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Topic: Himiway Bike: Canadian E-bike industry riding on high gear

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Himiway Bike: Canadian E-bike industry riding on high gear

The Canadian-bike market recorded a whopping 15x more growth (300 million CAD) last year compared to what it was in 2017. The Great White North has readily welcomed the surge and for all great reasons.To get more news about himiway bike , you can visit official website.

In fact, in the recent World Bicycle Day 2022, multiple Canadian firms shared their plans to facilitate more accessibility to Electric bikes. Several ebike companies have witnessed a mighty spur in sales over the last few months. Some of them have even recorded double sales in recent times. Not just that, a bunch of eco-conscious international electric bike companies have also forayed into the Canadian scene.
One of the latest international e-bike companies to enter the Canadian electric bike scene is Himiway - one of the top 3 long-range electric bike experts in the U.S.A. Himiway Bike Canada aims to provide the best long-range fat tire electric bikes to the Canadian market.One of the major reasons behind the astronomical rise in the electric bike industry in Canada is certainly the exorbitant gas prices. Other reasons range from increasing awareness about eco-friendly transportation alternatives, health benefits of biking, monetary savings, and more. The ease of pandemic restrictions has also motivated improved usage in electric bikes.

A key USP of Himiway electric bikes is their state-of-the-art long range. Himiway bikes are able to reach around 43% higher range in comparison to regular electric bikes. While regular bikes can only reach up to 40 miles on a single charge, Himiway bikes are uniquely designed to reach up to a way higher 80 miles on a single charge.

The company has come up with a wide range of long-range fat tire electric bikes for the Canadian market.

One of the most popular e-bikes from Himiway Bike Canada is Himiway Cruiser. It’s a cutting-edge all-terrain electric bike that can offer up to 60 miles of range on a single charge. A more advanced version of Cruiser is Step-Thru which comes with a more comfortable low-step design. Himiway Zebra is another all-terrain bestseller from the company. A major reason why the Zebra is considered to be one of the best electric bikes today is because of its industry-leading ability to touch 80 miles straight on a single charge.
Himiway Bike Canada has also come up with high-tech Softail electric mountain bike series. As of now, there are two versions, Cobra and Cobra Pro. Additionally, the Himiway inventory also houses electric cargo bikes (Himiway Big Dog) and bikes for daily commute.

“Canada has been showing a huge surge in electric bikes since 2021 and there could not be a better time for us to introduce our industry-leading long-range fat tire electric bike models to the Canadian market. It’s great to see that people are increasingly taking up to an eco-friendly transportation solution”, stated the product manager from Himiway Bike Canada.
The contemporary Canadian electric bike industry is showing impressive growth of late. Himiway Bike Canada is one of the major and latest names in the Canadian e-bike scene that is inspiring Canadians to adopt this green, healthy, and economical means of transport with their advanced range of long-range fat tire electric bikes.

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