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Topic: Best Bike Racks For Electric Bikes

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Best Bike Racks For Electric Bikes

So, you’ve found an electric bike that you love and you’re ready to explore with it; now it’s time to look at finding the best bike racks for electric bikes.To get more news about ebike car rack, you can visit official website.

The market for car bike racks is not lacking in options, but it is important to find one that can handle the extra weight and bulk that comes with e-bikes. Many bike racks were built with carrying traditional bikes in mind, which seldomly ever meant accommodating more than 50 lbs worth of bike. That can pose a problem for many e-bikes, which often tip the scales at 50 lbs or more.
Beyond weight, there are many other important variables you’ll want to consider depending on the style of e-bike you own. Did you buy an electric fat bike? Make sure your bike rack can secure those massive tires. Did you invest in a cargo e-bike that can tote you and the kids? Make sure you look at a rack that’s long enough to fit that.

Always carefully consider your e-bike’s unique features when shopping for an e-bike car rack, but perhaps the most important electric-specific feature is a rack’s carrying capacity.

There likely will never be one car rack that does it all, but there are several car racks for electric bikes that will likely work best for your style of bike and where you plan on taking it. Listed below are our picks for the best e bike car racks.
How we select the best bike racks for electric bikes

There are lots of bike racks out there. It’s impossible to rank and sort them all, but we looked at the ones that feature features e-bike riders will want, and listed products we’d trust with our own.

When it came to choosing the best bike rack for ebikes, we looked closely at the following key criteria:

Max Weight Per Bike

I always start here. I have several e-bikes in my garage that weigh over 60lbs, which isn’t uncommon. That’s a lot of weight, so I want racks that can handle it.

Total Weight Capacity

The fact that a rack has three trays doesn’t mean it can handle three e-bikes. Make sure you don’t overload the tongue that goes into the hitch by adding too much weight.

You’ve heard us say it a lot: e-bikes are heavy. Ramps make it easier to lift bikes on racks without having to lift them yourself.

Fail-Safe Measures

It’s always good to have redundancies when it comes to securing the bike, or the rack, to the hitch.

These bike racks range from first-hand experience on our own cars to reputable manufacturers with specs & features that are more than enough to meet the needs of e-bikers.
Bike Racks for Heavy e Bikes: Off With Those Flimsy Racks
It seems to me that electric bikes take all the good things about regular bikes and crank them up a notch.

The challenge with e-bikes is transporting them.

The trunk rack I owned before I bought my e-bike was perfectly capable of holding my hybrid. That lightweight trunk rack was no match for my new e-bike. You’re probably aware that electric bikes need something a little more durable.

Can I put an electric bike on a bike rack?

Yes, you can put an electric bike on a bike rack as long as its weight capacity doesn’t go under the eBike’s weight. Not just any bike rack though, it has to be a well-secured bike rack. Preferably a bolt-on bike rack, so it doesn’t come loose, or snap off during a rough ride.

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