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Topic: The 10 of our very best beauty tips from the professionals

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The 10 of our very best beauty tips from the professionals

1. Sandwich your retinoids
Vitamin A is the enduring anti-aging ingredient everyone’s fascinated by, but if you worry about the initial irritation it can sometimes cause, dermatologist Dr Elyse Love suggests applying a thin layer of gentle moisturiser first, a thin layer of your retinol/retinoid a few minutes later, then a final thin layer of the same moisturiser. “It’s like building a sandwich,” Love explains. “The moisturiser creates a buffer that will dilute the retinol in those first few weeks.” Medik8 Crystal Retinal comes in four strengths to suit your skin’s tolerance.To get more news about slap av you can visit our official website.

2. Fridge benefits
Suffering from sunburn? Dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams says to keep a thermal water spray in the fridge in the summer. “Soak a clean sheet of kitchen roll with it and lay it over the affected area.
3. Milk it
Skincare expert Ole Henriksen recommends freezing milk in an ice-cube tray and massaging your face with the cubes, wrapped in muslin. “They lift dead cells and boost circulation, giving an instant facelift,” he tells us.

4. Clay caution
Clay masks are great for absorbing impurities and clearing out pores but - contrary to belief - you should never wait for them to dry and crack before removing. Satisfying? Yes. Dehydrating for all skin types, especially mature, dry and delicate? Very.

5. So, serum
If you don’t already use a serum, start now. They contain a higher percentage of active ingredients in a more penetrative formulation than a cream, meaning they can target more specific skin concerns. Always apply before your moisturiser and SPF, and if you’re worried about the additional cost, Nivea Cellular Anti-Age Concentrated Face Serum came out on top when we tested 25 hydrating serums.
6. Use-by beauty
Ever wondered what the little open jar symbol means on your skincare packaging? It’s the PAO (Period After Opening), and refers to how many months the product is OK to use after opening. For example, “12M” means you should ditch it 12 months after breaking the seal. Why? If a product’s preservatives are no longer functioning it can become contaminated, leading to skin irritation or even a bacterial infection. Then there are all those active ingredients which will may have deteriorated, making application a little pointless.

7. Try a new tool
If you’ve introduced a jade roller into your skincare routine but can’t see any de-puffing and brightening benefits, try upgrading to a curvy-but-pointed gua sha massage stone. “Gua Sha works deeper than a jade roller and is a much more effective method of boosting microcirculation,” explains Katie Brindle, Chinese medicine practitioner and founder of the Hayo'u Method. The points on a gua sha can also be used to activate facial acupressure points, a technique used for centuries in Chinese medicine to calm the mind, boost circulation and alleviate sinus problems (to name a few benefits).
8. Cleanse with a cloth
If your skin’s too sensitive for chemical or physical exfoliants, try switching to a muslin cloth when removing your cleanser. The slightly abrasive texture will slough off dead skin cells without causing irritation, and they’re a great eco-friendly alternative to throw-away cotton pads.

9. The golden minute
Immediately after washing your face and patting it dry with a towel, your skin is most vulnerable to dehydration through a process called osmosis. “You have a 60-second window before moisture evaporation occurs,” explains celebrity dermatologist Renée Rouleau. “But by applying your first product during this valuable period of time, you will seal hydration into the skin.

10. The DIY de-puff
To relieve water retention for better-defined cheekbones, Suqqu brand specialist Shumana Begum suggests making a fist with both hands, and using the second joints of your fingers to press upwards until they’re sitting under the cheekbones. Move your fists up and down in small motions to massage the muscles and stimulate the skin, then slide them sideways towards the ear, bringing them down to the neck to drain.

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