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Topic: The beauty kills the heart

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The beauty kills the heart

The beauty kills the heart It seems that Yu Wenyu is determined to intensify the contradiction between me and Hou Guipin Suppressing my anger I saw that Hou Guipin's lips were all purple "Hurry up and ask the imperial physician to come and have a look" I said "Don't think there's anything wrong" My heart is somewhat perturbed Hou Longen holds the military power even Yu Wenhu also want to give him three thin face this Hou Guipin I am afraid I can not afford to offend As soon as the imperial physician arrived Hou Guipin's complexion was much better and I took Flavors and Fragrances the opportunity to tell him to leave first Staying here would only be annoying and I was afraid that I would not be able to control my emotions and fight with Yu Wenyu regardless of everything Yu Wenyu saw that Hou Guipin was not in the right state and estimated that he had no intention of acting so he waved his hand and agreed As he stepped down from the high platform the imperial physician suddenly heard his congratulations "Congratulations to the King of Heaven!"! The concubine was already two months pregnant Just now the concubine accidentally fell down and moved the fetus Fortunately it was all right This fall unexpectedly fell out of a son! I broke out in a cold sweat The fall just now was really dangerous If this child is really gone what will Hou Guipin do to me Yu Wenyu doesn't need to move a finger at all Someone will let me die I dare not stay any longer automatically filter out the voices coming from behind and rush out of the Purple Palace at the fastest speed Chapter 24 the shadow of the Palace Wall I walked alone under the high palace wall When I looked up I could see the red sunset hanging on the palace wall Half of the sky was dyed red by the golden sunshine but the clouds under the sunset were covered by the palace wall In front of suddenly more than a figure blocked my line of sight I can not help but some surprise "Yan Guipin" It turned out that she had slipped out of the Purple Palace at an unknown time Yan Guipin stuffed half of her sleeve into my hand which I had just accidentally pulled off Hou Guipin I looked at her in puzzlement "What does the empress mean" "You'd better pick a time to apologize to Hou Guipin" She has a distinguished family background and is pregnant with dragon descendants If you offend her you will have no good fruit to eat Yan Guipin said lightly with an expressionless face I played with half of the sleeve in my hand and looked at her with interest "How can Ruan Mo bother the empress to make a special trip just to remind me kindly" You think I'm helping you You said yourself you have what virtue and what ability "may be my attitude is a little cynical Yan Guipin's face showed a trace of bitterness" unexpectedly let the heavenly king a heart hanging on you even the ancestral rules do not care I remind you not to help you I just hope you don't give the king any more trouble He's been pining away for a few days because of you Later the voice became weaker and weaker and finally it was gloomy He's haggard Yeah I'm pining with hate I couldn't help sneering and said "If the Empress is really thinking about the Heavenly King she should learn from Zhang Guipin and Hou Guipin and persuade the Heavenly King that I shouldn't have stayed in the palace at all" "But all his thoughts are on you" Yan Guipin's eyes are full of misery which woman is willing to share her husband with others but she suppressed her feelings and tried to persuade me "He spent so much effort to keep you around can't you think about him and restrain your behavior a little" I waited quietly for her to finish and then I bowed down and said "Thank you for your trouble China Chemicals " I'll think about it However Ruan Mo also wants to give the empress a suggestion Love is actually selfish Is the empress really willing to push the heavenly king into the arms of others like this Yan Guipin's face was pale and her white teeth made her lips bleed "Yes as long as the King of Heaven is happy" She turned her head sharply and though she did not see it she could guess that her eyes must be full of tears I was stunned Isn't love exclusive It is normal for Zhang Guipin and Hou Guipin to aim at me Only this Yan Guipin wants to pretend to be great The words are not congenial Yan Guipin turned his head and left in a mess It was quiet and there was no sound Under the two high palace walls only a long imperial road was left and the blood-like sunset poured the shadow of the palace walls on the stone bricks bloated and desolate ------------------ However I listened to the words of Yan Guipin If I offend Hou Guipin I will have no good fruit to eat After thinking about it I took the sewing box and took Meijia to the Huifeng Garden where Hou Guipin lived As a matter of course the door was shut Hou Guipin's maid's original words Household Chemicals came out saying that Hou Guipin's fetus was unstable and she was afraid that she would have an accident when she saw me I knew this early just put the half of the sleeve "in the afternoon accidentally broke the clothes of the empress Ruan Mo is a special trip to Jing to apologize but also asked the empress to give Ruan Mo a chance let Ruan Mo sew the sleeve and leave" The maid gave a sneer "Our empress threw away that shirt long ago Ruan Meiren should go back" It's not good to disturb the rest of the heavenly king and the empress "Heavenly King" Is he here That's a little unexpected The maid was about to laugh but Yu Wenyu came out from inside holding the robe that Hou Guipin had worn during the day He said "Momo I am very happy that you can come" I make decisions for Hou Guipin You take this dress back and mend it and then send it over You are all my women and it's best to live in harmony The way he talked and laughed made me sick Because I didn't want to talk to him I took the clothes and turned away Yu Wenyu shouted at the back "Momo when Hou Guipin is better I will go to see you" However for more than ten days Yu Wenyu did not come to the Geng Yan Palace Meijia was obviously a little discouraged From time to time she whispered in my ear "Empress I heard that these days the Heavenly King goes to accompany Hou Guipin whenever he has time She must have spoken ill of the Empress so the Heavenly King doesn't come very often does he" Even Grandfather Da didn't come Da father-in-law's name is Dacheng He is the personal eunuch who walks in front of Yu Wenyu Before that Yu Wenyu always sent him over three times a day to ask after his health My heart is also secretly surprised Yu Wenyu this time does not appear is "cold" me I stayed at Hou Guipin's place again these days because I wanted to intensify the contradiction between me and her So he's trying to get to me

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