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Topic: The First Husband of Crossing

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The First Husband of Crossing

"Interesting!" Li You thought about it carefully and thought it was very interesting. He patted Qiu Bailu on the shoulder. "The title of'boss' really suits you." Nangong Xue laughed: "Brother Li, how can you learn to be naughty..." Yang Nianqing immediately stared: "He was more naughty than me." Seeing her singing along, Qiu Bailu was not angry, but said lightly, "He's really good to you. In order to save you, he wants to step on my flowers." 15 With that, he looked at Li You again, his tone mixed with a trace of imperceptible schadenfreude: "So you also have a time of anxiety." 。 A bet? Step on flowers? F5 of The smile froze on his face. Nangong Xue was silent for a long time, then suddenly showed a gentle and kind smile: "Yes, if he didn't save you, Brother Li must have bet on the flowers in Nanshan. He didn't save you, he saved the flowers." He looked at Qiu Bailu again and said with a smile, "Brother Li said that if you want to make a hundred bets, you won't miss one." Qiu Bailu also looked at him with complicated eyes. Yang Nianqing immediately looked at Li You and saw that he was leaning against the car again, and his handsome face was full of joy and interest. Does he worry about himself? Looking at that pair of slender bright eyes, Yang Nianqing suddenly moved very much, he is really very good to himself, in the future really should be good to him. 62 of Who knows- "That's only because she hasn't paid her debt to me." Magnetic voice, take it for granted. Nangong Xuewei Leng: "Debt?" "Yes," he winked. "Gambling debt." Gambling debts? Nangong Xue and Qiu Bailu were puzzled, but Yang Nianqing understood that he was talking about the laundry debt of a hundred years. Immediately, the feeling of being moved was thrown out of the sky. She grits one's teeth: "Still remember, stingy!" The corners of Li You's mouth curved. Qiu Bailu paid no more attention to them, but looked at Nangong Xue and said, "I'm not surprised that he's in a hurry, but you're also in a hurry, which makes me a little confused." Nangong Xue smiled and turned silent. Yang Nianqing also shut up unexpectedly. Since she got into the carriage, she always had a strange feeling in her heart, as if there was something important in front of her, but she couldn't remember what it was? It was probably because she was too nervous in the past two months. She shook her head with self-mockery and tried to put the feeling aside. Outside the car, He Bi's cold voice rang out: "Sit down!" A crack of the whip. The carriage, carrying two "gods" and three men, galloped toward Tang Family Castle. The third volume asks for love and sees handsome boy again. Updated: February 26, 2008 10:50:38 Words in this chapter: 5443 On the hillside east of the city, Tang Family Castle. Fortunately, as soon as Yang Nianqing came to ancient times, she fell into the famous Nangong Bie yuan, and she had seen the world, so she was not too surprised to see the rich atmosphere of Tang Family Castle in front of her. Hall furnishings are very exquisite, sandalwood tables and chairs, ancient paintings between the walls, and a pair of primitive vases in the lattice, just look at the color of the lines has been extraordinary. Finally, there is a huge vertical screen, above the mountains and rivers, full of elegance. Yang Nianqing just saw here, after the screen turned out a person. From the first sight of this person, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet manufacturer, Yang Nianqing can no longer move her eyes-originally, a woman's beauty can transcend appearance and age. Plain clothes and plain face, just experienced the pain of losing her husband, with a faint look of sadness on her face. She was no longer young, and the corners of her eyes had a lot of lines, and she looked much older than Mrs. Leng. She's not beautiful. But she's really beautiful. That kind of beauty is very light, as if the shallow fragrance, a trace, a wisp from her body slowly emanated. Inside? Temperament? I can't tell clearly, but it makes people love and pity. Holy and gentle. 9 B It's hard to imagine that such a woman could be a murderer. Yang Nianqing came to her senses and exclaimed, but there was a sense of familiarity in her heart-she hit a ghost, how could she always feel this way in ancient times? She was very surprised. Qiu Bailu was too ordinary to be confused with anyone, so she was familiar with her, but if she had seen Mrs. Ye, she would certainly have an impression. But I really seem to have seen her somewhere. Where is she. While she was in a daze, the other four had already been polite to each other with Mrs. Ye. Of the four "firsts", the two "gods" did not like to talk, and the other two "people" were both idle and lazy, so Nangong Xue had to open his mouth and say it again. When the sad thing was brought up again, Mrs. Ye looked even more painful and at a loss. She hung her head in silence for a long time before she opened her mouth. Her voice was as gentle as hers: "The matter of my late husband, now.." Before he had finished speaking, there was a sudden noise outside. You have never been disciplined on weekdays, and now you don't even care about me, are you presumptuous? "Childe, this." Madame is receiving visitors in the hall. “……” The voice did not fall, a figure has rushed in, accompanied by a lazy, light voice: "It is good to have guests, I am going to see which distinguished guests." A pair of dark eyes like an abyss. Yang Nianqing froze. The ab. Four eyes meet, that Tang Childe obviously also Leng Leng, a moment, handsome face, frivolous smile gradually swept up, I do not know if she really recognized. A cough sounded, Yang Nianqing came to his senses, but it was Li You who was looking at himself interestingly! "Worry!" Seeing her son lose his temper like this, Mrs. Ye suddenly stood up, her gentle face suddenly turned red, and the color of anger rose. "There are guests here, but there are no rules!" Tang Childe did not seem to hear, just staring at Yang Nianqing up and down, with the standard lady-killer eyes. Look at a P! Be looked at by such eyes, Yang Nianqing also fire, she is not those shy women in ancient times, be seen by men blush, big deal together! So, with a vindictive, she also used the eyes of a modern woman, not shy, with a little contempt of color, deliberately looked at him-cut,ibc spill containment pallet, you think I have not seen handsome ah! When a lady-killer meets such a woman, he will be somewhat surprised. Sure enough, Tang Childe was stunned. But Mrs. Ye could not bear to look at it any longer. "Worried son!" She scolded! Where did you go just now? 。

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