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Topic: 7 best electric bikes to boost your pedal power and help you arrive feeling fresh

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7 best electric bikes to boost your pedal power and help you arrive feeling fresh

Electric bikes have undergone an evolution in recent years, fuelled by advances in technology that allow for lighter designs, more compact motors and discreet batteries that last for more than just a few miles. And now, with more of us looking for alternative ways to get around our cities, e-bikes are enjoying their moment in the sun.To get more news about electric bikes for adults , you can visit official website.

Engineered to assist your pedalling rather than replace it entirely, an e-bike will give you a light push as you accelerate away, as though you’re being helped along by an invisible ghost. The motor can only assist you up to the legal speed limit for electric bikes of 15.5mph, after which you’ll need to put some effort in to go any faster.
For this reason, they make ideal commuter bikes, especially for riders who face a hill climb between their home and their destination, or even just a car park ramp. Most e-bikes can make steep inclines feel like riding on flat terrain, so they’re excellent for riders who feel less able to get out and about on a traditional bike.

Packing a motor and a battery means that e-bikes are heavier than regular bikes, but as long as you don’t run out of juice, they feel just as nimble and easy to handle. Choosing the best electric bike for you depends on a few important factors: whether you need it to fold, where you want to charge it, and the distances you expect to travel.

How we tested
We tested these e-bikes on our usual commute across London along busy city roads, along flat stretches of pristine cycle lane and up hills. We also took them out on a few less well-maintained roads to test comfort, and chose a variety of styles to suit different riders’ needs.
The Cowboy 4 ST is the best electric bike we’ve tested. The latest in the Belgian bike brand’s range distils the riding experience back down to basics, and uses intelligent assistance levels to strip away any unnecessary frills. There are no gears to fuss over, no external cabling to get tangled up in, the integrated lights are powered by the removable battery, the frame strikes a minimalist silhouette, and a clean carbon belt replaces the usual greasy chain.

The on-board motor on the Cowboy 4 ST continuously delivers the right amount of power exactly when you need it, boosting you away from a standing start before levelling off gently as you reach the bike’s 15.5mph speed limit. On hills, where you might think the lack of gears would mean a sweaty upward slog, the motor seamlessly feeds more power into the wheels until it feels like the incline simply isn’t there.
The distinctive shape, cable-free design and futuristic profile of the Gocycle G4, designed by a former McLaren engineer, makes it one of the most recognisable bikes on the road today. It’s also incredibly fun to ride, powered by a fully integrated battery and motor that combine to deliver a surprising degree of oomph from an unassuming-looking chassis. Hill climbs feel magically effortless, and the petite, 20-inch wheels are more stable than they appear.

Convenient features such as hydraulic disc brakes, all-terrain magnesium wheels and a chain-case enclosed within a hydroformed frame make the Gocycle one of the best folding electric bikes for commuters living in small flats. All of the oily components are safely out of the way when the bike is folded, and the entire thing can be easily wheeled around train stations and into lifts using the saddle as a handle.

The latest G4 improves performance at low-speeds, delivering more torque earlier on to help you push off more quickly. The new motor is basically inaudible, while the MotoGP tyre treads and traction control keep you stable during even the most torrential commutes.
The Raleigh motus is powered by a 300w Bosch system, which sits in the centre of the frame to deliver torque to the bike’s mid-drive motor. These systems are known for their intelligent, light-touch power delivery. The instant you push off you’ll notice how the motor’s assistance gradually introduces itself as you pedal faster. There’s none of the brute jerkiness of less sophisticated electric bikes – which can sometimes feel like you’re taking off on a rocket – making for a smooth, fun and comfortable ride.

When pootling around the city, this bike’s upright riding position gives you a clear view of the road and makes navigating traffic at slow speeds easier. Pulling away from junctions feels sharp and zippy, giving you the room on the road you need to ensure you’re riding where you can be seen. This is a well-equipped and practical bike built for everyday commuting.

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