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Topic: Urban Phobia Series · Kung Fu

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Urban Phobia Series · Kung Fu

I felt a faint smell of death, and I was startled to remember what hydra had said when she left: "I have something to do with Lan Jin.." . Leaping into the big hole in a panic. Fortunately, Yi Jing was still sleeping soundly on the bed. I felt her breath and breathed a sigh of relief. But it's still not right! My mom and dad! I put Master and Ah Yi down, opened the door, and rushed downstairs. Dad! Mom I screamed and saw my father and mother sitting on the chairs at the dining table, holding hands. I opened my mouth wide and watched their abused bodies fall into the ice cellar. yuan. yuan.. Dad made a weak voice and looked at me with empty eyes. Whoo.. Mom wanted to cry, but.. I was too frightened to speak, and my fingers, which had intended to renew their lives by pressing acupoints for them, stopped in the stiff air. Why are you doing this to my family? Why do you use such cruel means to deal with my family? Isn't it enough to kill Shifu and Ah Yi! It's all about.. Your stupid game?! To put me in the sweet spot of the game?! I don't want to jump into the flame of revenge, but at this moment, I walk into the hell of revenge. Ah Ah Dad mumbled something, and I quickly listened, only to hear Dad repeat, ".." Pain. OK Pain.. I explored the blood vessels of my father and mother, and found that the acupoints of my father and mother were forcibly sealed by the blue gold with heavy techniques,wire nail machine manufacturers, so I could not get out of the sea of suffering and died, suffering, just to let me see the way my mother and father struggled and crawled in pain? Just for.. Forcing me to end their lives with my own hands? Mother seemed to know that I was coming. She raised her fingerless hand to spy on my existence in the dark. I cried and hugged my mother. My mother stroked my face. I hugged my father who had been crying for pain for a long time. Finally, I knelt on the ground and cried: "Dad!"! Mom! I love you so much! I love you so much! I will avenge you! Your son will avenge you! I'm sorry I trembled and stretched out my hands, gently, gently, between their eyebrows. At the dinner table,Coil nail machine, I found my long-lost family. At the dinner table, I lost them again. With my own hands.. A sixteen-year-old boy has reached the limit of what he can bear. But I can't make myself crazy. I even suspect that I am not qualified to collapse. Just because I felt Master's murderous look, I lost my best friend and my father and mother. Do I regret it? If I could do it all over again, would I still bow down in front of Master and kowtow three times? I don't want to think about it. I am afraid that no matter what the answer is, I will hate myself. At half past three in the morning, I was still kneeling in front of my father and mother, holding the incense that had already been burned up. After a few hours, even if I didn't call the police, Wang Ma, who came to clean and cook every morning, would call the police. The police are here. What can I say? I do not know. Will I be considered a murderer? I do not know. How can I explain the bodies of Master and Ah Yi upstairs? I do not know. There are dozens of corpses in the Big Buddha Square of Bagua Mountain. Should I come forward? I do not know. Should I go far away and leave everything I can't explain? I do not know. Since I didn't know, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, I really knelt like this until Wang Ma screamed and a large number of policemen walked around my house. Unexpectedly, the police simply ignored my existence, but mechanically took the body bag, put my parents'body into the bag, and pulled the cold zipper. Police officer! How terrible! I opened the door this morning. Wang Ma pulled the police and shouted hysterically, but the police were all like robots, with mops, brooms and rags, smearing at home, concentrating on wiping the blood clean, without talking from beginning to end, nor going upstairs. I stood knowing what was going on. The most terrible opponent of this game, I am afraid, is not the blue gold, nor the sorcerer hanging in the air, but the devil who controls the memory. Father and mother were later sent to the funeral parlor by the police for cremation. The cause of death was a car accident, which made relatives and friends feel bitter. But Wang Ma became a crazy woman in the street, a crazy woman who always talked about witnessing the murder of the Yan family one morning. As for the piles of corpses in front of the Bagua Mountain Buddha Square, they have never been seen in any media. No one questioned the large pieces of stone slabs destroyed, nor did anyone talk about the band that disappeared out of thin air. Everything, as if it never happened, only exists in my nightmare. I returned Ah Yi's cartoon for him, but I didn't give his body to his family, because Lan Jin buried everything about Ah Yi. Buried in a fire that doesn't exist in any space or time. So I buried Ah Yi and Master together in the deepest part of Bagua Mountain. On the tombstone, I carved my thoughts about them with a knife: Huang Jun, a great master, married the cat in Huangjia Village. Please look after me in the sky. Chen Mingyi, die as a hero. If possible, please bless me. Next to the tombstone, I split a big stone with my knife and wrote "Huangjiacun" on it. I believed in everything Master pursued. Chapter 84 Where is Yi Jing? After the police left that morning, I went upstairs blankly, pushed the door open, and saw Yijing wrapping the curtain all over her body and sitting on the bed in silence. The early morning sunshine shone on Yijing's white face. Suddenly, I felt a glimmer of hope. This was my only hope after a nightmare all night. Yi Jing! I dragged my tired body and shrank beside Yijing, holding her warm hand. Yi Jing frowned and scolded, "Who are you?"? Why are you so rude? I was stunned for a moment. Holding Yijing in my arms, I said, "Yijing,High Speed Nail Making Machine, Master and Ah Yidu.." Yi Jing pushed my hand away and shrank fearfully in the corner of the bed. "Who are you?" She said? Is it the letter two? Yi Jing's movements and expressions did not seem to be artificial. Besides, the bodies of Master and Ah Yi were under the bed. Yi Jing should have seen them long ago. My teeth were chattering, worrying about something I absolutely did not want to worry about.

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