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Topic: There are always monsters to eat.

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There are always monsters to eat.

Xiao Lingxi jumped down from Shiyu's hand, turned back into a human form, and sat beside Shiyu with his head down and his lips biting. Shiyu did not speak, but quietly looked at Xiao Lingxi. Xiao Lingxi's two index fingers were hooked together, and his little face was full of entanglement. My parents, brothers and I have been living here all the time, and we can see the endless sea every day. "I also think the sea is really beautiful. When the sun is shining, it is more beautiful than sapphire." "Before I became a human being, I stayed here with my brother and watched my mother go out to sea with great interest every morning." "Every time I see my mother open her wings and dive from the cliff to the sea, my heart beats so fast that I want to fly like that myself." "Then my mother began to teach me and my brother how to fly with wings." "I'm the fastest learner." Xiao Lingxi said with some pride. The first time I left the ground, it felt great. I liked the feeling of the wind around me, like it was wrapped in something very soft. "It's also nice to look down from the top, and I feel a little closer to my mother." Mom and Dad were also very happy. At that time,iron nail machine, Mom was very excited to say that she would take us to fill the sea. I think my mother's dream is great. "But later, when my mother took me and my brother to the sea for the first time, I stood on the edge of the cliff and couldn't open my wings." "I can fly well when I'm on land, and I've been longing for the sea for a long time." "But.." But I just can't fly. "Mom and Dad thought a lot of ways, but when I got to the sea,nail manufacturing machine, I couldn't do anything but fall straight down." "I think I'm overreaching myself." "I'll never be as good as my mother." Shiyu looked at Xiao Lingxi's increasingly tangled and dim eyes and reached out to touch the drooping little head: "I think you're great." Xiao Lingxi bulged his mouth: "But I can't do anything. I'm not as big as my brothers, and I dare not fly on the sea." "I think it's great that you have a dream. It's brave that you want to be like your mother." "But I can never do it," Xiao Lingxi shook his head. "It's not good at all." Shiyu didn't know how to comfort Xiao Lingxi for a while. The word "dream" was too strange for him. Do you have any dreams? Xiao Lingxi raised his little face and looked at Shiyu. I Shiyu pursed his lips. He really didn't know how to answer. He has few wishes, let alone dreams. Before he met Sumi, he just wanted to live in a convenience store for a lifetime, not to encounter anything too troublesome, not to be regarded as an alien monster. Day after day is just similar, the dream is really a huge word, it is completely irrelevant to him. So when he heard Haiyan talking about Jingwei, he was really envious. Although it sounded like a fantasy to fill up the sea, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Nail production machine, it seemed wonderful if he really believed that it could be done all the time and was always full of expectations and high morale. When Xiao Lingxi saw Shiyu at a loss for words, he shriveled his mouth: "So you don't know how difficult it is to dream." "It's sad to have a dream." Shiyu looked sideways at Lingxi and looked at the sea, with yearning but also mixed with loss and fear. Do dreams really make people like this? Chapter 64 Jingwei Haiyan (4). ———————————————— After Jingwei came back with Pengfei and Yuyu, Xiao Lingxi threw himself into his mother's arms. Jingwei felt that his youngest daughter seemed to be getting along well with Shiyu. He looked at Shiyu and tilted his head: "Are you a spirit or an immortal?" Shiyu shook his head: "I'm just a human with yin-yang eyes." "Really." Jingwei muttered in a low voice, "but it's not just human breath." Shiyu did not listen to the whisper of Qingjingwei, but did not ask, but looked at Xiaolingxi, and then said to Jingwei: Xiao Lingxi is very cute. ” "That is," Jingwei picked up Xiao Lingxi a little, "my child is the most lovely and powerful." When Xiao Lingxi heard his mother say that he was fierce, he could not help but lower his head a little and feel a little lost in his eyes. Do you want to have dinner together tonight? Jingwei felt that Shiyu was very close, although the God was a little annoying, but he did not deliberately embarrass them, "Haiyan must have cooked delicious food." "En," Shi Yu nodded and did not refuse. "Thank you." "Let's go!" Jingwei ran to the kitchen with the bird-shaped cubs in his arms. "Go and see what delicious food Dad has cooked.". There are guests today, and you are not allowed to steal food first. Shiyu looked at Jingwei always full of spirit, but could not help but feel that even he was infected with a few minutes. —————————————— Shiyu went back to the house in the backyard, gently pushed the door open, and saw Sumi awake, sitting in front of the window smoking. Are you back? Su Mi stood up and yawned. "Are those kids funny?" "Pretty cute," Shi Yu pressed Su Mi's hair, "are you still sleepy?" "It's easy to be lazy at the seaside," Su Mi said. "The house built on the cliff is beautiful. We'll build one if we have a chance." Shiyu listened to what Su Mi seemed to say casually, but also felt that there were some scenes of expectation in his heart, and the house of two people sounded as if there was a kind of joyful satisfaction. Tut, "Su Mi saw some sparkling in Shiyu's eyes, and could not help but hook the corners of his mouth." After a long time, this is so happy? " "En," Shi Yu answered softly, pursing his lips but unable to restrain a smile. "Happy." "You're a very contented little fellow." Su Mi rubbed the head of Xiashiyu. Speaking of satisfaction, Shiyu suddenly remembered Xiao Lingxi,Nail machine supplier, who had been lost because he could not fly on the sea, and asked: "If one thing can't be achieved all the time, should we continue to insist on it?" 。

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