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Topic: Chunfang has a rest

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Chunfang has a rest

"Nothing." Kui Daomao smiled and hugged Cui's arm and said, "Mother, let's eat some snacks. I'm hungry." When Cui Shi heard this, he asked, "Didn't you eat the morning food just now?" "No." Mao Daomao shook his head. You are a child. "Why didn't you say so earlier?" Cui said angrily. With these words, he hurriedly ordered his servants to prepare the morning meal for Shigeru Daomao. Kui Daomao was eating a snack, while Cui Shi told her what to pay attention to in the worship ceremony the day after tomorrow, and Kui Daomao was listening. This time your father invited a gentleman surnamed Su, who is a close disciple of Gan Lingsheng, so he is somewhat famous in Jiankang. It is said that he is also the enlightenment gentleman of Xie Anshi. Cui earnestly exhorted, "Therefore, whether it is this worship ceremony or the future schoolwork, we should not neglect Mr. Su." Kui Daomao smacked his tongue when he heard this. This gentleman is a heavyweight! Gan Lingsheng once heard her elder brother mention that this person was the famous Gan Bao who wrote Sou Shen Ji, whose courtesy name was Lingsheng. Most modern people may only know that he wrote Sou Shen Ji, but he was very famous in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. According to the elder brother, he was not only proficient in the Book of Changes, but also outstanding in historical research. He was a rare genius. Since that Mr. Su is a close disciple of Gan Bao, I think it won't be too bad. After all, he has taught Xie An. It's not easy for my father to invite this gentleman. I know,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, Mother. Kui Daomao finished the morning meal and was about to go back to his room to read when he was stopped by Cui Shi and said, "Anyway, I'm going to school soon. Let's stop my schoolwork these days. You follow me to learn how to deal with family affairs." "Good." Ji Daomao nodded. Cui Shi asked with a smile, "What did Ah Yu think after seeing Ah Wei and Zhu Shi?" Kui Daomao lowered his head and thought for a moment and said, "Madam Zhu is very good at dressing up." She looked up and said with a smile, "As for Ah Wei, she is my elder sister. Naturally,turmeric extract powder, I feel close to her when I see her." "Little Slick!" Cui Shi listened to her daughter's words and laughed and scolded. When he heard this, he just laughed. Cui stroked his little head with relief and said, "Good boy, it's good to see this. The rest-just take your time." "Mmm." Ji Daomao nodded. In the early morning, Xi Niang tidied up Xi Daomao's calligraphy and cultural relics, waited for Xi Daomao to clean up, and went to Cui's upper room early. Cui Shi saw that he had changed into a new suit of clothes. Because he had slept enough these days and had exercised in the morning, he looked energetic. He could not help laughing with satisfaction: "This is what it looks like to go to school." She turned around and asked Xi Niang, "Have you prepared everything? Who are the people who went to the study to wait on you?" "Everything is ready," said Xi Niang. "Fruits and snacks are ready. The little lady will have something to eat when she's hungry. The slave and the damselfly are waiting outside, and the two maids, Liu Feng and Hui Xue, are waiting in the study." Liu Feng and Hui Xue were the two trusted maids that Cui Shi had found for Xi Daomao. Cui Shi was very satisfied, akba boswellic acid ,turmeric extract powder, but he saw so many things and felt that his head was big. When he went to school, he had to follow two Mammy, four second-class servant girls, and two first-class servant girls. It was big enough. Mother, I'm just going to the study to go to school. It's only a few steps away. It's not a long journey. How can I have to do so many things? Take all these snacks and fruits away. I don't like reading and eating. The charcoal basin, the stove and so on are all put down. It's not that there is no charcoal basin in the study. Why do you want to take it with you? Kui Daomao frowned at the things Xi Niang had prepared. As for the servant girls she followed, she was too many, but it was estimated that if she offered to halve them, her mother would certainly not agree. "How can you do that?" Asked Cui. "What if you're hungry in the middle of reading?" "Eating while reading is the easiest way to accumulate food, which is not good for the stomach.". I ate a little more in the morning just now, and I'm sure I won't be hungry before noon. Those snacks and fruits are placed on the bookcase, not to mention my hands and feet. It's cold these days, and the snacks will be cold after a while. I don't eat cold things. Besides, if you are really hungry, eating that snack fruit is also a big deal, but it makes your stomach uncomfortable. Let the servants prepare some cold water, and when I am thirsty, it is the right thing to drink with hot water. And I don't want to eat warm water all the time. The water can only be boiled once, and the taste will change the second time. He Daomao said. "You little affectation, said for a long time, in fact, is to dislike the snacks brought not fresh, to eat fresh hot heart." Cui Shi laughed and scolded. They all laughed when they heard this. Xi Niang said with a smile, "Since the young lady followed Mrs. Wei, she has become more and more fastidious in this respect." Cui Shi said with a smile, "However, the young lady has said so. You can take all those things away.". Today I will prepare a small kitchen next to the study. If the little lady is hungry, you can do it directly in the small kitchen. "No." The crowd laughed. "It's more convenient to cook tea for you, sir," he said with a smile. Drinking tea was popular among the literati in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, and the literati like Mr. Su must be addicted to tea. Cui Shi nodded and said, "That's true." "Yes!" Ji Daomao nodded. Cui Shi turned to Shuangzhu and said, "I remember there is an ear room on the other side of the study, which is used as a small kitchen. It's good to put a small charcoal stove. The snacks are made in the big kitchen, and the small kitchen is heated. Before the gentleman comes, you go to prepare it first." "No." Shuangzhu answered with a smile and hurried down to prepare to go. Xi Daomao accompanied Cui Shi to talk and laugh for a while, and when he saw that it was almost time, he went to the study for class. As soon as she arrived at the study, she saw Dao Wei coming from a distance surrounded by people. Mei. Kui Daowei saw Kui Daomao and took the lead in saying hello. Xi Daomao noticed that she was followed by a little servant girl with a book bag, two second-class servant girls and a Mammy, who could not help picking the corners of her mouth. "Sister." He Daomao also returned the salute with a smile. Kui Daowei smiled and waited for Kui Daomao to enter the study and sit down before stepping in. Because it was still early and her husband had not arrived yet, Xi Daomao took a book and read it carefully. She hardly read these days. She just followed her mother all day to learn how to be a housekeeper. In just two days, she opened her eyes. This housekeeper was almost the same as modern business management. If her mother was in modern times,ghana seed extract, she must be a strong woman in business. The servant girl beside Xi Daowei fiddled with the things she had brought, and for a while this one said she wanted to add a charcoal basin, and for a while that one said she wanted to add a table to put snacks and fruits on.

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