattered immortals of the original Shengxiu City are in Juxian Pavilion at the moment. Han Sanqiu said loudly. Although it is to the people,fake blossom tree, but those who cultivate the truth all know that those who can enter Juxian Pavilion are at least masters above the Mahayana period. Now, his meaning is more clear, that is, he hopes that Lan Ling and others can go up. No, let's walk around. Qi Yu quickly transmitted the sound to the other three, and the four disappeared immediately. What's the matter? Four people moved directly into the starry sky. Li Fei couldn't help wondering about Qiyu's sudden decision. Qi Yu was silent for a moment and finally said what he had seen on Huiwu Star. Bingyun Sanren,outdoor ficus tree, Li Fei, and even Lan Ling all turned pale. As a woman, Lan Ling obviously hated the means of Taixuanjiao. This is the person in charge of the Taixuan Sect on the Huiwu Star. Unfortunately, his knowledge is limited. If this Taixuanjiao is not uprooted, I'm afraid it will do something that people and gods are angry about. Qi Yu took out the jade vase containing yuan Ying and sighed lightly. Lan Ling took the jade bottle and shook her hand to release yuan Ying. As soon as yuan Ying came out, he was ready to run away, only to be bounced back as soon as he flew. Lan Ling made a ban and imprisoned yuan Ying. Then she said coldly, "You can answer whatever I ask. If there is any concealment, I will let you eat your soul with mysterious spirit." On her left hand, a white and bluish chill suddenly appeared. Next to Qi Yu and other three people all felt the chill of Xuanqi terror, outdoor ficus tree ,Faux cherry blossom tree, not to mention the fragile yuan Ying. What kind of skill does Taixuanjiao teach you? Looking at yuan Ying nodding in horror, Lan Ling asked quickly. Tai Xuan Gong. yuan Ying didn't even think about it and answered directly. Tell me the way to do it. yuan Ying quickly said again, the way of doing the work, the pithy formula all said out. This is a very common formula for cultivating true skills. After listening to what yuan Ying said, Bingyun Sanren sighed. What they could think of, how could Taixuanjiao not think of it. Qi Yu knew that it was useless for Lan Ling to ask. I have been an agent, although not in charge of interrogation, but for these, but much better than ordinary people. Lan Ling or patience asked a lot of questions, unfortunately, but still no clue, face full of murder. Qi Yu stopped Lan Ling from destroying yuan Ying. "Keep him first. If you catch someone from the Taixuan Sect later, it may be useful." yuan Ying was thrown into the jade vase again. What can we do now? "Senior Bingyun, do you know that Xuanming?" Qiyu turned to Bingyun Sanren and said. Now there is no clue, we can only see if there is any problem with the Haitian Pavilion. Because of the size of Haitian Pavilion, it is fully equipped with the strength as the backstage of Taixuanjiao. "Why do you suspect Xuanming?" Bingyun Sanren felt the meaning of Qiyu's words and recalled carefully, "Xuanming is a relatively early Sanxian with profound skills.". But it seems that I didn't hear that he was from Haitian Pavilion at that time. "If it is him, he does have the strength and qualifications." Bingyun Sanren thought about it and added a sentence. How about bringing him in? Lan Ling's face is still not good-looking, for what Taixuanjiao has done, obviously can not let go. No, the teacher is unknown. And even if he is, if he refuses to confess, even if he is killed, the Taixuan Sect will not stop at this point. Qi Yu quickly considered, "This Taixuan religion is well planned, and there are special control methods between each link.". Even if someone breaks it somewhere, they have a way to cut off the clues. "What can you do?" "Lan Ling felt that Qi Yu's step by step was no exception." I received twelve disciples. With enough men, we can send them to every mortal planet. It only takes a practitioner who is distracted to pick a sub-altar of Taixuanjiao. This is the most stupid way, but the most effective way to stop the basic operation of Taixuanjiao. Unfortunately, it takes time to train disciples. "What if you could let Xuanming tell you what he knows?" Lan Ling suddenly said. Three people's eyes lit up at the same time. The magical powers of some powerful immortals are beyond their imagination. If there is such a way, it is better to take a risk. With the strength of a few of them, dealing with a Xuanming is not easy to catch. There is a spirit king in the fairy world, who has an artifact to detect other people's souls. Lan Ling said slowly,faux ficus tree, "but it seems impossible for him to deal with a scattered immortal.". Although people from all walks of life have some magic weapons to deter the soul, but to deal with the eight plunder scattered immortals, I am afraid it is difficult to work. 。

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